Desertfest Berlin 2015: Kamchatka Added to Lineup

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desertfest berlin 2015

I wondered last week when perusing Kamchatka‘s UK and European tour dates if the Swedish trio might not also end up on one or the other of the Desertfests, and it seems they’re headed to Berlin. Apparently since the last time I looked, Baby Woodrose also got added, which is awesome. The Desertfest Berlin 2015 lineup might be the strongest one yet, and it’s been interesting to watch — from an unfortunate distance — as the London and Berlin incarnations of the festival each grow their own personality. Both have a broadening reach, and yet they’re clearly becoming different entities, which when one takes into account the expansion of the brand to Belgium and potentially beyond that — because why not? — it should make the next couple years even more intriguing to see where it all goes.

These are the things one has to think about when one can’t just say things like, “Golly, I can’t wait to see Kamchatka at Desertfest!” One of these years, I’ll get to Berlin or back to London. For now, here’s the announcement of Kamchatka joining the lineup:

kamchatka desertfest berlin 2015

Here comes a new band: the Swedish trio KAMCHATKA is now confirmed for DESERTFEST BERLIN 2015!

Formed in Varberg in 2001, KAMCHATKA provide an explosive mixture of Stoner-, Hard-, 70’s-, Retro-, Psychedelic- and Bluesrock. Their first self-titled album came out on January 2005 via New York based indie label Grooveyard Records, followed in 2007 by “Volume II”.

During their first years, they played gigs here and there in Sweden, opening for Clutch a couple of times, who finally invited KAMCHATKA to join them on their 2008 US-Tour! It gave the guys their first opportunity to proove themselves to the American audience. After 21 successful performances, KAMCHATKA returned back home to complete “Volume III”, released in March 2009 via Swedish label Superpuma Records. In November 2009, the trio was once again invited by Clutch to open for them, this time on a month long tour of 23 gigs throughout western Europe.

With their amazing fifth album “The Search Goes On” (released on Despotz Records in February 2014) in the pocket, KAMCHATKA will make your booty move at DESERTFEST BERLIN in April! We are thrilled to have them on board!

Tickets on! (85€ + taxes)

DESERTFEST BERLIN #4 – APRIL 23th, 24th, 25th 2015

Red Fang + Orange Goblin + Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band + Acid King + Ufomammut + My Sleeping Karma + Conan + Black Pyramid + Karma To Burn + Brutus + Dopethrone + The Atomic Bitchwax + Lo-Pan + Baby Woodrose + The Picturebooks + Toner Low + Kamchatka + Dirty Fences + Heat + Mountain Witch + Mother Engine + Moaning Cities + The Sun And The Wolf + Cigale + Riff Fist + Travelin Jack + Tau + more

Kamchatka, “Ain’t Fallin'”

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Samavayo and The Grand Astoria European Tour Starts this Weekend; Split 10″ Due Next Month

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Last I heard, the plan was for German heavy rockers Samavayo to release a new album this year, which would be their first as a three-piece. Nothing’s come my way to contradict that, but it looks like they’ll be tightening up new material on the road prior to hitting the studio. Titles like “Intergalactic Hunt,” “Kodokushi,” “Someone Else” and “Iktsuarpok” have been tossed about as being inclusions in the setlist, and as you can see from the list of dates below — there goes March — those songs and anything else Samavayo might decide to throw in the set are bound to get a workout on the road with The Grand Astoria. The two groups will also have a split 10″ out next month on Setalight Records.

Dates and the preorder link for that split follow here, taken from Samavayo‘s latest updates. They came from the internet! Imagine that:

samavayo the grand astoria tour

Oh yeah, booking is almost finished. And here we go, We proudly present our tour in March 2015 across Europe playing a lot of the shows with our friends from The Grand Astoria and Six Months of Sun and many many more. Looking forward to an awesome tour!

