Deville Announce New Lineup

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One listen to just about anything founding guitarist/vocalist Andreas Bengtsson writes for Deville, and you know the guy enjoys some symmetry. The songs are impeccably constructed and even when they change up the form, the quality stays high. To wit, last year’s Make it Belong to Us (review here). Still, as Bengtsson announces the new rhythm section joining he and guitarist Andreas Wulkan in the band, it’s hard to ignore the fact that he’s trading out an all-Markus battery — bassist Markus Åkesson and drummer Markus Nilsson — for an all-Martin one. No substitute for working on a theme, I suppose.

Deville welcome bassist Martin Nobel and drummer Martin Fässberg (see also sludge destroyers Suma) with the promise of more touring and writing. The band made it public/official on the social medias thusly:


It is time to announce the new line-up!

DEVILLE welcomes two familiar faces of the music scene in Malmoe. On bass we are now proud to have Martin Nobel, last known from soul rockers Bad Barber. He is, as many of you might know, one of Malmoe’s best rock guitarists so having him on board on bass will for sure add new dimensions to the riffs.

And last but definitely not least we are, after months and months of searching, excited to announce Martin Fässberg on drums. This is a guy who has been touring the world with punk rockers, Quit Your Dayjob and has the routine and skills to take the drum chair in Deville. Being in the underground rock scene for a while he is also known from bands such as SUMA and Psykonauten.

A big welcome guys! Now, let’s tour!

Deville lineup:
Andreas Bengtsson: guitar/vocals
Andreas Wulkan: guitar
Martin Nobel: bass
Martin Fässberg: drums

Deville, Make it Belong to Us (2015)

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Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Vol. III: Mos Generator, The Atomic Bitchwax, Isaak, Glowsun, Komatsu, Void of Sleep & Black Bone Added

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Based for the first time in Parma, Italy — the two prior editions had been held in Rome — Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Vol. III has announced a massive round of bands newly joined the proceedings, set for Oct. 28 and 29. The names have trickled out over the last couple weeks, but it seems a roundup is in order, considerable as the names are. In addition to The Atomic Bitchwax, who’ll be on the road with Pentagram at the time, and Fatso Jetson, whose slot was previously announced as part of their Heavy Psych Sounds-sponsored Italian tour, the likes of Mos GeneratorGlowsunIsaakKomatsuVoid of Sleep and Black Bone have joined on.

I’d expect that means Mos Generator are about to announce a European tour, but I don’t think they’ve done so yet. They’ll head abroad supporting their new album, the excellent Abyssinia (review here), while hopefully Fatso Jetson‘s upcoming LP will be out by then as well. More on that if/when I hear it.

I’ve noted more than a handful of times how crowded the European festival circuit is for this fall, but Heavy Psych Sounds continues to put Italy on the map for heavy rock, its reach extended both domestically and internationally more than ever before, as you can see:

heavy psych sounds fest vol iii new poster

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS FEST VOL 3 with Atomic Bitchwax, Fatso Jetson, Mos Generator, Giobia, Glowsun, Isaak….

Here to announce the HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS FEST VOL 3.

The Festival will take place in Parma, Italy at Mu Club, 90 minutes down Milan or 45 minutes up Bologna, both are the good spot to arrive with airplane. The shows will be divided between 2 stages.

***Friday 28 October ticket 15 euro
**Saturday 29 October ticket 15 euro

*2 days ticket 25 euro only available at

Line Up:
……….More bands Tba…..

Artwork by Solo Macello.



Mos Generator, “Outlander” from Songs for the Firmament

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Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Vol. III Announces First Bands

Posted in Whathaveyou on June 16th, 2016 by H.P. Taskmaster

Moving from its former homebase in Rome to Parma, Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Vol. III is set for Oct. 28 and 29 at the MU Club. The first bands have just been announced as Fuzz OrchestraDuelGiöbia and Deville, but of course there will be more to come in that regard as the two-night event fills out its lineup presumably over the next couple months either one at a time or in batches.

