Quarterly Review: King Hitter, Desert Storm, Sendelica, Drifter, Sula Bassana, Strange Here, Once-Ler, Waingro, Motorgoat, The Seduction

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quarterly review

I must be out of my damned mind. After wrapping up last year with a special feature comprising 50 reviews spread over five days, I’ve somehow decided that it’s not a bad way to do things. So here we are. It’s been three months, that’s a quarter of a year, so it seems only fair to have a Quarterly Review to catch up on some things that might otherwise have gone missed.

And that’s precisely what we’ll do. Between now and Friday, it’ll be 10 reviews per day, rounding up releases from the last couple months. Some are out now, some aren’t out yet, but it’s all recent one way or another. Like with the Last Licks 2014, I’ll be checking in each day as well. Should be fun to see how my mental status deteriorates over the course of the next few days, until my brains are little more than a stinky jelly dripping from out my ears on Friday. At least that’s how I remember it going last time.

So let’s go:

King Hitter, King Hitter

king hitter king hitter

A North Carolina five-piece fronted by vocalist Karl Agell, best known as the frontman of Corrosion of Conformity for their 1991 Blind album – he’s also currently reviving that album live on stage with drummer Reed Mullin in C.O.C. Blind – the new outfit King Hitter reunites the singer with his former Leadfoot bandmate, guitarist Scott Little, and they test the waters with a five-track self-titled EP delivered via Candlelight Records. Crisply-produced, songs like “King Hitter” and “Feel No Pain” hit hard and gruff with just a touch of Southern heavy rock flair. The power of Agell’s voice is undiminished, but production is maybe too evident at times, and when they get down to the chugging “Suicide (Is the Retirement Plan,” politics meet personal perspective in a way that strikes deeper than might’ve been intended. Little and fellow guitarist Mike Brown, bassist Chuck Manning and drummer Jon Chambliss turn in worthy performances, but Agell’s command captures a good deal of the attention on this satisfying showcase of a songwriting process getting underway.

King Hitter on Thee Facebooks

King Hitter at Candlelight’s Bandcamp

Desert Storm, Omniscient

desert storm omniscient

Because one invariably measures British anything in “waves,” we’ll put Oxford double-guitar five-some at the crest of the New Wave of British Burl. Omniscient is their third full-length behind 2013’s Horizontal Life and their 2010 debut, Forked Tongues (review here), and it arrives through Blindsight Records with all the brash Southern metal riffing and dudely bellow one might expect. Orange Goblin are an immediate name to drop in comparison to opener “Outlander,” but “Queen Reefer”’s quiet solo section adds breadth and the acoustic “Home,” the Clutchy “Night Bus Blues” and the stomping, subtle djentery of closer “Collapse of the Bison Lung” continue to reveal an extended palette. A richer listen than it might appear the first time through, Omniscient still revels in its heaviness on “Blue Snake Moan” and “Sway of the Tides,” etc., but changes like the tempo downshift in “Horizon” give fodder for repeat visits to Desert Storm’s howling third offering.

Desert Storm on Thee Facebooks

Desert Storm at Blindsight Records’ Bandcamp

Sendelica, Anima Mundi

sendelica anima mundi

Welsh space rockers Sendelica feel out some pretty peaceful vibes on songs like “The Pillar of Delhi,” “Azoic” or the sweet-washing closer “The Hedge Witch” from their self-released cosmos-tripper Anima Mundi, but there’s no shortage of spaced-out push either in songs like the 12-minute jam “Master Benjamin Warned Young Albert Not to Step on the Uninsulated Air” and electronic-pulsing “Baalbek Stones.” An experimental spirit underlies each of the eight included instrumental cuts, elements like sax, synth, keyboards, theremin, flute and various effects intertwining throughout Anima Muni’s 54-minute sprawl. Quiet moments like “Azoic” work well, but I won’t take away from the buzzsaw tone or swing behind “The Breyr, the Taeogion and the Caethion” either. The truly fortunate aspect of Sendelica’s latest is that it flows between its individual pieces, putting the listener in a position of open-minded experience while working around and through various psychedelic impulses, carefully woven and balanced in the mix, but vibrant and exciting and loose-feeling just the same.

