Wino Wednesday: Wino & Conny Ochs, “Hotel Vast Horizon” Live in L.A., 2012

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Happy Wino Wednesday.

Seems a fair guess that between Wino and Conny Ochs, it’s the latter who brought the idea of covering Chris Whitley to the table. The relatively underappreciated singer-songwriter, who passed away in 2005 from lung cancer, had a discography of more than a 10 full-lengths to his credit by the time he died at the age of 45, and of course more have surfaced since. “Hotel Vast Horizon” is the title-track from the Texan’s ninth LP, released in 2003, and in performing it on their US tour, it’s Ochs who takes the initial lead vocally in the video below, backed by Wino as the song progresses.

Wino & Conny Ochs were on tour at the time supporting their debut, Heavy Kingdom (review here), after beginning with a European tour to herald the Exile on Mainstream release. Their second album, the more crisply produced Freedom Conspiracy (review here), came out earlier this year, and while most of the time when I post about the two-piece, it gets a response I’ll generously call “minimal,” as the Wino Wednesday series pushes toward its conclusion with #200, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a Wino & Conny Ochs track, because screw it, I like that stuff a lot. Can’t be Spirit Caravan all the time.

Along with “Hotel Vast Horizon,” the video includes the next cut in their set at The Satellite in Los Angeles on Aug. 8, 2012, which was “Green Speed.” Taken from Wino‘s 2010 solo acoustic debut, Adrift (review here), its careening central progression and faster pace manage to show heavy roots no matter how they’re played, plugged or not, and it makes a fitting companion for “Hotel Vast Horizon” here, demonstrating what each player brings to the Wino & Conny Ochs collaboration.

Two more Wino Wednesdays after this one, which is getting increasingly hard to believe. Hope you enjoy:

Wino & Conny Ochs, “Hotel Vast Horizon” & “Green Speed” Live in L.A., Aug. 8, 2012

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Vhöl Post Album Art and Details for Deeper than Sky

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More details have started to come out about the second album from the they’re-a-supergroup-whether-they-like-it-or-not West Coast outfit Vhöl, which boasts in its formidable lineup members of Hammers of Misfortune, Amber Asylum, Agalloch and YOB. Super as fuck, that group. Anyway, as announced last month, the new record is called Deeper than Sky and will be out Oct. 23 on Profound Lore. Newly released are the cover art by Brandon Duncan and the tracklisting. Both are righteous — I wouldn’t mind hearing what a song called “Red Chaos” put together by these players sounds like — but we’re still a little bit off from audio coming out. Probably next month you’ll see things like track premieres and album trailers starting to surface.

But, you know, take what you can get, right? Looks like you can get some art and text, so dig in:

vhol deeper than sky

VHÖL: Psychedelic Thrash Unit To Unleash Deeper Than Sky Full-Length Via Profound Lore This October; Artwork + Track Listing Revealed

This Fall, Profound Lore Records will unveil the sophomore full-length from psychedelic thrash unit, VHÖL. Titled Deeper Than Sky, the record finds the band — vocalist Mike Scheidt (Yob), guitarist John Cobbett (Hammers Of Misfortune, ex-Ludicra), bassist Sigrid Sheie (Hammers Of Misfortune, ex-Amber Asylum) and drummer Aesop Dekker (Agalloch, Worm Ouroboros, ex-Ludicra) — at their most absorbing. The seven-track follow up to 2013’s self-titled debut was captured at Light Rail Studios and mastered at Trakworx Studio, both in San Francisco, and boasts the cosmic cover creation of Brandon Duncan which unites some of Cobbett’s sketches and concepts with Duncan’s original art, the results of which accurately encapsulate the mind-altering vibe of the music contained within.

“We recorded this album at Light Rail Studios, in a huge room on a beautiful 1970 Trident console onto Jerry Garcia’s 2″ tape deck. One cannot escape the Grateful Dead in San Francisco recording studios — their gear is all over town,” elaborates the band of the recording process. “The mixing was rather primitive with no plug-ins and all effects were done by old pedals, tape echo, and large reverb plates. Another thing that was large and huge during recording was our bass player who was eight-and-a-half months pregnant at the time.”

