Desertfest Berlin 2016: Greenleaf and Baby in Vain Added; Lineup Complete

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Well, that’ll do it. The lineup for Desertfest Berlin 2016 is complete. The final three bands are Greenleaf, from Sweden, Baby in Vain, from Denmark, and Five White Dudes in a Band Called Black Pussy, from Portland, Oregon. They join a mammoth bill with the likes of Electric Wizard, Elder, CrowbarAsteroid, Pelican, Rotor, and many others, and the whole shebang will take place April 28-30 at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin, with the biergarten and hippie market intact from years past.

This is the fifth year for Desertfest Berlin, and so far, each one has been bigger than the last. Greenleaf head to it supporting their new album and Napalm Records debut, Rise Above the Meadow (review here), which is without a doubt one of the year’s best records, and will no doubt continue their ascent to the forefront of European heavy rock. Now if only we could get a US tour.

Desertfest Berlin 2016 wrapped its lineup as follows:

desertfest berlin 2016

We are finally back. Sorry for the delay. Here come the last three bands for DesertFest Berlin 2016! We are thrilled to welcome:

– 70s-influenced, US- Rock n Rollers Black Pussy!
– Copenhagen’s all-girl grunge/rock trio Baby In Vain!
– and last but not least, Sweden´s fantastic Heavy Rockers Greenleaf!

You’ll find more infos about those bands on our website. And as our 2016 line-up is now complete, timetables will come in early April.

We are also proud to tell that this 5th edition of the festival is completely SOLD-OUT! Thanks a lot to all of you, and see you very soon.


SOUND OF LIBERATION UG in partnership with GREYZONE CONCERTS is proud to present the fifth edition of DESERTFEST BERLIN: the ultimate heavyrock-psycho-doom festival!!!

3 days of rock mayhem with 30+ performing acts on two stages, visual arts and hippie market…. the full package nested in the beating cultural heart of Berlin: F-Hain/X-Berg, in the famous ASTRA KULTURHAUS.

Greenleaf, Rise Above the Meadow (2016)

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Desertfest Berlin 2016: Asteroid and Spiritual Beggars Added

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desertfest berlin 2016 header

Fest announcement season — as much as it ever stops, thus implying there’s a time when it’s on or off — continues unabated. Once Swedish heavy psych rockers Asteroid made their reunion official it seemed like only a matter of time before they started getting snapped up to play here and there, and I suspected Desertfest Berlin 2016 will be the first of many such appearances they’ll be making throughout next year as they continue to work on new material for their first album since 2010.

Speaking of new material, fellow Swedes Spiritual Beggars had put out work a while back that they were in the studio tracking a record. I haven’t seen any official word about a release date yet or anything, but they were as far as treating vocals last month and that’s hardly a beginning stage of a recording process, so it seems likely they’ll have something surface by the time 2016 is through.

Of course, if you see either group around Desertfest Berlin 2016, you can just ask them yourself what’s up with their respective next outings. So there’s that. And here’s the announcement:

desertfest berlin 2016 banner

Desertfesters! X-mas is coming

Therefore, we wanna give you more names! Some of them cannot be announced before Tuesday (so stay tuned :D), but some others can be! Today, we are beyond delighted to welcome aboard two Swedish outstanding acts : the quintessential heavy rock band Spiritual Beggars, and the newly reunited (for our greatest pleasure) bluesy hardrock trio… Asteroid!!

As both bands have new songs to come in 2016, DesertFest Berlin 2016 is gonna be a blast! Come on, join us to celebrate!

Tickets can be ordered on (remember that by ordering one of the last hard tickets, you’ll get a free Desertfest beenie)

Regular HARD TICKETS or E-TICKETS can be purchased on our WEBSITE! Our ticketprices remain the same, that’s 85 Euros for all you newbies! But remember that we were sold out last time about 7 weeks ahead, and we think we may top that this year!