Sendelica on Thee Facebooks

Sendeica on Bandcamp

Drifter, Violent at Altitude

drifter violent at altitude

Of the 13 songs on Melbourne trio Drifter’s Desert Highways debut LP, Violent at Altitude, only four reach past the three-minute mark, and even most of those play off a fuzz-punk intensity, shades of Melvins weirdness and Nick Oliveri heavy punker charge showing up in cuts like “Cool Breeze” or the raw, open “Another Life.” Closer “So Long” is given another look from Drifter’s 2013 debut EP, Head (review here), which it also capped, but the feel across Violent at Altitude is that guitarist/vocalist Dan King, bassist/vocalist Troy Dawson and drummer/vocalist Dave Payne is exploring the place where grunge and punk met on pieces like “Bi Polar,” the relatively spacey “Devil Digger” and quick-blasting 1:45 rush of “Russian Roulette,” their tones mean and their attack primal in its overall affect in a way that belies the stylistic nuance at work throughout. You can listen on an analytical level or you can be steamrolled by “Drugs.” Your call. Either way, Drifter are gonna tear it up in accordance with the altitude they’ve apparently hit.

Drifter on Thee Facebooks

Drifter at Desert Highways’ Bandcamp

Sula Bassana, Live at Roadburn 2014

sula bassana live at roadburn 2014

Sula Bassana’s performance at Roadburn 2014 was their first as a full band. The experimental psychedelic project of guitarist Dave “Sula Bassana” Schmidt (see also Electric Moon, Krautzone, Zone Six, Weltraumstaunen, etc.) came to life with his Electric Moon bandmates Komet Lulu on bass and Marcus Schnitzler on drums, as well as Zone Six’s Rainer Neeff on guitar, and the four jams of the live recording Live at Roadburn 2014 tell the tale brilliantly. Schmidt, who is quite simply among the foremost heavy psych jammers in the world, leads the four-piece through cascading movements, immersive and clear on record as they were in person, rich with a sense of improvised creation even if based on prior parts. Anything went, as the 18-minute “Dark Days” showcases here, with synth and guitar and heavy bass intertwining to a brilliant cosmic whole, Schnitzler’s drums holding the proceedings together wonderfully. Short at 50 minutes, it’s every bit as switched on as one might expect in a studio album from these players, blurring yet another line as they expand psych-rock consciousness.

Sula Bassana on Thee Facebooks

Live at Roadburn 2014 at Sulatron Records

Strange Here, II

strange here ii

To listen to opener “Still Alone” from Strange Here’s Minotauro Records raw second LP, II, one might expect that Alexander Scardavian (ex-Paul Chain) and Domenico “Dom” Lotito (ex-Hand of God) are presenting some loosely-swung classic doom, shades of Candlemass and Death SS filtered through heavy riffing and Scardavian’s gruff vocals, but that’s barely half the story. More is told by putting eight-minute tracks “Born to Lose” and “Black, Grey and White” next to each other, as they appear here. Following the opening duo of “Still Alone” and the echoing “Kiss of Worms,” the two longer cuts unveil a sound alternately diving into morose doomed march and spacious psychedelic flourish. That blend continues as the marching “Acid Rain” gives way to the acoustic/drone interplay of “Only If…”and comes to a head on closer “Shiftless,” a contrast of back-and-forth impulses played off each other throughout the 47-minute offering. There’s work to do bringing the sides together should Strange Here choose to go that route, though the lines drawn between make it that much easier to catch the listener off guard, which II just might.

Strange Here on Thee Facebooks

Strange Here at Minotauro Records’ Bandcamp

Once-Ler, Once-Ler

once-ler once-ler

Marked out by the jazzy noodling of “The Douche Bag Guru” and the funky bassline on “Drift,” the new self-titled EP from Dayton, Ohio, four-piece Once-Ler dates back a decade in some of its material, the track “Law Dog” having appeared on the band’s 2005 full-length, Entropy. It’s an unassuming rumble, sort of humbly produced for a garage-heavy feel, but the clarity of purpose in centerpiece “Swing the Leg”’s crashing progression is plain enough to hear, and opener “The Victim” is the longest cut at 6:43, earning immediate points. A prog-metal undertone in that track sets up some expectation that the EP veers quickly away from with “Drift,” but guitarist Burns, bassist Deininger, vocalist Reif and drummer Minarcek make a solid case despite the rough sonic edges in the recording. At 25 minutes, Once-Ler’s Once-Ler is enough to give an impression of where the band is headed and a demo-style look at what their progressive heavy rock has to offer.

