Black Shape of Nexus Releasing Nothing New Compilation Dec. 4

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black shape of nexus

Did you know Black Shape of Nexus made a 24-hour-long song? I didn’t. I’m about 10 minutes in and so far it’s droney as hell. It may not pick up at all. It may be a day’s worth of drone. I’m okay with that. I’m just glad it exists. Hell, I might even add it to The Obelisk Radio just to be a jerk. I have no idea why it isn’t on their Bandcamp. They should divide it up and press it to 24 individual hour-long CDRs, hand-number them, make 10 box set editions, send me one, and then never speak of it again. It’ll be like a secret.

Now, onto something that has nothing to do either with that or with Carrier, their new full-length being mastered by Rashad Becker that will allegedly be released CD/2LP-style in March 2016 via Exile on Mainstream. Bassist Stefan Kuhn helms the label Meta Matter Records, and in conjunction with Wolfbiker Records, he’ll release the Black Shape of Nexus compilation, Nothing New: 10 Years of Fresh Air Enjoyment, marking in the Mannheim-based band’s special, self-deprecating way their first decade of existence.

The comp brings together tracks from splits with Kodiak (2010) and Lazarus Blackstar (2014; streamed here) as well as other odds and ends that haven’t been pressed to CD before. Release date, if you didn’t see it in the headline, is Dec. 4. Art, info, links and the stream of the five included tracks follow here — in that order because I’m just that goddamned organized:

black shape of nexus nothing new 10 years of fresh air enjoyment

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS from Mannheim / Germany, with a compilation of material which was never before released on compact disc. Contains the two songs from the split LP w/ LAZARUS BLACKSTAR, the song from the CLONE Vol. IV Sampler, the track from the split LP w/ KODIAK and one more track from the same session, which was only released as download until now.

Pressing Info: 500 copies. Split label release w/ WOLFBIKER RECORDS.

*** Release Date: 04. December 2015 ***

MMR 012

Black Shape of Nexus, Nothing New: 10 Years of Fresh Air Enjoyment (2015)

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Desertfest Berlin 2016: Crowbar, Truckfighters, Egypt, Desert Storm and Kaleidobolt Join Lineup

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desertfest berlin 2016 banner

It’s been fun particularly over the last two years or so to really watch the two springtime Desertfests distinguish themselves as more bands are added to each lineup. Desertfest London and Desertfest Berlin 2016 will still share many bands between them, no doubt, but in seeing acts like Kaleidobolt and Desert Storm (who played London in 2015) join the roster for Berlin in 2016, alongside the newly announced Crowbar, Truckfighters and Egypt — each of whom will also play London — gradually the shape of the German fest itself becomes apparent, and likewise for its European counterpart.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind ending up at either or, but there are some considerable arguments to be made in those steely owl eyes.

Here are the latest announcements:

desertfest berlin 2016 poster

Desertfest Berlin 2016 – TRUCKFIGHTERS, CROWBAR, EGYPT, DESERT STORM, KALEIDOBOLT added to the line-up!

We all love heavy music and rock concert. Needless to say that we were as shocked as everybody else about the horrible things which happened in Paris last Friday. Our thoughts and hearts are with all the people who lost family members and friends in that senseless attempt…

After such a terrible event , it´s not easy to switch back to “normal”… nevertheless we would like to announce a few more bands today for DESERTFEST BERLIN 2016. We are pleased to welcome Sweden’s phenomenal, bone-rattling godfathers of fuzz Truckfighters, New Orlean’s sludge titans Crowbar, North Dakota based doom/psychedelic/stoner Rock Pharaohs Egypt, Oxford based heavy stoner / blues metal riff hounds Desert Storm and Helsinki’s groovy 1970’s Classic/Hard Rockers Kaleidobolt.

These 5 acts join the first 8 bands previously announced Electric Wizard, Elder, Wo Fat, Monolord, Death Alley, Monomyth, Mothership and Somali Yacht Club. Happening from APRIL 28th to 30th, DESERTFEST BERLIN 2016 might be the trippiest experience of your life, so join us… take the ride and buy your ticket now! (tickets’ links below).

See you all in 162 days!

Regular HARD TICKETS or E-TICKETS can be purchased on our WEBSITE! Our ticketprices remain the same, that’s 85 Euros for all you newbies! But remember that we were sold out last time about 7 weeks ahead, and we think we may top that this year!