Spiritual Beggars, “Wise as a Serpent” official video

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Desertfest Berlin 2016: Rotor, Samavayo, Coogans Bluff, Dÿse and The Loranes Join Lineup

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desertfest 2016 banner

If you haven’t seen the name around yet, The Loranes is the new band from former Kadavar bassist Mammut. The newcomers are one of five bands in the latest batch to be announced for Desertfest Berlin 2016, which still has Electric WizardTruckfightersCrowbar and Elder at the top of its bill. If no one else joined, they’d probably be ready to roll out a three-day fest as is and call it square, but I have the feeling we’re still in the thick of it as The Loranes and other local Berlin outfits like RotorCoogans Bluff (they’re from Rostock, two hours north), Samavayo and Dÿse are added.

Hard to argue either way, and I’m not inclined to try. Here’s the newest update from the festival:

desertfest berlin 2016 poster

Desertfest Berlin 2016 – ROTOR, DYSE, SAMAVAYO, COOGANS BLUFF, THE LORANES added to the line-up!

It’s time for a DESERTFEST special BERLIN announcement! 5 Years DESERTFEST BERLIN – 5 amazing Berlin bands added to the lineup! We are thrilled to welcome aboard instrumental stoner prog pioneers Rotor, incredibly entertaining experimental duo Dÿse, fast forward stoner rockers Samavayo, “Contemporary retro” songcrafters Coogans Bluff and the brand new power trio of ex-Kadavar bassist “Mammut”, The Loranes!

These 5 acts join the first 13 bands previously announced Electric Wizard, Truckfighters, Crowbar, Elder, Wo Fat, Egypt, Monolord, Death Alley, Monomyth, Mothership, Desert Storm, Kaleidobolt and Somali Yacht Club. Our fifth edition might be the trippiest experience of your life, so join us… take the ride and buy your ticket now! (tickets’ links below).

Regular HARD TICKETS or E-TICKETS can be purchased on our WEBSITE! Our ticketprices remain the same, that’s 85 Euros for all you newbies! But remember that we were sold out last time about 7 weeks ahead, and we think we may top that this year!

By ordering a HARD TICKET, you get a free Desertfest patch!

Rotor, “Volllast” official video

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Desertfest Berlin 2016: Monolord, Monomyth and Death Alley Added

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There’s an odd symmetry to the three bands who are the latest additions to the lineup of Desertfest Berlin 2016. Monolord, from Sweden, have a similar moniker to Monomyth, who, like Death Alley, are from the Netherlands. One into the next into the next. I like that. Of course, the three groups have little in common sonically, what with Monolord‘s bash-you-over-the-head riffing, Monomyth‘s instru-progressive explorations and Death Alley‘s balls-out boogie-thrash, but that really just goes to show how the reach of Desertfest has expanded over the last several years since its incarnation. This is the second batch of announcements and already it looks like a good time.

One gets the distinct feeling that it’s only going to get bigger as they go from here:

desertfest berlin 2016 poster

Desertfest Berlin 2016 – MONOLORD, MONOMYTH, DEATH ALLEY added to the line-up!

We have new names to announce today, that will satisfy all you fans of guitar driven rock, stoner and monolithic riffs! We are thrilled to tell that Dutch Speed Rock Heavyweights Death Alley, progressive heavy instrumentalists Monomyth, and Sweden’s mega-doom-plodders Monolord are joining the 2016 line-up, alongside previsouly confirmed ELECTRIC WIZARD, Elder, Wo Fat, Mothership and Somali Yacht Club!! All three have recently released a new album or are about to record one, and we are very excited to have them on board!

Happening from APRIL 28th to 30th, DESERTFEST BERLIN 2016 might be the trippiest experience of your life, so be quick… join us… take the ride and buy your ticket now! (tickets’ links below).

See you all in 205 days!

Regular HARD TICKETS or E-TICKETS can be purchased on our WEBSITE! Our ticketprices remain the same, that’s 85 Euros for all you newbies! But remember that we were sold out last time about 7 weeks ahead, and we think we may top that this year!