Once-Ler on Thee Facebooks

Once-Ler on Bandcamp

Waingro, Waingro

waingro waingro

Pummel, pummel, pummel. Vancouver trio Waingro debut at full-sprint with their 11-track/31-minute self-titled, which wastes little time shaking hands and goes immediately for the jugular on “Firebird.” About 10 seconds in, and the ride is underway with little letup to come as Waingro shove heavy tones along at breakneck speed on cuts like “Tailwind,” “Force Fed” and “Bathed in Tongues.” A remarkable sense of control lies beneath, the trio blending hardcore punk, heavy tones and modern metal twists fluidly as interludes like “Matador,” “St. Regis” and “Arboria” add complexity of method and “Rekall,” “Ride” and most especially side B cappers “Black Dawn” and “True North” brazenly craft something of Waingro’s own from familiar components. This album is self-released, but particularly if Waingro are able to tour at any length, it’s hard to imagine some imprint wouldn’t want to stand behind their brash but engaging thrust, professional already in its assured sensibility and rhythmic impact. The real question is whether they’ll wait around for anyone to notice or push ahead with the momentum they build here.

Waingro on Thee Facebooks

Waingro on Bandcamp

Motorgoat, The Iron Hoof of Oppression

motorgoat the iron hoof of oppression

There’s little room left for frills amid the sludge-punk sneer of Motorgoat’s The Iron Hoof of Oppression, which makes no bones about its affinity for booze, metal and fuckall on songs like “Satanic Slacker,” which boasts the lines, “Trippin’ balls is total bliss/He don’t know what day it is,” and so on. Obviously there’s a humor element to “Revenge of the Towndrunk” and “No Pants – No Problems,” but the German four-piece have a sincere vibe as well as they recount loser tales in a viciously-toned punk-metal spirit, less tune-in-drop-out than tune-out-drop-tune, but it turns out heavy either way. Cohesive in spite of its stated penchant for chaos, The Iron Hoof of Oppression offers partytime disaffection that’s so prevalent it might as well be post-modern. After the world has ended, there’s nothing left to do but dance, and Motorgoat seem (mal)content to let their own hooves stomp the floor. An album that gets better when you read the lyrics. Don’t be fooled by how dumb they seem to be calling themselves.

Motor Goat on Thee Facebooks

Motor Goat on Bandcamp

The Seduction, You Catch Fire

the seduction you catch fire

The tell? The tell is the scream just before North Carolina foursome The Seduction move into the bouncing bridge on “Volga,” which launches their Mechanical Pig Records debut, You Catch Fire. From there, it’s pretty easy to hear the metallic vibe beneath their stoner-punk aesthetic. It comes up again in the breakdown for the later “Hell on Two Wheels,” but it’s there anyway, adding an aggressive edge to the record, which at 53 minutes has plenty of room for the breadth of the rocking highlight centerpiece “Flavor of the Weak” or the depth-charge of the penultimate “Starmageddon” – a few more screams there amid spit-out hardcore shouts – but it’s the meld of these with the party-pit vibe of “Daughter of a Holy Man” and “Irish Flu” that makes You Catch Fire effective in taking cues from some of the West Coast’s heavy methods – some Red Fang, some Queens of the Stone Age — and presenting them with a definitively East Coast punch.

The Seduction on Thee Facebooks

The Seduction on Bandcamp


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High Fighter and Sunnata Announce Tour Dates

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high fighter


Hamburg-based High Fighter released their debut EP, The Goat Ritual (review here), last year to a flurry of hyperbole highlighting its precise riffing, tradeoff harsh and melodic vocals and schooled songwriting. The band, who also just formed in 2014, are getting ready to head out on their first tour next month, and they’ll be joined by Polish rockers Sunnata, whose transition from the moniker Satellite Beaver was made complete with the issue of the Climbing the Colossus full-length a year ago. A couple dates are still TBA, so keep an eye out.