Either way, I’ll take it. Heavy Psych Sounds Records — headed, as noted here often, by Gabriele Fiori of Black Rainbows and Killer Boogie — has done more than anyone in the last decade to promote the cause of Italian heavy rock. From signing native Italian bands to establishing a cross-continental reach with the label to booking tours and fests across Europe for bands domestic and foreign, Heavy Psych Sounds has become a brand synonymous with putting maximum passion behind everything it does. The fest that bears its name seems unlikely to be an exception.

The timing is noteworthy as well. Europe is awash in fests throughout September and October — Up in SmokeDesertfest Athens, Desertfest Belgium, Keep it Low — so to add Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Vol. III to that pot only makes the lineup opportunities broader as more acts will be on tour. In that regard, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think the Gozu and Holy Grove European run — the confirmed dates for which have yet to be revealed — might make a stop in Parma, considering that’s also a Heavy Psych Sounds production.

That’s not confirmed, of course, so don’t quote me on it. Just a supposition. When I hear more about who’s actually on the bill for Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Vol. III, I’ll let you know. For now, here’s the initial announcement:


Heavy Psych Sounds Records&Booking is proud to announce the:

October 28 & 29
Italy, Parma, Circolo Arci MU

First bands announced:

1 day ticket or 2 days pass available soon at

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Deville Touring Germany Next Week

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 11th, 2016 by H.P. Taskmaster

Swedish heavy rockers Deville head to Germany next week for nine dates to round out February as they continue to support last year’s Make it Belong to Us (review here), released by Fuzzorama Records. The four-piece have hooked up with some new booking representation for various European territories, so it seems likely they’ll be on the road this summer as well if not before, but a week-plus in Germany after heading south to Greece last month for what appears to have been a one-off makes sense.

Hell, they could probably take Europe one country at a time throughout the rest of the year and not get tired. That would certainly be making it belong to them, it nothing else.

If you haven’t heard that record — or if you have, I suppose — it’s streaming in full below, courtesy of the Fuzzorama Bandcamp. The band sent the following down the PR wire:

deville feb tour

Deville Germany Tour coming up next week!

We are proud to announce that we signed with two booking agencies for Scandinavia and G/A/S.

Subculture Hero will take of our bookings for Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Rodeostar Records for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A lot of tours are in the making and we start with Germany next week! Prost!


Fuzzorama Records – home to the mighty Truckfighters, We Hunt Buffalo and more – is thrilled to release Make It Belong To Us, the fourth, and most explosive album yet from Malmö-based rockers Deville.

Well-versed in the ways of brutal melody, for over a decade Deville have built a career out of tight, hard-hitting rock and roll. Brought together in 2004 out of a shared loved for stoner metal and hard fuzz, the band – made up of lead guitarist/vocalist Andreas Bengtsson, drummer Markus Nilsson, bass player Markus Åkesson and rhythm guitarist Andreas Wulkan – are no strangers to the power of the weighted riff.

As you will hear on new song ‘Life In Decay’, the chugging, hook-laden guitars, soaring vocal and ambitious progression in song writing has shaped Deville into a leaner, meaner, and ultimately heavier sounding machine. A band that while happy to hold court with the likes of Mastodon, High On Fire and Queens Of The Stone Age, plan to not only stand beside them shoulder to shoulder, but seize the throne from under their noses.