Death Alley, “Black Magick Boogieland” live on 3voor12 Radio

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Desertfest Berlin 2016 First Announcements: Electric Wizard, Elder, Wo Fat, Mothership and Somali Yacht Club Confirmed

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desetfest berlin 2016 banner

Seemed likely after the first announcements for Desertfest London 2016 came down the wire that those for Desertfest Berlin 2016 wouldn’t be too far off, and so here we are. Particularly interesting to note that between the two fests happening the same weekend under the Desertfest banner in Berlin and London, as is tradition, only two of the first five acts confirmed publicly for each are shared between them. That is, Electric Wizard and Elder will also play in London, but Berlin seems to have Wo FatMothership (doesn’t seem unreasonable to think they’ll be touring together, though I’ve yet to see dates that would affirm that supposition) and Somali Yacht Club all to itself.

Whether or not that will remain the case we’ll find out over the next few months, but I think it’s fair to say that each fest has begun to carve out its own identity these last several years, and it’s cool to see them start out the 2016 season in the manner they are. More to come, of course.

For now:

desertfest berlin 2016 poster

Desertfest Berlin 2016 – ELECTRIC WIZARD, Elder, Wo fat, Mothership & Somali Yacht Club confirmed!

We are back! Today we are thrilled to unveil the first five bands who are going to play at DESERTFEST BERLIN 2016 (happening from APRIL 28th to 30th), including our first massive headliner: doom titans ELECTRIC WIZARD!! We are already a bit scared and we expect you to be too: get out your satanic ritual kits on and watch out for maybe the most trippiest experience of your life.

Also on board for this next edition, we’re glad to see the return of Massachusett’s ultimate progressive stoner rock trio Elder and to spice up the menu the addition of Texas’ swampadelic fuzz rockers Wo Fat, as well as their state mates supersonic juggernaut Mothership and Ukrainian progressive-leaning stonerheads Somali Yacht Club!!

Find more infos as well as tickets’ links below, and see you all in 231 days!

The very last early bird tickets will be on sale on Saturday, September 12th during Greenleaf & Stoned Jesus’ gig at Cassiopeia (Berlin). Regular HARD TICKETS or E-TICKETS can be purchased on our WEBSITE! Our ticketprices remain the same, that’s 85 Euros for all you newbies! But remember that we were sold out last time about 7 weeks ahead, and we think we may top that this year!

Elder, “Compendium” live in Scotland, July 1, 2015

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Desertfest Berlin Final Announcements: My Sleeping Karma Movie, Aurelio Deville Live Painting and More

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Friday tickets for the Berlin-held Desertfest have apparently sold out, but there’s still room for Thursday and Saturday. At the end of last week, the fest announced three movies they’ll be showing in addition to the performances, and a live painting to be done by French graphic artist Aurelio Deville.

These mark the last announcements for the 2013 Desertfest Berlin, so I’ll say quickly thanks and it’s been fun keeping up with the updates (or trying, anyway), and that if you’re lucky enough to wind up at the Astra Kulturhaus from April 25-27, it’s sure to be a killer time. Here’s how they have it on the Desertfest Berlin website:


Today we are proud to present to you a multidisciplinary French artist who will come to DESERTFEST to paint a fresco in live, on the Theatre Bizarre’s walls : AURELIO DEVILLE. As you may have noticed, the Theatre Bizarre will receive several kinds of events during the festival. Sheyk Raleph will bring his orientasian improvisations. We will show 3 movies whose the first one has already been presented few days ago. Now it’s time for you to get to know AURELIO DEVILLE, that you will be able to see painting a fresco in live on Friday and Saturday (15h40 – 21h).


We are extremely proud to welcome at Desertfest Berlin the WORLD PREMIERE of Sandro Müntener’s “BEYOND THE INFINITE” !!

On Friday 26th and Saturday 27th, you will be able to enjoy a selection of three movies in the Theatre Bizarre. We already introduced to you the first one : LAST HIPPIE STANDING (17h – 45min). Here is the second one : BEYOND THE INFINITE – A Journey Into European Underground Rock Music (21h40 – 53min).

“If you make Rock music and smoke weed, then you get Stoner Rock, that’s basically it.”
Nothing more to add ? Well, Sandro Müntener’s BEYOND THE INFINITE does. Not by pigeonholing a musical style or trying to explain everything out there. But by drawing a portrait of a vivid underground community going its own way. It’s not only a film about music, but about dedicated people all over Europe wanting to create something all together.