Deeper Than Sky Track Listing:
1. The Desolate Damned
2. 3AM
3. Deeper Than Sky
4. Paino
5. Red Chaos
6. Lightless Sun
7. The Tomb

With Deeper Than Sky, VHÖL picks up from their debut crafting something totally next level, pushing their already-singular sound to the outer-realms of sonic exploration within the paradigm of old school speed metal. VHÖL’s Deeper Than Sky will be released via Profound Lore on October 23rd, 2015 with preorders and teaser tracks to be revealed in the weeks to come.

Vhöl, “The Wall”

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CHRCH’s Unanswered Hymns LP Available to Preorder

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Sacramento five-piece CHRCH — who were Church when they first digitally released their debut album, Unanswered Hymns (review here), back in April — are getting ready to oversee the vinyl issue of that same full-length via Battleground Records. The headline from the PR wire below cuts to the chase with its direct urging toward a preorder, and while I’m usually somewhat shy about engaging directly in telling someone to spend their money, if you take a listen to the stream of the record at the bottom of this post, you might agree a preorder makes some measure of sense. First-pressing appeal aside, the album stomps souls. A band like CHRCH doesn’t come along every day, is all I’m saying. In the end, you have to make up your own mind.

To help in that process, the PR wire:

chrch unanswered hymns

CHRCH: Preorder Unanswered Hymns On Vinyl Now

Sacramento, California’s fresh-faced psychedelic outfit CHRCH crushed their way onto the scene with their stunning debut cassette Unanswered Hymns to overwhelmingly positive response back in April, enchanting even metal’s toughest critics and bringing crowds to their knees all over the west coast.

The group signed to Battleground Records to release the vinyl version of the debut on September 18. We are proud to announce that for the first time, the LP is available for preorder. Better grab it quick–this one’s not going to last long.

Preorder Unanswered Hymns on vinyl right here:

The old and oft quoted adage about “the music speaking for itself” is not a callous or casual statement when applied to the Sacramento, California based doom quintet CHRCH, who have been hard at work crafting their particular brew of sound since late 2013. There is no image or campy gimmick to uphold, only the humble continuation and glorification of those fundamental musical elements that first built and then sustained the genre and it’s offshoots over the course of decades.

This purity and honesty comes across in a striking manner on the band’s debut Unanswered Hymns, a sprawling roller coaster of an album that plumbs the heights and depths of emotion, whether be it sorrow, loss, or redemption. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Studios in Rocklin, CA, the recording exudes a warm, organic tone that draws the listener in to music heavily influenced by traditional doom, psych rock, drone, and ambience. CHRCH cannily wields dynamic songwriting, musicianship, and raw power to spin a spellbinding tale of occult darkness that clashes with illuminating melodies and riffs drenched in grimy reverb. Minimalistic, indulgent, or straightforward, the music of CHRCH is simply whatever the listener wants it to be.

CHRCH tour dates:
August 29th – Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst Atrium w/ Pentagram
October 3rd – Record Release show: Sacramento, CA @ Starlite Lounge w/ Special guests
November 13th – Long Beach, CA @ The Breakers (Midnite Communion III)

Eva – Vocals
Matt – Drums
Shann – Guitar
Ben – Bass
Chris – Guitar, backing vocals

CHRCH, Unanswered Hymns (2015)

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Harsh Toke and Sunder Announce European Tour Dates

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Rules. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been quietly hoping for news of Harsh Toke putting together a follow-up to their 2013 Tee Pee Records debut Light up and Live, but if that’s not forthcoming, word that the San Diego jammers are headed back to Europe for a run alongside their newcomer labelmates Sunder is a more than decent consolation prize. Still wouldn’t mind some album news, but I’ll take what I can get.

Sunder‘s first release for Tee Pee is set to be a flexi 7″ that’s due out Sept. 11. They’ll reportedly have more to follow. They had two records out under their former moniker, The Socks, so they’re not exactly a brand new band, but it should be interesting to hear when the time comes what aesthetic shifts surface to go along with the name change. Their demo (review here) was right on.