Andreas Bengtsson – Vocals, Guitars
Markus Nilsson – Drums
Andreas Wulkan – Lead Guitar
Markus Åkesson – Bass

Deville, Make it Belong to Us (2015)

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Deville, Make it Belong to Us: So it Does

Posted in Reviews on December 28th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster


Symmetry, structure and momentum. The tools put to use by Swedish heavy rockers Deville on their fourth full-length, Make it Belong to Us, aren’t exactly unfamiliar, but the record works quickly to live up to its title, offering a rich, coherent sonic personality and cutting a blazing, straightforward path through its 10 tracks/37 minutes. It’s the Malmö four-piece’s first offering through Fuzzorama Records after a vinyl reissue of their 2007 debut, Come Heavy Sleep, on Heavy Psych Sounds, and follows 2013’s Hydra (on Small Stonereview here) and 2010’s Hail the Black Sky (interview here) in being a next logical step in the ongoing development of what’s become a formidable songwriting process and all-charged, riff-led thrust.

Also Deville‘s first full-length since adding guitarist Andreas Wulkan to the lineup of guitarist/vocalist Andreas Bengtsson, bassist Markus Åkesson and drummer Markus Nilsson, who also produced and recorded with Tobias Ekqvist at Sunnanå StudioMake it Belong to Us is three-tracks deep before it seems to take a breath with the chugging stomper intro to “Mind on Hold,” but really it’s a front-to-back run of hooks and craftsmanship across these songs, and while Deville bask in a mostly sans-frills approach, hooks like those of opener “Make it Belong to Me” and the subsequent rush of “Chief” would make them superfluous additions to such a solid foundation. Very much a successor to Hydra in its sound — Nilsson helmed that recording as well — Make it Belong to Us emphasizes the steady growth of the band’s style and even in a track like “Chief,” which is just under two and a half minutes long and pushes past quickly, they keep a keen eye for melody and a purposefulness to everything they do.

Thoroughly modern in its aural crispness and the fullness of its impact, Make it Belong to Us nonetheless takes on a classic form. Its 37 minutes divide neatly onto two vinyl sides, and the better part of its forward reach comes in the back half, with a closing salvo of four tracks that each offer some marked shift or evolutionary next step. Preceded by affirmations like the Mastodonic stomp of “Mind on Hold” or the beats-its-way-into-your-head chorus of the preceding “Out of the Black,” this later material is even more resonant, but even it holds steady to the core accessibility underlying Deville‘s songwriting. As far out as they go, they only touch four-and-a-half minutes once, on closer “What Remains” (for context, it happened twice on Hydra, one song reaching 6:30), and it’s in the overarching tightness of cuts like “Chief,” “Lever” and “Dying to Feel” that Make it Belong to Us makes its most lasting impressions.


There is a tension at work in the twists of “Lever,” but the melody remains a grounding force, and even when they seem to be their most explosive, Deville are never even close to being out of control, as much as the near-destructive swing in the bridge of “Out of the Black” might work to convince otherwise. “Lever” is also noteworthy for being part of a two-song centerpiece section, both tracks in which have one-word titles — “Lever” and “Drive”; I’m a little surprised they didn’t call it “Revel” — and for its balance of an airier verse with a stomp-into-nod apex that rounds out in an impressively efficient 3:41. All tied together, all neat and flawlessly executed. Beginning with an immediate burst, “Drive” follows suit in its open verse, but hits even harder when it decides the time is right, and though symmetrical to “Lever,” is ultimately even more of a standout.

As the launch point for the aforementioned four-song finishing movement, “Life in Decay” is particularly notable, but it’s more the insistent rhythm and snare punctuation that mark it out as the beginning of a sonic turn, rather than simply a matter of its north-of-four-minutes runtime — though these last four songs work shortest to longest, between 4:12 and 4:30, so purpose and structure abounds even unto the placement. As to where that extra time goes, it’s dedicated to a soaring melodic apex that blindsides the listener and, at least for me, has me wondering why Deville aren’t the Queen of heavy rock. “Dying to Feel” picks up at a verse-chorus run like nothing ever happened and bounces its way through terrain not so far off from earlier pieces like “Out of the Black,” except for a guitar solo that bleeds into an extended, crashing finale that holds its final feedback into the stomp-happy opening of the penultimate “Reflecting Surface.”