We are very proud to welcome this world premiere at DESERTFEST BERLIN, and really happy to get you a chance to see this documentary as it’s really a great piece !


Here we are. This is the last announcement for the DESERTFEST BERLIN, but not the least ! We are proud to present you Tim Bohnenstingl’s “MY SLEEPING KARMA – A TOUR VIDEO” !!

On Friday 26th and Saturday 27th, you will be able to enjoy three movies, and you already know two of them : LAST HIPPIE STANDING (17h – 45min) and BEYOND THE INIFNITE (21h40 – 53min). Here is the last one : MY SLEEPING KARMA – A TOUR VIDEO (19h40 – 20min) !

This 20 minute tour documentary was filmed over six days on tour, following My Sleeping Karma non stop. Hamburg, Paris, London, Manchester, Stuttgart. It focuses on the live shows, but also allows the audience to experience one day of a normal band on the road : Driving long distances, soundchecks, press interviews, photoshootings, load outs, jamming and just being yourself. All this is combined with interviews by the band commenting on the tour life and the “Flow” which My Sleeping Karma are kind of famous for in the underground scene.
Seppi, Steffen, Matte and Normen finally playing the Desertfest, months after their tour with Monster Magnet, makes this the perfect opportunity to present the video to all of you guys out there.

“It’s was not only a pleasure and honour to be on tour with Monster Magnet, the band which brought me to the so called Stoner Rock, but much more so: My Sleeping Karma, one of the bands which still keeps me so interested in this flourishing genre. I had a lot of fun with the nicest people, I hope you will too while watching the movie. I feel very lucky that the movie will be screened and I am looking forward to meet you and talk about: My Sleeping Karma – A Tour Video”. Tim,

My Sleeping Karma, A Tour Video (Trailer)

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Satellite Beaver to Open Desertfest Berlin 2013

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Polish heavy rockers Satellite Beaver are no strangers around these parts, going back to 2010 and hearing some tracks from their MySpace page (a simpler time!), and on through an exploration of their 2009 Trip Outside Your Mind demo (review here) and subsequent 2012 EP, The Last Bow (review here). Now the Warsaw foursome have been tapped to kickoff this year’s Desertfest in Berlin on April 25.

They’re the second to last addition — one more to come later this week — to the fest, the website for which posted this announcement of the rock to come once Satellite Beaver take the stage:

Desertfest Berlin – SATELLITE BEAVER (POL)

We are thrilled to announce that Polish Stoner/Sludge Metal quartet SATELLITE BEAVER will open the festival on Thursday 25 !!

Formed in Warsaw, Poland, in 2008, SATELLITE BEAVER are a hard rocking Sludge/Stoner Metal Band composed of Szymon (Guitars/Vocals), Tomek (Guitar), Michal (Bass) and Robert (Drums).

Inspired by traditional grunge and stoner rock genres, SATELLITE BEAVER came a long way through different influences what in practice means searching for thickest guitar strings and biggest crash cymbals ever created. The fuzz and distortion are at maximum levels, producing some truly earth shattering sounds, an eclectic hybrid of sludge, psychedelic and grunge. It hits hard, dripping with atmosphere, as otherworldly sounds clamber over the lumbering riffs to brilliant head-banging effect.

Their latest EP, “The Last Bow” contains tracks recorded through 2010 and 2011, summing up the bands creative journey and giving you an inclination of where they might be headed. Currently, SATELLITE BEAVER are preparing brand new material for their debut album release, which is about to be recorded and released in the second half of 2013 and promoted through an European tour in September. It will contain massive, down-tuned trips to the land of fuzz, which you will be able to hear live at DESERTFEST BERLIN !