28.02. DE Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz
04.03. DE Potsdam, KuZe
05.03. DE Hamburg, Bar 227
06.03. DE Hamburg, Marias Ballroom
07.03. DE Cottbus, Muggefug
08.03. DE Erfurt, Tiko
11.03. DE Nürnberg, Artischocken
12.03. DE Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
13.03. FR Paris, Le Buzz
14.03. FR Nantes, La Scène Michelet
17.03. FR Strasbourg, Check point
18.03. CH Neuchatel, La Prise
19.03. CH Genf, Kalvingrad
20.03. CH Luzern, Bruch Brothers
21.03. CH Winterthur, Gaswerk
22.03. CH Olten, coq d’or
23.03. DE München, Cafe Cult
24.03. AT Salzburg, Rockhouse
25.03. AT Haag, Boellerbauer
26.03. AT Wien, Arena
27.03. DE Weiden, Salute Club
28.03. DE Jena, Kulturbahnhof

It just arrived! The new Split Ep from The Grand Astoria and Samavayo. It´s an honour to share the EP with our Russian friends! It´s gonna be on our tourbus in March and of course we´ll bring it to our gig on Saturday in Berlin as well.

In case you wanna pre-order…it´s limited:…/samavayo-the-grand-astoria-split

Samavayo, From East to West and Back Again (2014)

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Desertfest Berlin 2015: The Sun and the Wolf Added to Lineup

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the sun and the wolf (photo by Katarzyna Borelowska)

Desertfest Berlin 2015 isn’t letting the week end without adding another band to the mix, and this time around it’s The Sun and the Wolf, who’ve recently released their second album, Salutations, on World in Sound. Based in Berlin now but originating in Auckland, New Zealand, The Sun and the Wolf join a blazing Desertfest lineup that already features Orange GoblinRed FangAcid King and Brant Bjork, among many others, and the fest is set to take place April 23-25 at the Astra Kulturhaus, which I hear kicks all kinds of ass. Wouldn’t mind finding out for myself one of these years.

Info follows, complete with The Sun and the Wolf‘s bio from World in Sound, in case you’d like to familiarize before you get lost in the stream of Salutations:

the sun and the wolf desertfest berlin 2015

It’s time for a new announcement! We are pleased to tell you that the Berlin-based outfit The Sun And The Wolf are now confirmed for DesertFest Berlin 2015!

They freshly released via World in Sound their second album “Salutations”, gladly made to fans of psychedelic music and adventures in sound! Stream it here, it’s a killer, and get your ticket to attend the festival on! (85€ + taxes)

World In Sound presents its first release with Kiwi roots with the young and ambitious quartet “Sun and the Wolf”. Salutations is their return, the second full length album which opens the gates to a psychedelic soaked wonderland. The nine analog recorded cuts are dynamically arranged continuing on from the explosive and overdriven rhythm and blues that their debut LP “White Buffalo” boasted, while exploring darker realms of fuzz driven psychedelia with catchy riffage and splashes of The Beatles´ lysergic era. Tales of heartbreak, debauchery and deceit echoing from a far away room, the guitar driven sound shows a band soulful and haunted in their delivery, live and on record.

The group relocated from Auckland to Berlin in late 2008 leaving behind a band formerly known as “The Have”. Formed in their teens, the band carved its name upon the New Zealand rock’n’roll scene. There they experienced commercial radio and television success, were invited to SXSW in Texas twice and had their debut album produced by Barrett Jones who worked with Nirvana and The Melvins. They have shared stages with likes as Sleepy Sun, Kasabian, Wolfmother, Dead Meadow, A Place To Bury Strangers and standout festival performances at the notorious Fusion Festival. Salutations creates an exciting and unexpectedly colourful spectrum throughout its duration!

DESERTFEST BERLIN #4 – APRIL 23th, 24th, 25th 2015

Red Fang + Orange Goblin + Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band + Acid King + Ufomammut + My Sleeping Karma + Conan + Black Pyramid + Karma To Burn + Brutus + Dopethrone + The Atomic Bitchwax + Lo-Pan + The Picturebooks + Toner Low + Dirty Fences + Heat + Mountain Witch + Mother Engine + The Sun And The Wolf + Riff Fist + Travelin Jack + many more acts

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Treedeon Premiere “Terracide” from Lowest Level Reincarnation

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“Terracide” feels somewhat tucked away in the tracklist of German noise rockers Treedeon‘s debut album, Lowest Level Reincarnations. The closer, it arrives after the lumbering 12 minutes of the title-track, a monstrous and thick, dual-vocalized barrage, and it feels decidedly more barebones, more in line with earlier cuts like “Wendigo” or “Satan’s Need.” Both of those are also shorter bursts of aggression that speaks to the noise pedigree of guitarist/vocalist Arne Heesch in Ulme and bassist/vocalist Yvonne Ducksworth in Jingo de Lunch.