Tour info culled from the information superhighway:

harsh toke sunder euro tour

HARSH TOKE & SUNDER // european tour // October 2015

Swamp Booking, Vivarium Music Group, Crusher Records and Tee Pee Records proudly present:

Oct. 01 – Holland, Landgraaf – Oefenbunker
Oct. 02 – Germany, Siegen – Vortex
Oct. 03 – Germany, Mannheim – mohawk club
Oct. 04 – Germany, Kassel – Goldgrube
Oct. 05 – France, Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
Oct. 06 – France, Lyon – Ayers Rock Boat
Oct. 07 – France, Strasbourg – Mudd Club
Oct. 08 – Germany, Köln – Limes
Oct. 09 – Germany, wurzburg -Immerhin
Oct. 10 – Belgium, Antwerp – Desertfest
Oct. 11 – Germany, Berlin – Bassy
Oct. 12 – Austria, Vienna – Arena
Oct. 13 – Germany, Munich – Backstage
Oct. 14- Germany, Lichtenfels – Paunchy Cats
Oct. 15 – Swiss, Horstklub – Kreuzlingen
Oct. 16 – Swiss, Olten – Le Coq D´Or


Psychedelic rockers HARSH TOKE explore sound and space through music. On the San Diego Acid Rock band’s debut album Light Up and Live, loud, heavy guitars, swimming bass lines and smashing drums warp to full throttle, working together to launch the group’s “Haze Maze” of unapologetic psychedelic-blues into interstellar overdrive. Recorded by Brian Ellis (also of the prog-rock band ASTRA) and mastered by Carl Saff (Earthless, OFF!, Unsane)

HARSH TOKE are equal parts atmospheric and anarchic, merging raging, blind fury musicianship with unprecedented white-knuckle volume abuse. Tense and surreal, HARSHTOKES’ songs slowly build from hallucinatory haze into grand overtures of noise and feedback; a cosmic buffet of pounding, pummeling and punishing planes of sound. Heavy. Cosmic. Kinetic.

HARSH TOKE lay down sizzling grooves with every needle on the soundboard pinned to the red. If Blue Cheer could be called “Louder than God” in 1968, forty five years later, HARSH TOKE can easily be pegged as “Louder than Satan.” Run for your lives – into the din.


The Gods of Rock have seen fit to bestow upon the masses a reincarnation of the psychedelic force previously known as The Socks.

Comprising the same lineup, this incarnation of reverberation that goes by the name ofSunder is destined to sell out stadiums throughout the world, splitting heads through the ears with their brand of thunderous, heavy rock.

Signed to Crusher Records in Europe and Tee Pee Records in the States, Sunder is poised to leave their mark the world over.

Harsh Toke, “Light up and Live”

Sunder, “Deadly Flower” (Demo)

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Fever Dog Touring Europe with Fatso Jetson and 3rd Ear Experience

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fever dog (Photo by Jay Skowronek)

This will mark Fever Dog‘s first trip to Europe, the band having hooked up with respected bookers Sound of Liberation and partnered with Fatso Jetson and 3rd Ear Experience for the run, which begins at Desertfest Belgium and also includes a stop at Keep it Low in Munich. What the bands have in common is they’re all from the Cali desert, from Fatso Jetson, who played a huge role in crafting what we think of as that region’s distinctive sound, on down through 3rd Ear Experience, who got their start in 2012.

For Fever Dog, there was some talk of a live release called Live in Wonder Valley that was supposed to surface, but I’ve yet to see it do so. The good news is they’re working on a follow-up to last year’s right-on Second Wind (review here), and while there’s no solid release date yet, that’s almost better since inevitably their experiences on the road will be something to build off of when the time comes to actually put their third full-length together.

Their announcement, the dates and some bio background follow:

fatso jetson 3rd ear experience fever dog tour

Here we go! Dates for our European tour this October with FATSO JETSON and 3rd Ear Experience!

Poster by Danny Graham Art

09.10.15 – Antwerp, Belgium – Desert Fest
10.10.15 – Jena, Germany – Kulturbahnhof
12.10.15 – Hannover, Germany – Faust
13.10.15 – Cologne, Germany – Underground
14.10.15- Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
16.10.15 – Luzern, Switzerland – Treibaus
17.10.15 – Munich, Germany – Keep it Low Fest
18.10.15 – Treviso, Italy – Altroquando
19.10.15 – Roma, Italy – Sinister Noise
20.10.15 – Savignano, Italy – Sidro
21.10.15 – Innsbruck, Austria – PMK
22.10.15 – Nurnburg, Germany – Roter Salon
23.10.15 – Frankfurt, Germany – Das Bett

Fever Dog is a Psychedelic Rock band from the California Desert formed in 2006 by Danny Graham, Joshua Adams and Nathan Wood.