Truckfighters, Universe (2014)

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Rotor Post Video for “Volllast”; New LP Fünf out Now

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rotor (Photo by Björn Mager)

I’m a little sad to admit that Rotor‘s aptly-titled fifth album, Fünf, is out now (on Noisolution) and I’ve yet to hear it. Having so thoroughly dug 2010’s 4 (review here) and the subsequent Festaal Kreuzberg live outing (review here) when they were released, the latest was one to look forward to. The good news is that the Berlin-based instrumental four-piece have a new video up now for the track “Volllast” from the record, and it finds their heavy, progressive sound well intact.

Rotor have been on tour in Europe since Nov. 11, heralding the arrival of their first offering in five years and first with two guitarists, and have already been confirmed for Desertfest London and Freak Valley next year. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to think they’ll have more fest appearances and other touring in the works, but in addition to the current run, they’ll also play Freak Valley‘s X-mas Fest on Dec. 19 with TuberWucanDed Orse and Green Orbit.

The video, like the song, starts out serenely enough. A white van pulls up, foldout chairs and a table with a plant on it are laid out, and some unplugged guitar interplay ensues. Then the motorcycles go by and all hell breaks loose. No, seriously. The song stomps out some of the heaviest riffing I’ve heard from Rotor and the video hits it no less fervently. Booze is poured into open mouths, ladies wrap their arms around the bellies of riders, fires are lit, hedonism is had. In watching the clip last night, The Patient Mrs. commented, “What an odd celebration of masculinity.” And fairly enough.

Nonetheless, it looks like it was a damn good time to make, and though it’s been up for a minute at this point, I didn’t want to let any longer pass without giving it due attention.


Rotor, “Volllast” official video

Rotor.2015 Tour (remaining dates):
19.11.2015 – AT Salzburg, Rockhouse Bar
20.11.2015 – AT Linz, Kapu
21.11.2015 – DE Chemnitz, Zukunft
27.11.2015 – DE Dresden, Groovestation
29.11.2015 – DE Berlin, Lido
19.12.2015 – DE Siegen, Freak Valley X-Mas Fest

Rotor’s website

Rotor on Thee Facebooks

Rotor on Bandcamp


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Freak Valley 2016: Spiders and Sons of Huns Added to Lineup

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freak valley 2016 banner

I’ve had a pretty good thing so far going staying on top of the announcements as they’ve come out for Freak Valley 2016, and I’ll go ahead and blame the fact that I was traveling last week for my having missed the news that Portland, Oregon-based RidingEasy rockers Sons of Huns will take part. Better late than never, and especially so when their addition can come coupled with the significantly fresher news that Swedish boogie specialists Spiders have also joined the lineup.

Unless they put out a new one between now and then, which is entirely possible, Sons of Huns will be abroad supporting their 2015 album, While Sleeping Stay Awake (review here). Spiders‘ latest offering is 2014’s Shake Electric as of now, but I seem to recall seeing someplace they had a follow-up in the works. Even if not, they certainly have plenty going on otherwise. This week they head out in the UK alongside Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, and in January, they will join Graveyard on the second leg of their US tour.

Announcements follow, courtesy of Freak Valley:

*** SPIDERS & SONS OF HUNS added to Freak Valley Festival line-up 2016 ***

Sprung out of Gothenburg, Sweden, the four piece rock-outfit Spiders has since their critically acclaimed debut album Flashpoint been one of the hardest touring bands in the business. Their MC5 -inspired glampunk honours rock history in their own unique way and has taken the band multiple mile after mile around the globe, both as a headliner and as support for Kvelertak, Metallica and the friends from Graveyard.

Actually they are supporting Uncle Acid and the deadbeats on their massive European tour. Spiders are crawling in a swift pace towards the top!

The beautiful he poster by Jo Riou Graphic Designer is dedicated to Louis. He’s a 5 year old child who lost his mother (who was a friend of Jo) and his grandmother in the Paris attacks some days ago. He collected his posters in his bedroom…

We are thrilled to announce, that the Portland heavy riffin trio SONS OF HUNS are coming to Europe for the very first time to play FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL!!

In a city like Portland, Oregon, where there are quite literally hundreds of people playing heavy music – and playing it well, at that – it takes a bold, tightly-honed punch to the crowd’s ears in order to stand out. Formed in the winter of 2009 and armed with a full stack of Orange cabs, a lifetime of experience and enough classical training to out-riff any band that dares stand in their SG-wielding path, Sons of Huns [RidingEasy Records] have consistently blown crowds away. Peter Hughes of DANAVA fame (guitar), Shoki Tanabe (bass) and Ryan Northrop (drums) have headlined shows in anywhere from tiny bars to the main stages of Portland’s biggest music festivals.