Treedeon got together — initially as an acoustic project; something they got over as you’ll hear — when Heesch and Ducksworth‘s bands went belly-up, and on their Exile on Mainstream debut, they’re joined by drummer Christian “Boomer” Böhm, who underscores the lumber and the plunder with suitable thud, as a live-sounding track like “Blankapitation” demonstrates,Treedeon_Vinyl_test Ducksworth taking the lead vocal early on after Heesch helmed the eight-minute opener “Love Turns Liquid.” They trade back and forth between and within songs effectively, with particularly nasty results on “Venus with Teeth,” but on “Terracide,” it’s Ducksworth at the fore, backed by Heesch‘s screams and the densely-toned, insistent rhythm, still somehow punkishly mean.

Lowest Level Reincarnations releases on April 7 in North America (earlier in Europe, it looks like), and in wanting some background about the band, it seemed only fair to turn to Exile on Mainstream head honcho Andreas Kohl, whose deeply admirable tastes have led to celebrated signings for BeehooverWinoDarsombra and Black Shape of Nexus, among many others. Kohl offers some perspective on what stood out to him about Treedeon in the quote which you can find after “Terracide” itself, which is streamable on the player below.

Please enjoy:

Andreas Kohl on Treedeon:

In what has become an over 15 years history of Exile On Mainstream I have seen a lot happening when it comes to bands becoming a part of the family and history of this label this – from the somehow traditional way of listening to a demo, seeing the band playing live, being a longtime fan to establishing a friendship first and later getting hooked on what their musical approach and output is.

The signing of Treedeon now marks walking this path full circle and simultaneously adds a new, almost holistic way of incorporating a band in the Exile On Mainstream roster as I had the fortune of watching a band finding themselves, trying out different ways and approaches to finding their sound and observing their progressions. It was stunning to see how the three-piece became what they are now: one of Europe’s most staggering outfits to lay pure emotional heaviness in sound and attitude over your maltreated souls. Get stunned as I am. NOW.

Treedeon on Thee Facebooks

Treedeon website

Exile on Mainstream

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Desertfest Berlin 2015: Toner Low Added to Lineup

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I’ve seen Toner Low, and they’re one of those bands that, whatever you’re thinking of as heavy, they’re probably heavier than it. A complete tonal overload of lurching riffs, stoned vibes and mega-weedian plod. Their third album, 2013’s III (review here), remains a superlative when it comes to the dankest of grooves, and their 2005 self-titled debut would be legendary by now — a decade later — if anyone who experienced it had brain cells enough afterwards to realize what they’d just witnessed. Sounds like hyperbole? It is. Some bands just bring it out of you like that.

Don’t believe me? Fine, don’t bury yourself under the four tracks of III by listening to it on the Bandcamp player below and thus have to immediately find the most efficient means of purchasing everything they’ve ever done. Your loss. For those lucky enough to be in attendance (would that I could count myself among their number), Toner Low will be dropping jaws at Desertfest Berlin 2015, which runs from April 23-25 at the Astra Kulturhaus, joining the ranks of fellow tone-extremists Conan and Ufomammut, for whom they make good company.

The festival announced their inclusion like this:

toner low desertfest berlin 2015

We are thrilled to tell you today that Lowlands’ psychedelic doomers Toner Low are now confirmed for DesertFest Berlin 2015!

In April, they will spread their overwhelming, crunchy and heavy sound to the Astra Kulturhaus and crush the Desertfest crowd!
It’s gonna be massive!

Be there! Buy your ticket right now on! (85€ + taxes)

DESERTFEST BERLIN #4 – APRIL 23th, 24th, 25th 2015

Red Fang + Orange Goblin + Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band + Acid King + Ufomammut + My Sleeping Karma + Conan + Black Pyramid + Karma To Burn + Brutus + Dopethrone + The Atomic Bitchwax + Lo-Pan + The Picturebooks + Toner Low + Dirty Fences + Heat + Mountain Witch + Mother Engine + Riff Fist + Travelin Jack + many more acts:)

Toner Low, III (2013)

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Colour Haze Premiere “Überall” from To the Highest Gods We Know

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“Überall” is the centerpiece of Colour Haze‘s To the Highest Gods We Know, placed third among the five tracks on the hugely influential German trio’s 10th full-length. The album is due for CD release on Monday, Dec. 15, through guitarist/vocalist Stefan Koglek‘s Elektrohasch Schallplatten imprint, and vinyl is slated to follow on Feb. 23, 2015, just a couple days before the Koglek, bassist Philipp Rasthofer and drummer Mandred Merwald begin a European tour with Radio Moscow and Cherry Choke.