The PR wire had this to offer:

high fighter sunnata tour

HIGH FIGHTER & SUNNATA announce “Get Doomed In Spring Tour 2015“!

What a heavy-weight package! German newcomer sludge / doom outfit HIGH FIGHTER have announced their first tour ever, alongside with none other than doom mates in SUNNATA! Hailing from Warsaw, Poland & heavily touring Europe over the last years such as at Desertfest & many more stages with well-known acts, Sunnata have already left their remarkable stamp in nowadays doom & fuzz scene.

Formed in the summer of 2014 and started as a total new band project born by former band members of A Million Miles, Buffalo Hump and Pyogenesis, HIGH FIGHTER is a volatile cocktail of heavy as hell riffs fuelled by beer and the mighty weedian riffs. Add a heavy dose of the blues and the deadly schizophrenic vocals by frontlady Mona, and High Fighter offer something new to the Sludge, Blues & Stoner Scene. If you’re looking for a highly polished band then look elsewhere as High Fighter play mean and dirty Blues, Stoner & dark Sludgy riffs to fuel your appetite with.

For their first tour ever, HIGH FIGHTER could not have picked a heavier and better choice to round up this spring tour package: Driven by addiction to low frequencies, SUNNATA (“voidness”) merge psychedelic trips, doomed & catchy heavy riffage with oriental vibes along with grungy vocals and intense grooves. Open your mind and experience it. Let there be noise.

And there will. On the upcoming “Get Doomed In Spring Tour 2015“,
presented by Metal.de, The Sludgelord and Doomed & Stoned:
09.04.2015 – Dresden, GER – Sabotage
10.04.2015 – tba
11.04.2015 – Wiesloch, GER – Rock & Pop
12.04.2015 – Köln, GER – Underground
13.04.2015 – Hastings, UK – The Carlisle
14.04.2015 – London, UK – Unicorn
15.04.2015 – Oxford, UK – Wheatsheaf
16.04.2015 – Antwerp, BE – The Rocking Bull
17.04.2015 – tba
18.04.2015 – Wolfsburg, GER – s.V. Jugenhaus Ost ( *High Fighter only! )
18.04.2015 – Paris, FR – Glazart / Doomed Gatherings ( *Sunnata only! )

For More Info, News & Tickets Visit:

Sunnata, Climbing the Colossus (2014)

High Fighter, The Goat Ritual (2014)

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Desertfest Berlin 2015: Bushfire Added to Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 12th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

desertfest berlin 2015

My understanding is that weekend passes for Desertfest Berlin 2015 are sold out, but individual day tickets are still available. That is, if you want to show up on Friday and bum out on missing the rest of the weekend so hard that you wind up buying tickets for Saturday and Sunday as well, you can. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

The latest addition to the fest is Darmstadt heavy rockers Bushfire. Their last album, Heal Thy Self (review here), came out late in 2013, and it was a significant jump from their 2010 debut, Black Ash Sunday (review here), so I can’t help but wonder what these dudes might be up to now. The slot at Desertfest Berlin 2015 will apparently be their first show of the year. Kind of a late start, but a good one all the same.

Here’s the announcement from the Desertfest crew:

bushfire desertfest berlin

28th band to be confirmed for DesertFest Berlin 2015: Bushfire! The Darmstadt’s five-piece will bring you a good measure of blues, stoner, doom and southern rock.

With three demo Eps and two albums, shows and tours through half of Europe, TV airplay and a loyal fanbase – all of that without any label or management – BUSHFIRE is that kind of DIY band we love, and we are thrilled to have them on board!

Desertfest 3-day passes are now sold out, but stay tuned for the day tickets release, that will happen very soon!