Throughout their reign in the Pacific Northwest music scene, Sons of Huns have become widely known for their ability to turn every live show into a sci-fi, psychedelic-rock party and livening the spirit of every crowd with their jokes and unforgiving volume.

Freak Valley Festival – 26th-27th-28th May 2016

FVF 3-day tickets – only 69€ incl. camping!!

TICKETS are selling like Rock Freak Records vinlys already. Available @ and Woolheads

Your chance: next Saturday @ Vortex Surfer Musikclub: DeWolff & Ape Machine & The Dead-End Alley Band /

FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL: No Fillers – Just Killers

Line-up 2016:
Dead Meadow [US] – Psychedelic Stonerrock
Baby Woodrose [DK]- Psychedelic Garagerock
Lonely Kamel [NO]- Heavy Blues, Hardrock & Stoner
Rotor [D] – Instrumental StonerRock/Psychedelic
Monolord [SW] – Doom/Sludge
Farflung [US] – Spacerock for 21st Century Heads
The Golden Grass [US]- Heavy/Funk/Boogie/Psychedelic/Freakbeat
Spiders [SW] – Hard/Glam Rock
Son of Huns [US] – Heavy Riffin Rock

…more tba very soon

Spiders, “Shake Electric” official video

Sons of Huns, While Sleeping Stay Awake (2015)

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Freak Valley 2016: Dead Meadow Added; Official Poster Unveiled

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 10th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

freak valley 2016 banner

Tell the squares to catch the last train out, because Dead Meadow are coming to Freak Valley 2016. The latest addition to the German festival’s 2016 lineup continues the thread of stylistic expansion by being psych as hell and a landmark act among shoegazing lysergic-types, and I’d have sworn I read somewhere they had a new album coming? Am I making that up? I might be. Someone run it by PolitiFact and see if it holds up.

Either way, Dead Meadow rule and are a great addition to the bill. Their joining comes with the reveal of the official poster, which once again is by Lex “Mr. Frumpy” Waterreus of Aussie heavy rockers (and Freak Valley veterans) Seedy Jeezus, which you can see below:

freak valley 2016 poster


Here’s the official Freak Valley Festival 2016 poster!

Do you like it like we do? Thank you so much Mr Frumpy!!

You’ll find a new band on the poster – DEAD MEADOW

DEAD MEADOW is the reason for the resurgence of heavy psychedelic rock.

Dead Meadow (Official)’s live show is an intoxicating blend of pounding riffs and slow-burning intensity — an expansive, feedback-soaked, thunderous journey. It’s also very, very LOUD!!!

They will throw you back with an endless haze of 70’s guitar fuzz and groovy sweetness. They rock harder and truer-to-retro than their pop-twin Tame Impala but with a paralleled fresh groove and original level of mystical lyricism. Older generations, and the new with a craving to rock out like they did in 1969, will not be disappointed from this show.
Dead Meadow, purveyors of California’s finest psych-rock, make their way to Freak Valley Festival for what promises to be a rip-roaring evening of reverb-drenched guitar freak-outs and thudding stoner beats.Their unique marriage of Sabbath riffs, dreamy layers of guitars fuzz bliss, and singer Jason Simon’s high-pitched melodic croon have won over both psychedelic pop/rock and stoner-rock fans alike.

Freak Valley Festival – 26th-27th-28th May 2016

FVF 3-day tickets – only 69€ incl. camping!!

TICKETS are selling like Earthless vinlys already – take care to get your’s in time! Already more than 80% sold!!

