Ozone Mama Sign to Ripple Music; New Single Available to Stream & Download

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Hungarian heavy rockers Ozone Mama will release their new album, Cosmos Calling in January via Ripple Music. As a precursor, the band is giving an early download away for an edit of the track “High Rise,” kind of as an introductory single, complete with its own cover art and a showcase of the classic vibes and the modern presentation thereof that would seem to make up the core of their approach. The hook is on point and the vibe likewise, so if nothing else they picked the right song to pique interest in the record, which, you know, is the whole idea behind singles in the first place. Or at least it was at one point, when rock and roll was a thing. Which it is now. Again. For the first time.

You know what? Let’s start over: Hey folks, here’s a band Ripple just signed. If you wanna give ’em a shot, they’ve got a new song up for free download now. Here’s some info from the PR wire to go with, so feel free to dig in.

There. Glad we made that work.



Hungarian Rockers Ozone Mama Sign to Ripple Music, Announce New Album and Free Download Single

Ripple Music is proud to welcome Hungarian rockers, Ozone Mama, to it’s growing family of best heavy psych, stoner and doom bands on the planet.

Cranking out a bristling brand of high-octane rock n’ roll, Ozone Mama hails from Budapest with a vintage sound reminiscent of the 60’s or 70’s yet swaddled in a modern vibe. With their debut album (‘The Starship Has Landed’) they won a Phonogram Prize in 2012 . Their second release, ‘Freedom EP’, released in 2013 received major play across European, American and Canadian radio stations and their song ‘I Really Care’ was featured in Classic Rock Magazine. While their 2016 release “Sonic Glory” was awarded the Fonogram Prize in the category of “Hard Rock or Metal Album of the Year”

Comprised of Márton Székely (vocals), András Gábor (guitar, vocals), Gergely Dobos (bass guitar) and Gulyás Máté (drums), Ozone Mama has shared the stage with International headliners such as Monster Magnet (USA), Airbourne (AU), The Darkness (UK) or Kamchatka (SWE).

Now joining forces with industry leading heavy rock label, Ripple Music, the new album “Cosmos Calling” is due to hit the streets in January of 2018. As a prelude, Ripple is thrilled to release the special radio-edit version of the lead-off single, “High Ride” which is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from the Ripple Music Bandcamp page and CD single/downloads at Ozone Mama Bandcamp.


Ozona Mama, “High Ride”

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On the Radar: Urania

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Lurking deep within the awfulness that is the new MySpace layout (which I’m convinced they’ve introduced only so they can revert to the original and call it “MySpace Classic”), there’s an instrumental Hungarian rock unit called Urania riffing out odes to deserts so far away they might as well be on the other side of the planet — because they are — and running a gamut of stonerisms from the expansive psychedelia of “Space Coffee” to the nod-worthy low end/reverb interplay of “Bar in Desert.”

I’m always a fan of stoner rock from unexpected places, whether it’s the burgeoning Australian doom movement of bands like Adrift for Days and The House of Capricorn or the Polish rock boom as heard in Elvis Deluxe and Fifty Foot Woman, so to hear Urania come out of Budapest with the quality fuzz of “Stonerose” is a thrill. Their hearts and distortion pedals are in the right place, as you can hear, and with guitarist Aiwass leading the charge on most of the material, a down-to-earth track like “Corrosia” gets no less largess than does the massively-riffed “Carpathian Woodoo.”

Urania, who take their name from the Greek muse of astronomy, aren’t really doing anything that hasn’t been done before, but this is how a scene begins. There were a couple parts on the 10 MySpace tracks that I thought could have used vocals, and the bongos that pop up later into “Carpathian Woodoo” were mixed too high, but it’s not at all realistic to expect perfection from Urania when they’re just getting started. Instead, I’d advise you put on the warm fuzz of the drum-machined “Desert Melancholy” (conveniently located in the clip below) and enjoy.

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