Satellite Beaver on Thee Facebooks

Desertfest Berlin website

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Desertfest Berlin 2013 Announces Witchcraft as Third Headliner; Danava and Lecherous Gaze Added

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The linup for Desertfest in Berlin gets a little more unfuckwithable with the addition of Witchcraft in a headlining spot. Danava and Lecherous Gaze were also added over the course of the last couple days, and the fest sent over a couple announcements. Desertfest Berlin 2013 is set for April 25-27 at the Astra Kulturhaus, and the list of bands is monstrous with Unida, Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man representing the Californian desert scene while Euro heavy answers back with classics like Lowrider and Dozer and newcomers Kadavar and Belzebong. Not much more you can really ask of three days of doom and music.

As seen on the Berlin Desertfest website:

WITCHCRAFT (SWE) – 3rdHeadliner !!

After a 5 year wait for all the fans that have been watching out for a new sign of life, the Swedish band WITCHCRAFT have marked the fall of 2012 with their new album ! And we are thrilled to say they will mark 2013 by playing at the DesertFest Berlin on Saturday 27th !!

From Örebro, Sweden, WITCHCRAFT was founded in 2000 when Magnus Pelander wanted to record PENTAGRAM tribute album. It took until 2002 when the band finally released a first single which caught the ear of Lee Dorian’s label, Rise Above Records, who quickly signed them. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2004, followed by their 2nd one “Firewood” in 2005, and “The Alchemist” in 2007. They manifested their very seventies-esque distinctive signature sound that made WITCHCRAFT known as Swedish finest psychedelic/classic rock band that helped to spearhead the now very bright Swedish rock scene.

After a five year break, WITCHCRAFT released in September 2012 their 4th studio album “Legend” on a new label, Nuclear Blast. The new album marked the recording debut of the band’s new members, including Simon Solomon (guitar), Tom Jondelius (guitar), and Oscar Johansson (drums), with singer Magnus Pelander focusing only on vocals instead of both vocals and guitar. Now a double-guitar five-piece, WITCHCRAFT reinvented their sound and shirked off most of the vintage stylization that marked their previous work and boldly opted for something new and heavier. And they delivered the most rocking album of their career!


To start this rocking new year, we are very happy to announce that DANAVA comes back in Europe in April/May, and will play at the DESERTFEST BERLIN!!! DANAVA is a band based out of Portland, Oregon, that has been steadily rising in the metal underground over the past eight years. The band turned heads with a a lysergic cocktail of stoner sludge, prog pomp, and rocket blastoffs!

They released 3 full-length albums in the past, the self-titled debut in 2006, “UnonoU” in 2008, and “Hemisphere Of Shadows” in 2011, all three on Kemado Records. Through the latter part of the decade, DANAVA also toured with the likes of Witchcraft, Voivod, The Melvins, Acid Mothers Temple, and Down (who have invited the band out three times now.) In 2012, they made an European tour with Saviours including Roadburn Festival!

Now it’s time for them to play at the DesertFest ! Get ready to enjoy their bombastic sound!!



Some of you maybe guessed when we announced Danava : LECHEROUS GAZE is added to the DesertFest’s line-up!! The history of LECHEROUS GAZE goes back to 2001 when guitarist Graham Clise and bassist Chris Grande started the hardcore punk band, Annihilation Time. After several personnel shake-ups, the band chose to lay the name to rest and begin with another project. They re-emerged with a new vocalist under the name LECHEROUS GAZE.

And after a few more line-up changes, the band released a self-titled 4 song EP with singer Lakis Panagiotopulos on Tee Pee Records in 2011. However, after some brief touring of the US and a full European tour, the Gaze decided to part ways with Lakis, again taking a brief period off to expand their arsenal of riffs. They soon enlisted the help of long time friend, Zaryan Zaidi to join the Gaze as their new front man. With his raspy delivery coupled with aggressively dark tones Zaryan gelled perfectly with the frustrated and heavy sonic assault the band had been building up for release since the break up of Annihilation Time.

October 2012 sees the release of the debut full-length 3 years in the making; which with its maelstromic mixture of heavy rock riffage, punk snarl attitude, and Zep-like attention to detail, “On The Skids” comes across as a hesher’s record collection melted together into one crushing slab of volcanic rock and roll that leaves nothing but burning embers and ringing ears .

Harsh and heavy, LECHEROUS GAZE is now ready to play destructively nasty music for fiendish people !

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