In 2012 they released their first album ‘Volume One’, followed by the release of their second full length album “second Wind” in 2014 featuring the songs “Iroquois” “Lady Snowblood/Child of the Netherworlds” and “Hats Off to Andrew Bowen”. Fever Dog is currently writing their third record and planning a European tour in the fall of 2015.

Fever Dog, Second Wind (2014)

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Golden Void to Play Berkana Release Show Sept. 19; Album Available to Preorder

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golden void

Bay Area psychedelic rockers Golden Void will release their second album, Berkana, Sept. 18 on Thrill Jockey. Led by guitarist/vocalist Isaiah Mitchell (also Earthless), the band will follow-up their excellent 2012 self-titled debut (review here), and in addition to the preorders being available now in assorted vinyl editions of assorted soon-t0-be-gone numbers, the band has posted that they’ll do a release show Sept. 19 in San Francisco at The Chapel. So if you’re anywhere in the world and feel a sudden warmth on Sept. 18 and you can’t explain it, that’s probably what it is. Or you’ve peed your pants. Hopefully it’s the former.

Very much looking forward to hearing what Golden Void — Mitchell, keyboardist Camilla Mitchell, bassist Aaron Morgan and drummer Justin Pinkerton — have come up with for their second time out. Mitchell‘s announcement for the release show is below, followed by the album tracklisting and info and the preorder links:

golden void berkana

Friends…..I am very proud to announce that my music group, Golden Void, is having a baby. We are naming it Berkana and we are having a huge celebration in honor of Berkana’s coming into this world. It’s taking place on Saturday, September 19th at The Chapel in the Mission District, San Francisco. We would love for you to come and celebrate life with us. Golden Void will be performing and joining us will be Bay Area legends The Mermen and Bryan Bryan Kehoe’s Kehoe International. This is going to be a major party, my friends. Please join us. I’ll keep the reminders a’comin’.

PRE-ORDER for CD/LP is now available for our upcoming album Berkana!! For you vinyl folks, we have limited edition translucent orange vinyl. Get it while they last!!

Golden Void, Berkana:
01. Burbank’s Dream
02. Silent Season
03. Dervishing
04. Astral Plane
05. I’ve Been Down
06. The Beacon
07. Storm and Feather

Golden Void is led by Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless with Camilla Saufley-Mitchell (Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound), Justin Pinkerton, and Aaron Morgan. Berkana is Golden Void’s second album and was recorded at Tim Green’s Louder Studios (Melvins, Lungfish, The Fucking Champs, Sleepy Sun, Wolves in the Throne Room).

LP version includes artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon. Translucent orange vinyl edition of 500 copies is available exclusively through Thrill Jockey mailorder and Golden Void’s Bandcamp. This color will not be available in stores! CD version in 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold package.

Golden Void, Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

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Castle Announce East Coast Tour

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Life is full of surprises. Castle touring is not one of them. The Cali-based outfit have been on the road with admirable regularity since the release of 2014’s Under Siege on Prosthetic, and they’ll continue this very weekend, as it happens, heading up the West Coast and into Canada for a round of gigs that finishes Aug. 25. They’ll be heading to the East Coast come November, but they have plenty of shows booked in the Midwest as well, so on the off-chance you live someplace other than Brooklyn, don’t worry, they’ve got you covered.

Dates and whatnots follow off the PR wire:

castle doomed from the womb


Continuing to support 2014’s “Under Siege” doom infused heavy metal trio CASTLE are excited to announce the “Doomed From the Womb” tour. The headlining tour will kick off in early November and see the band make their way back to the East Coast for the first time in over 12 months. CASTLE will also appear on a short jaunt up the West Coast starting this weekend before returning to begin writing material for a new album. A full listing of dates can be found below or at

CASTLE have spent the past year on the road aggresively touring in support of “Under Siege”; whether it be a headlining run mapped around iconic cult-related sites, stopping by festivals including Austin,TX’s infamous South By Southwest (SXSW) to rock Boss Tweed Backline’s “Black Smoke Conjuring” showcase and Utah’s Crucial Fest (Royal Thunder, Goatsnake) or venturing across the pond to satisfy crowds across Europe (Acherontic Fest, Heavy Days in Doomtown). Live footage from the band’s mesmerizing set at SXSW was released earlier today and can be seen streaming below.