DESERTFEST BERLIN #4 – APRIL 23th, 24th, 25th 2015
www.desertfest.de - www.soundofliberation.com

Red Fang + Orange Goblin + Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band + Acid King + Ufomammut + My Sleeping Karma + Conan + Black Pyramid + Karma To Burn + Brutus + Dopethrone + The Atomic Bitchwax + Lo-Pan + Baby Woodrose + The Picturebooks + Toner Low + Kamchatka + Dirty Fences + Heat + Bushfire + Mountain Witch + Mother Engine + Moaning Cities + The Sun And The Wolf + Cigale + Riff Fist + Travelin Jack + Tau + more


Bushfire, Heal Thy Self (2013)

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Desertfest Berlin 2015: Kamchatka Added to Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on March 3rd, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

desertfest berlin 2015

I wondered last week when perusing Kamchatka‘s UK and European tour dates if the Swedish trio might not also end up on one or the other of the Desertfests, and it seems they’re headed to Berlin. Apparently since the last time I looked, Baby Woodrose also got added, which is awesome. The Desertfest Berlin 2015 lineup might be the strongest one yet, and it’s been interesting to watch — from an unfortunate distance — as the London and Berlin incarnations of the festival each grow their own personality. Both have a broadening reach, and yet they’re clearly becoming different entities, which when one takes into account the expansion of the brand to Belgium and potentially beyond that — because why not? — it should make the next couple years even more intriguing to see where it all goes.

These are the things one has to think about when one can’t just say things like, “Golly, I can’t wait to see Kamchatka at Desertfest!” One of these years, I’ll get to Berlin or back to London. For now, here’s the announcement of Kamchatka joining the lineup:

kamchatka desertfest berlin 2015

Here comes a new band: the Swedish trio KAMCHATKA is now confirmed for DESERTFEST BERLIN 2015!

Formed in Varberg in 2001, KAMCHATKA provide an explosive mixture of Stoner-, Hard-, 70’s-, Retro-, Psychedelic- and Bluesrock. Their first self-titled album came out on January 2005 via New York based indie label Grooveyard Records, followed in 2007 by “Volume II”.

During their first years, they played gigs here and there in Sweden, opening for Clutch a couple of times, who finally invited KAMCHATKA to join them on their 2008 US-Tour! It gave the guys their first opportunity to proove themselves to the American audience. After 21 successful performances, KAMCHATKA returned back home to complete “Volume III”, released in March 2009 via Swedish label Superpuma Records. In November 2009, the trio was once again invited by Clutch to open for them, this time on a month long tour of 23 gigs throughout western Europe.

With their amazing fifth album “The Search Goes On” (released on Despotz Records in February 2014) in the pocket, KAMCHATKA will make your booty move at DESERTFEST BERLIN in April! We are thrilled to have them on board!

Tickets on www.desertfest.de/tickets! (85€ + taxes)

DESERTFEST BERLIN #4 – APRIL 23th, 24th, 25th 2015
www.desertfest.de - www.soundofliberation.com

Red Fang + Orange Goblin + Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band + Acid King + Ufomammut + My Sleeping Karma + Conan + Black Pyramid + Karma To Burn + Brutus + Dopethrone + The Atomic Bitchwax + Lo-Pan + Baby Woodrose + The Picturebooks + Toner Low + Kamchatka + Dirty Fences + Heat + Mountain Witch + Mother Engine + Moaning Cities + The Sun And The Wolf + Cigale + Riff Fist + Travelin Jack + Tau + more


Kamchatka, “Ain’t Fallin'”

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My Sleeping Karma Post Art and Details for New Album Moksha

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 26th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

my sleeping karma

One day, I’ll see My Sleeping Karma live. I’m confident it will happen. The German heavy psych instrumentalists are pretty high on my list at this point, to be honest, but I’ve seen enough things I never thought I’d see to be hopeful that, sooner or later, our paths will cross. Sooner would be better.

The four-piece have announced the details and release dates for their second album through Napalm Records — fifth overall; where does the time go? — which is titled Moksha. It follows behind 2012’s excellent Soma (review here) and boasts cover art by Sebastian Jerke that you can see, along with the tracklisting and formats below.

