Freedom Hawk Keep the Season Alive with “Indian Summer”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on September 4th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

One thing there’s more of than you’d expect in Freedom Hawk‘s new video for the song “Indian Summer?” Hugs. The song comes off their 2011 Small Stone debut, Holding On (review here), and the clip features a sort of literal interpretation of the title, but is pretty cool anyway, as the band is all in the dunes and whatnot and of course the track rules. That always helps, unless you’re trying to get Freedom Hawk out of your head. It probably wouldn’t help that.

Directed by Keith Jackson, here’s “Indian Summer” by Freedom Hawk. Enjoy:

Freedom Hawk will also be at the 2012 Small Stone Boston showcase, Nov. 3 at Radio in Somerville. More info on that here.

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Visual Evidence: Brian Mercer’s Poster for the Boston Small Stone Showcase Unveiled

Posted in Visual Evidence on August 23rd, 2012 by JJ Koczan

Brian Mercer (interview here) killed it this time. He really, really did. Check it out. Small Stone‘s Boston showcase is Nov. 3 at Radio, with Gozu, Lo-Pan, The Brought Low, Roadsaw, Freedom Hawk, Lord Fowl, Infernal Overdrive, Supermachine and Blackwolfgoat.

You might also note whose logo is on the bottom left. Bad ass. Can’t wait to get me one framed and then not have a house to put it up in (zing! Oh wait, I just zinged myself, damnit).

Showcase is Nov. 3 at Radio in Somerville. For more info on it and on the upcoming Detroit showcase, which I’m just waiting to get up the courage to ask Halfway to Gone for a ride out to, hit up Small Stone on Thee Facebooks.

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