Surface can be reflecting, fine, but it’s also thick as hell. Dense riffs are cut through by Bengtsson‘s echoing vocals, and it’s a reminder that when they want to do so, Deville have the ability to conjure serious weight in their riffs. Even here, though, they pull together a memorable hook, and complement it with a righteous nod of an instrumental finish that seems to wink in the direction of Come Heavy Sleep‘s “Rise Above” without directly repeating it. “What Remains” is somewhat brighter, but has a larger groove in its chorus, capping Make it Belong to Us with another of the kind of ultra-catchy stretches that seem to come so naturally to (and from) Deville across their fourth LP’s deceptively brief span. The drums take off at about three-minutes in, but the band quickly turn around and come to a point around a final chorus in “What Remains” and end the record cold with the same level of pretense they affected all the way through: none. That prevailing bluntness of intent lets Make it Belong to Us get right to business at the start of “Make it Belong to Me” and leave its audience wanting more after “What Remains,” so to call it effective seems perhaps like understating it, but what one really takes away from Deville‘s latest is the band’s clearheadedness about what they want their material to do and their ability to bring that to light. No question they’ve grown, and no question they’ve done so in the right direction. They’ve made it belong to them.

Deville, Make it Belong to Us (2015)

Deville on Thee Facebooks

Deville website

Fuzzorama Records

Fuzzorama on Bandcamp

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audiObelisk Transmission 054

Posted in Podcasts on November 25th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

Click Here to Download


Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

I put up a podcast last year on the day before Thanksgiving as well. At least I’m consistent. In the US, today is the biggest travel day of the year, and I continue to feel like there are few things better in this universe than hitting the road accompanied by good music. Whether you’re driving alone on your way to see family for the holiday, commuting to work (that one doesn’t necessarily have to be by car, I suppose), going to stand on line for some silly discount item or whatever it might be, I hope you find something here you consider worth bringing along for the trip.

The holidays are always a pretty stressful time — when isn’t? — so once it gets past the initial burst of heft from Tombstones, this one stays pretty mellow for the most part. Deville and Kind rock pretty hard, but once it moves into the Dirty Streets and Old Man Lizard and so on, it’s more nod than headbang, which is accurate to where my brain is at. Looking for something chill in the face of miles to cover and meals to consume. If you’re in the US, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and if not, I hope you enjoy just the same.

Track details follow:

First Hour:
0:00:00 Isaak, “Fountainhead” from Sermonize
0:03:58 Tombstones, “Pyre of the Cloth” from Vargariis
0:13:30 Hound, “Over the Edge,” from Out of Space
0:17:44 Deville, “Mind on Hold” from Make it Belong to Us
0:21:17 Kind, “German for Lucy” from Rocket Science
0:28:26 Dirty Streets, “Save Me” from White Horse
0:31:55 Old Man Lizard, “Craniopagus Paraciticus” from Old Man Lizard
0:40:43 Across Tundras, “No Roads in any Direction” from Home Free
0:46:52 Niche, “On Down the Line” from Heading East
0:52:11 Wired Mind, “Road” from Mindstate: Dreamscape

Second Hour:
1:03:07 Seedy Jeezus, “Echoes in the Sky” from Echoes in the Sky
1:19:03 Dorre, “One Collapsed at the Altar” from One Collapsed at the Altar

Total running time: 1:49:21


Thank you for listening.

Download audiObelisk Transmission 054


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Deville Post New Video for “Make it Belong to Me”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on November 10th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

deville (Photo by Tom Wall)

Don’t look for Swedish heavy rockers Deville to make an appearance in their new video for “Make it Belong to Me.” The Malmö four-piece release their new album, Make it Belong to Us this week on Fuzzorama Records, and their clip for the semi-title-track is a long way off from your standard band-in-practice-space performance video. No doubt after making a full-length of such rocking proportions, they decided to give themselves the day off when filming was going on. Time well earned.