Available @ and Woolheads

FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL: No Fillers – Just Killers
Line-up 2016:
Dead Meadow [US] – Psychedelic Stonerrock
Baby Woodrose [DK]- Psychedelic Garagerock
Lonely Kamel [NO]- Heavy Blues, Hardrock & Stoner
Rotor[D] – Instrumental StonerRock/Psychedelic
Monolord [SW] – Doom/Sludge
The Golden Grass [US]- Heavy/Funk/Boogie/Psychedelic/Freakbeat
Farflung [US] – Spacerock for 21st Century Heads
…more tba very soon

Dead Meadow, Live at Psycho California 2015

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Farflung Added to Freak Valley 2016

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Los Angeles purveyors of all things high-grade kosmiche Farflung have been added to Freak Valley 2016, the lineup for which continues to deepen and expand with each new inclusion. Farflung are the sixth announcement to come — see? I am keeping count — from the Netphen, Germany-based festival, and each group to this point seems to offer something different, whether it’s the skull-pounding riffs of Monolord or the basking-in-sunshine vibes of The Golden Grass. I doubt by the time Freak Valley 2016 is done adding bands, Farflung will be the only group on the bill with a spacey lean, but as it stands today, they bring something different to an increasingly varied roster of acts.

For those who missed it, Farflung released a split earlier this year with Fatso Jetson (review here) via Heavy Psych Sounds — the imprint seems to be a theme for the day — and you can hear “Jettison in the Rushes… Phase One” from that offering on the player below:

farflung freak valley 2016

*** Los Angeles space lords FARFLUNG will play FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2016 ***

L.A. based sonic cosmonauts Farflung will be making highly anticipated stop at Freak Valley 2016!!

Taking inspiration from Hawkwind and Krautrock, Farflung utilize carefully constructed layers of celestial collage and brute riff force to create vital and modern spacerock.

Long time veterans of altering peoples brain chemistry with their heavy psychedelic punk-tinged sounds (over two decades and counting!), Farflung will bring their cosmic freakouts to FVF’16!!

Beautiful poster art by Jo Riou Graphic Designer!

Freak Valley Festival – 26th-27th-28th May 2016

FVF 3-day tickets – only 69€ incl. camping!!

Tickets are selling like Blues Pills vinlys already – take care to get your’s in time!

FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL: No Fillers – Just Killers

Line-up 2016:
Baby Woodrose [DK]- Psychedelic Stonerrock
Lonely Kamel [NO]- Heavy Blues, Hardrock & Stoner
Rotor[D] – Instrumental StonerRock/Psychedelic
Monolord [SW] – Doom/Sludge
The Golden Grass [US]- Heavy/Funk/Boogie/Psychedelic/Freakbeat
Farflung [US] – Spacerock for 21st Century Heads

…more tba very soon

Farflung, “Jettison in the Rushes… Phase One”

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Odd Couple and Suns of Thyme to Release Split on Nov. 24

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Sharing a hometown of Berlin, the four-piece Suns of Thyme and duo Odd Couple have teamed up for a new split release on H42 Records. Due out Nov. 24, the split features one song from each band, Odd Couple contributing “Blue Footed Bobby” and Suns of Thyme offering “Former Friend” — their side’s cover is the one with the empty chair — and a total of 300 copies will be pressed in various editions of 7″ vinyl. That’s all well and good, but both songs are also streaming in full now on H42‘s Bandcamp, which is something of a change from the label’s usual methodology.

Still, a good way to get introduced. Info follows, hoisted gently off the PR wire and positioned carefully in a place of respect:

Odd Couple / Suns Of Thyme Split-7″ announced – coming Nov 24 on H42 Records

H42 Records H42-024 lim. Edition, handnumbered
OUT: 24. NOV 2015 / PRESALE: 1 NOV 2015

50 clear marbled Edition
100 clear dark blue marbled Edition
150 black Edition

This is the first Split release between these two berlin based bands: Suns of Thyme & Odd Couple

Suns Of Thyme are, Tobias Feltes (vocals & git), Tim Hoppe (git), Jens Rosenkranz (bass) und Jascha Kreft (drums & backing vocals). The Berlin based four-piece have already managed to acquire a reputation in the German capital. They supported the British shoegazers TOY and were also featured on the 8MM Musik compilation alongside Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kadavar and Camera. The four young blokes are all in their twenties, but their sound is surprisingly mature. Besides worshipping psychedelic heroes, the music is wafted by grungy garage as well as kraut rock and the smoky corners of the shoegazy version of stonerrock

The young Berlin-based duo The Odd Couple creates in their songs a power, forcing the last chord of the body to contract. Their electrifying sound with influences from Garage, Psych and Surf Rock blows the dust off those dusty genres. Jascha Kreft and Tammo Dehn moving fast between guitars, organ and percussions. On stage they offer you a musical Mojo, which you have probably not experienced in that way since the early days of Black Keys or Kills.