It’s worth noting that, since they made their self-titled debut on Elektrohasch in 2006, the three years between 2012 and 2015 is the longest stretch My Sleeping Karma have gone without releasing a full-length. They’ve usually worked on two-year intervals. Granted they toured Soma pretty hard, but it only adds further intrigue to the prospect of Moksha that it was a little bit longer in the making.

Here’s that info off the PR wire:

my sleeping karma moksha (art by Sebastian Jerke)

German quartet MY SLEEPING KARMA are back with their fifth studio album “Moksha.” The band considers this album, their strongest record to date. The sound and tone of the album perfectly fits into the Instrumental Progressive – and Ambient Post Rock realms.

From the start the listener is kidnapped by the spherical sound, between enormous atmospheric compositions with pure rock riffs and psychedelic melodies perfectly intertwined into this scenery.

Immerse yourself, both with the risk of completely losing yourself in this brand new masterpiece, because you might not be able to emerge again. Perhaps you don’t want to…

Find the cover, release dates, track listing & available formats below:

2LP Gatefold Edition (Black & Limited Color Editions)

Release Dates:
29.05.2015: GAS, RoE, AUS
01.06.2015: UK/NOR/FR/DK/IT
03.06.2015: SE/ESP
09.06.2015: US/CAN

Track listing:

Interlude 1
Interlude 2
Interlude 3
Interlude 4
Interlude 5

For More Info Visit:

My Sleeping Karma, Soma (2012)

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Samavayo and The Grand Astoria European Tour Starts this Weekend; Split 10″ Due Next Month

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 25th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster


Last I heard, the plan was for German heavy rockers Samavayo to release a new album this year, which would be their first as a three-piece. Nothing’s come my way to contradict that, but it looks like they’ll be tightening up new material on the road prior to hitting the studio. Titles like “Intergalactic Hunt,” “Kodokushi,” “Someone Else” and “Iktsuarpok” have been tossed about as being inclusions in the setlist, and as you can see from the list of dates below — there goes March — those songs and anything else Samavayo might decide to throw in the set are bound to get a workout on the road with The Grand Astoria. The two groups will also have a split 10″ out next month on Setalight Records.

Dates and the preorder link for that split follow here, taken from Samavayo‘s latest updates. They came from the internet! Imagine that:

samavayo the grand astoria tour

Oh yeah, booking is almost finished. And here we go, We proudly present our tour in March 2015 across Europe playing a lot of the shows with our friends from The Grand Astoria and Six Months of Sun and many many more. Looking forward to an awesome tour!

28.02. DE Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz
04.03. DE Potsdam, KuZe
05.03. DE Hamburg, Bar 227
06.03. DE Hamburg, Marias Ballroom
07.03. DE Cottbus, Muggefug
08.03. DE Erfurt, Tiko
11.03. DE Nürnberg, Artischocken
12.03. DE Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
13.03. FR Paris, Le Buzz
14.03. FR Nantes, La Scène Michelet
17.03. FR Strasbourg, Check point
18.03. CH Neuchatel, La Prise
19.03. CH Genf, Kalvingrad
20.03. CH Luzern, Bruch Brothers
21.03. CH Winterthur, Gaswerk
22.03. CH Olten, coq d’or
23.03. DE München, Cafe Cult
24.03. AT Salzburg, Rockhouse
25.03. AT Haag, Boellerbauer
26.03. AT Wien, Arena
27.03. DE Weiden, Salute Club
28.03. DE Jena, Kulturbahnhof

It just arrived! The new Split Ep from The Grand Astoria and Samavayo. It´s an honour to share the EP with our Russian friends! It´s gonna be on our tourbus in March and of course we´ll bring it to our gig on Saturday in Berlin as well.

In case you wanna pre-order…it´s limited: http://www.setalight.com/…/samavayo-the-grand-astoria-split


Samavayo, From East to West and Back Again (2014)

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Freak Valley 2015: Seedy Jeezus Added to Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 17th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

seedy jeezus

German festival Freak Valley adds its first Australian band in the form of Melbourne’s Seedy Jeezus. The trio will play the festival following the release of their self-titled debut album, which was recorded by Tony Reed of Mos Generator last year. They’re playing a release show for the record on March 20 in Collingwood with Sun God Replica and River of Snakes, but the CD and vinyl seem to already be available, so if it was a nebulous kind of thing, that would at least be fitting for the band’s sound itself, which as you can hear in the 15-minute “How Ya Doin'” below, runs a line between straightforward classic heavy rock and hypnotic stretches of psychedelia.