Two weeks ago, none of this was known. With a persistent aversion to social media, it’s not like Colour Haze were Instagramming every step of the analog recording process from their own Colour Haze Studio in München. There wasn’t an album and then there was. No complaints.

To the Highest Gods We Know follows She Said (review here), a two-disc wonder that was the high point of 2012. Where that album was plagued with technical difficulties and took four years to put together, the new one seems to have resulted from a somewhat less dramatic circumstance, and as colour haze to the highest gods we knowthey’re settled into a space that’s their own and taking yet another autonomous step beyond self-recording and self-releasing, one can hear pieces of experimental flourish beginning to shine through. A band 10 records deep that’s still progressing is a rarity, but Colour Haze readily push their boundaries, whether it’s the flute accompaniment on opener “Circles” or the proggy jumps that Koglek‘s guitar and a string quartet make on the closing title-track.

In the case of “Überall,” KoglekRasthofer and Merwald are joined by Christian Hawellek, who contributes Doepfer modular synth to the apex of the song’s satisfying instrumental linear build. The contribution is subtle — it’s not like all of a sudden Colour Haze are looking to be abrasive; even when there’s feedback, it seems gentle — but it’s in there amidst the warm guitar and bass tones and Merwald‘s swinging groove. “Überall” builds from the ground up to get there, starting quiet and exploratory, barely there at first as Koglek eases the track to life on guitar. A classic shuffle takes hold as they smoothly jam their way forward, as engrossing as one could ask and as accomplished as their well-earned reputation demands.

With thanks to the band, I have the extreme pleasure today of streaming “Überall” as the first audio to be made public from To the Highest Gods We Know. Please find it on the player below, followed by the upcoming tour dates, and enjoy.


Up in Smoke Roadfestival Volume 5

With Colour Haze, Radio Moscow and Cherry Choke
27.02.2015 (GER) Stuttgart – Universum (w/ The Sun & The Wolf)
28.02.2015 (GER) Cologne – Live Music Hall (w/ The Sun & The Wolf)
01.03.2015 (UK) London – The Garage
02.03.2015 (FR) Paris – Le Divan du Monde
03.03.2015 (BEL) Brussels – Magasin 4
04.03.2015 (GER) Hamburg – Markthalle
05.03.2015 (GER) Berlin – SO36
06.03.2015 (A) Vienna – Arena
07.03.2015 (A) Salzburg – Rockhouse
08.03.2015 (GER) Leipzig – Taubchenthal (w/ Kalamahara)
09.03.2015 (GER) Munich – Feierwerk (w/ Mars Red Sky)
10.03.2015 (IT) Milano – Lofi
11.03.2015 (GER) Frankfurt – Das Bett (w/ The Midnight Ghost Train)
12.03.2015 tba
13.03.2015 (GER) Würzburg – Posthalle
14.03.2015 (GER) Hannover – Faust
* Cherry Choke from March 1 to 7 only

Colour Haze’s website

Elektrohasch Schallplatten

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Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band Added to Desertfest Berlin 2015

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desertfest berlin 2015 banner

Damn near impossible to argue with the Desertfest Berlin 2015 lineup at this point. We’ve hit the stage in band-adds where you just have to toss up your hands and be like, “Well, okay, whoever they bring in at this point, it’s gonna be good.” With Red Fang and Orange Goblin among the headliners, plus Acid King — who’ll have a new album out by then — and My Sleeping Karma and Black Pyramid and Lo-Pan and The Atomic Bitchwax and so many others, it’s basically a heavy rocker’s dreamteam of European and American acts coming together. What’s not to like, except maybe the cost of airfare and a hotel in Berlin?

The latest to join the bunch? None other than the godfather of desert groove himself, Brant Bjork. He’ll be taking his Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band on the road again in support of 2014’s Black Power Flower (review here), which is out now on Napalm.

