Iron & Stone to Release You Can’t Stop What’s Coming EP in May

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My first thought when I read the title of Iron & Stone‘s new EP was, “Oh sweet, O Brother Where Art Thou.” Then I remembered I had the wrong Coen Bros. movie. Actually, the title derives from one of the many memorable lines spoken in No Country for Old Men, which seems on the surface like it would be the directing duo’s most morally nihilistic film, except that they followed it up with Burn After Reading, which was all the more sinister for couching its lack of faith in humanity in comedy. Anyhooze, You Can’t Stop What’s Coming is the follow-up to Iron & Stone’s 2017 full-length, Petrichor (review here), and it’ll be out in May through Hand of Doom Records with each track based in some way on No Country for Old Men. I guess that’s probably way easier to get doom from than “Man of Constant Sorrow.”

The following announcement came down the PR wire:

iron and stone you can't stop what's coming

Karlsruhe‘s Hand Of Doom Records presents Iron & Stones new EP “You can‘t stop what‘s coming.”

The successor to Iron & Stone‘s 2017 album „Petrichor“ (released on Hand Of Doom sister-label Backbite Records) features 4 tracks, all of them lyrically inspired by the Coen Brothers movie-adaption of Cormac McCarthy‘s „No country for old men“.

In typical Iron & Stone fashion all songs were recorded DIY at their rehearsal space near Hannover, Germany. Tracking took place from May to September 2018. The mix was done by the band, the mastering was done by Andreas Brunke, a close friend of the band, who mastered all earlier Iron & Stone releases so far.

The cover was drawn by tattoo-artist Mark Schankath of PMA Tattoo, Hannover. (,

“You can‘t stop what‘s coming” will be released on one-sided vinyl (with an etched b-side) in an edition of 300 copies and as digital download. There is no concrete release-date yet, but Hand Of Doom are shooting for a release in late May 2019.

1. Hand Of Fate
2. Shadow On Your Neck
3. Old, Bitter & Out Of Touch
4. 1958

Iron & Stone, Petrichor (2017)

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Codeia Premiere “Medallion (Part III)” Video; As He Turned Back Towards the Eye of the Storm out April 13

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German post-metallic trio Codeia are most likely aware the allusion they’re making in the rather lengthy title of their second album. Due out through Hand of Doom Records on April 13, As He Turned Back Towards the Eye of the Storm indeed has its moments that seem in conversation with the patient ambience that genre-godfathers Neurosis brought to their 2004 effort, The Eye of Every Storm, but at five songs and a consuming 73 minutes, the Karlsruhe/Stuttgart-based trio bring together a host of other elements that would seem to be crafted toward bridging that kind of open, atmospheric minimalism with the mathematical crunch of Isis at their most intense, or some of Cult of Luna‘s more lush phrases. These are not unfamiliar aspects of post-metal, but through manipulating the textures at play especially over longform pieces like 20-minute opener “Canon of Echoes” and the 21-minute finale “Mantra-Karma,” the band smoothly execute shifts in volume and intensity in a way that is able to play toward stark contrasts when it so desires but draws itself forward in thoughtful fashion, maintaining conscious presence in the midst of hypnotic suggestion.

All but one of the inclusions on As He Turned Back Towards the Eye of the Storm — which, like the band’s name itself, is also stylized all-lowercase — starts out quiet and progresses toward an inevitable build in volume with a fine sonic detailing that is codeia and he turned back towards the eye of the stormboth emblematic of the style and fluidly executed by Codeia as it was on their 2017 debut, “Don’t be Afraid,” She Whispered and Disappeared (review here), and across both releases there is a clear move toward evocation. Guitarist Markus Liebich, bassist/vocalist Denis Schneider and drummer Timo Langhof aren’t just employing the combination of airy guitar effects and massive roll that provides the early apex of “Emerald Deception” for their own ends. They’re using them to construct a moving entity that is the album as a whole. It’s about putting the listener into a specific mental and emotional place, and even in the five-minute noise-wash centerpiece “Mantra,” they’re able to accomplish what they set out to do, whether it’s through effects, tonal weight, bellowed shouts or a sense of sonic drift.

The outlier, which starts at relative full-bore is “Medallion,” which has been broken into three parts for the purposes of video-making and, presumably, ease of consumption. A blasting intensity gives way gradually to barely-there minimalism, and the three-piece build back up to a nodding, crushing heft that recedes again to set the foundation of a last crescendo leading into the closer with a final resonant wisp of guitar ahead of the arrival at the footsteps of “Mantra-Karma.” Of course, no 73-minute full-length is going to be a minor undertaking — nor is it intended to be, on any level — but As He Turned Back Towards the Eye of the Storm holds sway over its extended runtime with an immersive vibe that calls all to worship alongside it.

“Medallion (Part III)” can be seen premiering below. When all three videos are out (“Part II” is yet forthcoming), they’ll be pieced together for the entirety of the song. Until then, please enjoy the clip below, followed by more info from the PR wire.

As He Turned Back Towards the Eye of the Storm is available to preorder now:

Codeia, “Medallion (Part III)” official video premiere

In comparison to their first record “don’t be afraid”, she whispered and disappeared, the new one as he turned back towards the eye of the storm feels more focused and determined than its predecessor. The band therefore likens their previous album to a prologue: “Our debut has introduced our characters, or influences. Now, the storyline unfolds and allows for a more complex character development.”

Spherical sound patterns, hypnotic repetitions, and progressive structures set the stage for facet-like lyrics. Some things, however, shouldn’t change – the band once more has made it their mission to capture a live-feel on the album, making sure to record all guitar loops live. A vinyl-only bonus track of 22 minutes as well as two contributions by N (Denovali Records, Midira Records) lend additional richness to the production.

Ultimately, the seamless transition between the two records gives an entirely new meaning to both, urging the listener to re-evaluate the known and unknown.

as he turned back towards the eye of the storm (produced by Tobias Stieler/Kokomo) is out on April 13th, 2019 (Record Store Day) via Hand Of Doom Records.

Codeia is:
Markus Liebich (Guitar)
Denis Schneider (Bass, Vocals)
Timo Langhof (Drums)

Codeia on Thee Facebooks

Codeia on Bandcamp

Codeia website

Hand of Doom Records webstore

Hand of Doom Records on Thee Facebooks

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