The announcement follows:

seedy jeezus freak valley 2015

It’s time for the first ever Aussie band playing Freak Valley Festival – SEEDY JEEZUS!!

Seedy Jeezus are a band from Melbourne, Australia. Established in early 2010 the band went on to quickly gain a local reputation of being a ‘must see’ live band with this powerhouse trio drawing its influences from all over the musical spectrum.

Seedy Jeezus get compared to a weird blend of Pink Floyd meets Black Sabbath on an acid trip at an Experience concert (alot of space guitar and heavy riffing).

Seedy Jeezus is known to explore their own compositions onstage pushing each band member to stretch well beyond the original confines of the song. They might easily rewrite to songs vibe, feel and groove spontaneously and morph into other songs along the way.

If you’re in need of some 70s stoner space rock psychedelia then turn in, turn on, drop out… and get SEEDY !!!

Killer poster art by Mr Seedy Jeezus himself: Mr-Frumpy Frumpedia

FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL – 4th-5th-6th June 2015
www.freakvalley.de - www.rockfreaks.de

FVF 3-day tickets are SOLD OUT – but you’ll have a last chance to grab one! We’ll sell 50 more tickets at the Greenleaf & The Midnight Ghost Train & Three Eyes Left show @ Vortex Surfer Musikclub Siegen, Friday Feb 27th – more infos about this soon!

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/746137418800212/

A few 1-day tickets are still available.

FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL: No Fillers – Just Killers

Blues Pills – Orchid – Eyehategod – Earthless – Goatsnake – Crippled Black Phoenix – Horisont – The Vintage Caravan – Electric Moon – Gas Giant – Monkey3 – Danava – Egypt – Siena Root – Bröselmaschine – Sigiryia – Kamchatka – Purson – Dead Man – The Muggs – Freedom Hawk – Mountain Witch – Tuber – Valley of the Sun – Tombstones – Travelin’ Jack – Seedy Jeezus – more tba soon!!


Seedy Jeezus, “How Ya Doin'”


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My Sleeping Karma Post In-Studio Video Series; Finish Recording New Album

Posted in Bootleg Theater on February 4th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

my sleeping karma

German heavy psych rockers My Sleeping Karma have finished the recording process for their next album. Their last outing was also their Napalm Records debut and their fourth offering overall after three increasingly complex and satisfying releases on Elektrohasch Schallplatten. That full-length, Soma (review here), came out in 2012 as the follow-up to 2010’s Tri (review here), and proved a jump not only in breadth of distribution, but in sound as well, the four-piece Aschaffenburg outfit playing off their already established tendency toward keyboard textures and ambient melodies to create even richer and more immersive material. The response was accordingly welcoming.

Maybe that’s putting it mildly, since what Soma essentially did for My Sleeping Karma was thrust them to the upper echelon of Europe’s heavy psych movement. They worked hard to get to that point, of course — both in the studio and on tour — but no question that had that record fallen flat their work wouldn’t have been so readily recognized. Soma was a pivotal moment for them, so it’s with marked interest that one finds the news of the fifth album being done and on to the mixing stage prior to mastering and the eventual release. My Sleeping Karma posted regular video updates from the studio — a series of three — and each installment features some snippets of new music in the process of being made. As you can hear, the smoothness of their style and tones isn’t happenstance and it sounds like album number five will continue the thread forward from where Soma left off. Glad to hear it.

My Sleeping Karma are set to appear at both Desertfest London and Berlin in April. More tour news as I see it come down. In the meantime, here are the studio clips:

My Sleeping Karma in the Studio

Dear Friends,

We have finished the recording process. All main instruments as well as the gimmicks are “in the box”. Now we start with the mixing process.

Have a great week end.

My Sleeping Karma website

My Sleeping Karma on Thee Facebooks

My Sleeping Karma at Napalm Records

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