Make it Belong to Us is the follow-up to 2013’s Hydra (review here), which was a record I don’t mind saying took a while to sink in for me. Its production was so clear and crisp that it seemed more commercially minded than one might usually expect from Small Stone Records, which handled the release, but as I think “Make it Belong to Me” also demonstrates, there’s a sense of aggression under that sheen, and Deville contort that well to suit the heaviness of their purposes, so that they manage to hone a sound at once based on sonic heft, catchy songwriting and every now and again being really pissed off. Not an easy balance to strike, by any means, but Deville do it so well that it’s almost too easy to look past.

I’ll admit my affection for them increased greatly after seeing them live on their inaugural US tour last summer, and while I don’t know if they’ll be back to support Make it Belong to Us, it’s easy to listen to “Make it Belong to Me” and imagine how it would be coming from the stage, which, of course, is another credit to the album.

Video and album info follow. Enjoy:

Deville, “Make it Belong to Me” official video

Official video for the song “Make it belong to me” Taken from the album “Make it belong to us”. Rel. 13 Nov – 2015

Director: Henrik Christoffersson
Producer: Nils Landén
Actress: Chelsea Klikunas

Fuzzorama Records – home to the mighty Truckfighters, We Hunt Buffalo and more – is thrilled to announce the release of Make It Belong To Us, the fourth, and most explosive album yet from Malmö-based rockers Deville.

With previous releases on Daredevil Records, Buzzville Records, Heavy Psych Sounds and Small Stone Records, new album Make It Belong To Us will receive an official release on Fuzzorama Records on 13th November 2015.

Andreas Bengtsson – Vocals, Guitars
Markus Nilsson – Drums
Andreas Wulkan – Lead Guitar
Markus Åkesson – Bass

Deville website

Deville on Thee Facebooks

Deville on Twitter

Fuzzorama Records

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Deville Release Make it Belong to Us Nov. 13 on Fuzzorama

Posted in Whathaveyou on September 24th, 2015 by H.P. Taskmaster

deville (Photo by Tom Wall)

A busy couple years have gone by quick for Swedish heavy rockers Deville. The Malmö four-piece will release their fourth album, Make it Belong to Us on Truckfighters-helmed imprint Fuzzorama Records Nov. 13 as the follow-up to their 2013 full-length, Hydra (review here), which came out on Small Stone, and a reissue of their 2007 debut, Come Heavy Sleep, that was put out on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Make it Belong to Us will be the first Deville album to feature the lineup of guitarist/vocalist Andreas Bengtsson, drummer Markus Nilsson, bassist Markus Åkesson and guitarist Andreas Wulkan, the latter having joined since the release of Hydra, which in league with the reissue also served as the impetus for the band’s first US tour last year (review here). Whether or not they have similar intentions to support the new record has yet to be revealed — I don’t think one could really hold it against them either way — but they’ll be out in Europe next month to herald the forthcoming release alongside long-running rockers Mustasch, as well as playing at Desertfest Belgium 2015 and the Into the Void festival in the Netherlands.

As a first bit of audio to be made public, Deville and Fuzzorama have offered up the song “Life in Decay,” which you can find under the quickie announcement and the tour dates below:

deville make it belong to us

Fuzzorama Records is streaming a first song “Life in Decay” of the new album” Make It Belong To Us” out 13th of November. The album is produced by Markus Nilsson. Recorded at Sunnanå Studio by Markus Nilsson and Tobias Ekqvist.

Do you like it?

Deville on Tour
10.10 Antwerpen BE Desertfest Belgium
10.16 Essen DE Turock*
10.17 Leipzig DE Hellraiser*
10.18 Berlin DE Magnet*
10.19 Hamburg DE Knust*
10.20 Koln DE Underground*
10.21 Pratteln CH MiniZ7*
10.22 Munchen DE Backstage*
10.24 Leeuwarden NL Into the Void Fest
* supporting Mustasch

Deville, “Life in Decay”

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