Described as “hauntingly beautiful” with “crushing riffs” (Examiner), “Under Siege” marks the third overall album for CASTLE since their formation in 2009. Having once again tapped producer Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Neurosis) — who previously worked on their Juno-nominated Prosthetic debut ”Blacklands” –CASTLE have managed to keep hold of their darkened, classic sound while expanding to haunting and eerie new horizons. Grab a copy of “Under Siege” on CD or LP from today.

8/15 Los Angeles, CA – Loaded
8/16 Los Osos, CA – Sweet Springs Saloon
8/17 San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill
8/18 Eugene, OR – Wandering Goat
8/19 Seattle, WA – Funhouse
8/20 Vancouver, BC – Funky Winker Beans
8/21 Victoria, BC – Logan’s Pub
8/22 Bellingham, WA – Shakedown
8/24 Portland, OR – Ash St. Saloon
8/25 Bend, OR – Third Street Pub
11/5 Denver, CO @ Three Kings
11/6 Madison, WI @ The Wisco
11/7 Chicago, IL @ Reggies
11/8 Minneapolis, MN @ TBA
11/9 Milwaukee, WI @ Franks Power Plant
11/10 Detroit, MI @ Corktown
11/11 Rochester, NY @ Bugjar
11/12 Boston, MA @ O’Briens
11/13 Portland, ME @ Geno’s
11/14 Montpelier, VT @ Charlie O’s
11/15 Providence, RI @ Dusk
11/16 Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron
11/17 Philadelphia, PA @ Millcreek Tavern
11/18 Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
11/19 Washington, DC @ The Pinch
11/20 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
11/21 Raleigh, NC @ The Maywood
11/22 Knoxville, TN @ Open Chord
11/23 Louisville, KY @ Highlands Taproom
11/24 Nashville, TN @ TBD
11/25 Little Rock, AR @ Vino’s
11/26 Oklahoma City, OK @ Blue Note

Castle, Live at SXSW 2015

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Om Announce European Tour Dates

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It’s now been over three years since Om released their last album, 2012’s Advaitic Songs (review here), on Drag City. It was, at least as far as I was concerned, the best record that came out that year. Still, Om are about due, with two-to-three years space between the two LPs prior while their first three hit in a row, 2005, 2006, 2007. No doubt their material has gotten more complex since then, and I’m perfectly willing to continue waiting — not much of an alternative, I suppose — but there hasn’t been much word of anything happening for a follow-up to Advaitic Songs, and it seems like it’s getting to be time where one might expect some.

Yeah, I know. It’ll happen when it happens. One wouldn’t get impatient listening to Om, so one probably shouldn’t get impatient waiting for a new Om record to surface, but I definitely wouldn’t have complained if the tour dates below, which are cut and pasted directly as I saw them presented on Thee Facebooks with the poster by David V. D’Andrea, had come with any kind of notice, “New stuff in the works,” or something like that. Even a sentence. Hell, a fragment. Grammar is whatever. New Om would be where it’s at.

As it is, it just so happens that I revisited Advaitic Songs this weekend, and I don’t know when the last time you put it on was but it’s still brilliant. At least if Om are going to make their audience wait, they do so after putting out a record that more than stands up to the stretch of time.

Dates and poster follow:

om euro tour

14-11-2015: CZ Prague- Chapeau Rouge
15-11: DE Leipzig- UT Connewitz
16-11: DE Berlin -Bi Nuu
18-11: NL Groningen -Vera
19-11: NL Utrecht -Le Guess Who
20-11: DE Karlsruhe -Jubez
21-11: CH Vevey -Rocking Chair
22-11: FR Paris -Divan Du Monde
24-11: DE Dortmund – FZW
25-11: BE Antwerp -Trix
26-11: UK London -Electric Ballroom*
27-11: UK Prestatyn -ATP Festival
28-11: IRE Dublin -Button Factory
29-11: UK Brighton -Venue Tbc
*London show co-headline w Lightning Bolt.

Design: D.V. D’Andrea. Photo: Tim Bugbee.

Om, “State of Non-Return”

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