24.11.2015 – Reiche, Quedlinburg
25.11.2015 – MUZclub, Nürnberg
26.11.2015 – Fliese, Halle
27.11.2015 – Pressure Air Festival @ Druckluft, Oberhausen
28.11.2015 – Stereo Wonderland, Köln
02.12.2015 – Skala Bielefeld, Bielefeld
03.12.2015 – Molotow, Hamburg
04.12.2015 – The TUBE, Düsseldorf
05.12.2015 – Cafe Tikolor (aka Tiko), Erfurt
08.12.2015 – Soho Stage, Augsburg
09.12.2015 – Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe
10.12.2015 – Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon, Berlin

Odd Couple & Suns of Thyme, Split 7″

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Iguana Premiere New Full-Length Live at Radio T Sessions Video

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German heavy psych rockers Iguana will head out this weekend on a quick jaunt alongside progressive fuzzers Rotor to set up a couple other shows to close out 2015. Earlier this year, the Chemnitz-based four-piece released their sophomore full-length, Cult of Helios, as the follow-up to 2012’s Get the City Love You (review here), and today they answer that album with a new full-length live video release, Live at Radio T Sessions, filmed on July 30 at Larox Tonstudio in their hometown for the titular Radio T.

I don’t know what the band’s plans are for Live at Radio T Sessions, but the quality is exceptional and the performance by the band — guitarist/vocalist Alexander Lörinczy, guitarist Thomas May, bassist Alexander May and drummer Robert Meier — is spot on, so it seems to me that if they wanted to, they have worthy cause for pressing up a few copies. I’m not necessarily talking about a DVD, as I think that moment has passed, but even if it’s a limited cassette release of the audio or something like that. I’m not saying that’s what they’re going to do, just that the show they put on in the video below is worth preserving one way or another in the physical realm.

Hopefully you’ll agree. Three of the four cuts on Cult of Helios — “Josiah,” “Albedo” and “A Deadlock Situation” — make an appearance, and only the 15-minute title-track is left off (though you can hear it in a podcast here), so if you haven’t heard the record, Iguana offer a chance to get introduced to their spacious but earthy flow and the peaceful vibe they present across its span while also locking into heavier nod in cuts from the debut like “Vague as a Mirage” and “Madinat al Yasmin,” which unfolds a Tee Pee-style roll and gives the oft-smiling Alexander a chance to showcase his tone alongside the two guitars.

There are a handful of people in the studio with the band as they play — you can hear them clap in between songs and see them periodically reflected in a window — and I’m guessing that’s either friends and family or employees of Radio T, so as an intimate gig, Iguana capture something really cool with Live at Radio T Sessions, and while I’m not one to tell anybody their business, I’m just saying, if they put this one on tape, I’d check it out.

Info follows the clip. Dig in and enjoy:

Iguana, Live at Radio T Sessions

Radio-T-Sessions || 30th of July 2015
Live Radio Concert || recorded at Larox Tonstudio
1. Josiah 00:20
2. Albedo 06:45
3. A Deadlock Situation 11:19
4. Vague As A Mirage 17:16
5. Freshly Tranquilized 23:43
6. Madinat Al Yasmin 28:25
7. Down On You 32:00

IGUANA just won’t stand still. And that’s a good thing, too. After their spontaneous release of the psych- and kraut inspired record “Cult of Helios” (July 2015) and barely home from their tour with low-desert-punk mastermind and stoner rock legend Brant Bjork, IGUANA will hit the road with Berlin’s stoner-space-monument, ROTOR, beginning in October.

As if that weren’t enough IGUANA, the desert-psych-post-whatever-quartet from Chemnitz, will release a complete video recording of a live radio concert right on schedule with their tour start. A rather obvious decision as, from year one, IGUANA have been first and foremost a live band. To duly capture this passion on canvas, the makers of Radio-T unceremoniously invited IGUANA to play a live concert in the glorious halls of Larox recording studio. The result is an intimate live tape containing brand new songs from their latest record and tracks from their 2012 debut album – a private psych and desert concert for your living room so to speak. All that’s left to do is watch the video, turn up the volume and rock on.

29.10.2015 – Bielefeld, Forum w. Rotor
30.10.2015 – Hannover, Mephisto w. Rotor
21.11.2015 – Chemnitz, Zukunft w. Rotor
18.12.2015 – Weil der Stadt, JH Kloster

Iguana on Thee Facebooks

Iguana on Twitter

Iguana website

Cult of Helios stream

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