Announcement follows, courtesy of Desertfest Berlin 2015:

brant bjork desertfest berlin 2015

We are thrilled to tell you that MR. Brant Bjork and his LOW DESERT PUNKS are confirmed to headline friday night at DesertFest Berlin 2015! The band had put on such mindblowing shows during their last tour, that there was no question: we really wanted them and we are sure that you do too!

So come on you “freaks of nature” join BRANT BJORK AND THE LOW DESERT PUNK BAND in Berlin and “Let the truth be known…”

Grab your HARD-TICKET + T-SHIRT while you still can on! Only 100 left, and this offer lasts until December 18th only. You can also get a PRINT-AT-HOME TICKET on the same page if you prefere.

DESERTFEST BERLIN #4 – APRIL 23th, 24th, 25th 2015

Red Fang + Orange Goblin + Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band + Acid King + My Sleeping Karma + Black Pyramid + Karma To Burn + Brutus + Dopethrone + The Atomic Bitchwax + Lo-Pan + The Picturebooks + Dirty Fences + Mountain Witch + Mother Engine + many many more acts:)

Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band, Black Power Flower preview

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Samavayo Post New Video for “Oblivion”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on November 28th, 2014 by H.P. Taskmaster

samavayo (Photo by Davi Selton)

Berlin’s Samavayo walk the line between hard and heavy rock, but always seem to find room for the fuzz. This year, they released a split with One Possible Option that featured their first recorded work as a three-piece, having bid farewell to guitarist/backing vocalist Marco Wirth last year after 13 years with the band. Like the original version of that song, which came out on 2010’s One Million Things long-player, “Rollin’ 2014″ has a bruiser riff and heavy hook with just an undertone of metal, but in comparing it to some of the style in which their last full-length, 2012’s Soul Invictus, was executed, there could be the potential for a shift in focus on their next album, which is being put together now for a 2015 release.

Does that mean more fuzz to come? I don’t know, but Samavayo — guitarist/vocalist Behrang Alavi, drummer/backing vocalist Stephan Voland and bassist/backing vocalist Andreas Voland — aren’t quite done with Soul Invictus yet. They’ve got a brand new animated video for the song “Oblivion,” taken from the record and set to animation by Bastian Wienecke that brings to life the dystopian critique of the lyrics. And after touring in Brazil this summer, they’re making ready to head out again on tour as well in March, this time with anything-goes Russian heavy rockers The Grand Astoria. Seems likely they’ll be trying out new material before they go in and record their next outing.

Dates for that run are still being shored up, and you can check out what’s confirmed and the video for “Oblivion” below. If you notice some similarities between the style that Wienecke uses and that of the series of clips that came out around Queens of the Stone Age‘s …Like Clockwork last year, I doubt it’s a coincidence. Please enjoy.

Samavayo, “Oblivion” official video

Samavayo on Tour, March 2015:
04.03. Wed GER Potsdam, tbc
05.03. Thu GER Hamburg, Bar 227
06.03. Fr GER Harburg, Marias Ballroom
07.03. Sa GER Cottbus, Muggefug
08.03. Su GER Erfurt, Tiko
10.03. Tue GER Halle, Rockpool
11.03. Wed GER Nürnberg, Artischocken
12.03. Thu GER Karlsruhe, Alte hackerei
13.03. Fr GER/FR tba
14.03. Sa FR Paris, tbc
15.03. Su FR tba
17.03. Tue CH/FR tba
18.03. Wed CH/FR tba
19.03. Thu CH Genf , l’Usine
20.03. Fr CH Luzern, Bruch Brothers
21.03. Sa CH Olten, Coq d’or
24.03. Tue AT tba
25.03. Wed AT Graz, tbc
26.03. Thu AT Wien, Arena
27.03. Fr GER Weiden, Salute Club
28.03. Sa GER Jena Kulturfabrik
31.03. Tue GER Schwerin, Dr. K
01.04. Mi DK Roskilde, Gimle
02.04. Do DK tba
03.04. Fr NOR Stavanger, Chevy’s
04.04. Sa NOR tba

From 04.03. until 28.00. With The Grand Astoria (RUS)
From 18.03. until 25.03. With The Grand Astoria (RUS) and Six Months Of Sun (CH)
From 31.03. until 04.04. With Sonic Man (GER)

If interested please contact!

Samavayo on Thee Facebooks

Samavayo at Setalight Records

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