Ancient Warlocks Added to Stumpfest 2014

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An update from Portland, Oregon’s Stumpfest 2014: The lineup still kicks ass. In fact, it kicks even more ass than it already did because Seattle’s Ancient Warlocks have been added to the bill. The fest is set for April 24-26 at Mississippi Studios in Portland, and there’s still one band left to announce. Could be anybody. Are you curious? I am.

Ancient Warlocks released their self-titled album on Lay Bare Recordings last November, and they’ll also be playing Feb. 22 in their native Seattle with Pentagram, Radio Moscow and Kings Destroy, which is where barring disaster between now and then I’ll be fortunate enough to see them and pick up a copy of the record. Not to get off topic from Stumpfest, but I’m excited.

Here’s the announcement:


We are ecstatic to announce that Seattle’s heavy, fuzzy-riff astronauts and Pacific Northwest rock-and-roll staple ANCIENT WARLOCKS have been confirmed to play STUMPFEST 2014! Ancient Warlocks’ unique mix of undeniable Fu Manchu influences and grungy, hook-filled Seattle roots creates a sound which you might call “flannel in the desert.” Their impeccable self-titled debut album on Lay Bare Recordings sold out before it even hit the streets in November, and the band recently revealed a deal inked with STB Records for their follow-up. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this brilliant rock band and can’t wait to head bang along with them in April.

Aside from one BIG SURPRISE to announce in March, this concludes the booking for 2014. Keep an eye out this Friday, February 14th, for individual day lineups and pricing info.


(feat. Phil Manley from TRANS AM & Jon Theodore from QOTSA and ex-THE MARS VOLTA)


Ancient Warlocks, Ancient Warlocks (2013)

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Ancient Warlocks Announce West Coast Tour Dates; Self-Titled Debut out Next Month

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In just a few short hours, Seattle rockers Ancient Warlocks will kick off a West Coast tour at the Highline in Seattle in support of their forthcoming self-titled debut, set to see LP/CD release through Lay Bare Recordings. The fuzzy outfit will be joined in a week’s time by Mars Red Sky, so if there wasn’t already enough impetus to see them to get you off your ass should you happen to be in that part of the world, there’s a little more. A lot more, actually. That’s a damn good show.

Ancient Warlocks sent over word of the dates and the album via the PR wire, and as you peruse that and sneak a peak at the LP, make sure you check out the video at the bottom as well, because it’s frickin’ fuzztastic.


Ancient Warlocks Ready First Album for Release

After three years amongst the albumless, Seattle rockers Ancient Warlocks are finally dropping their first LP. And as one would expect, they’ll be spending the first half of October running up and down the West coast supporting it. Take a peek at the dates and then rock accordingly!

The album is a self titled affair and features previously unreleased recordings of eight of the songs they’ve been playing at shows over the past few years. Fledgling label Lay Bare Recordings went the extra mile by including the full album on CD in the package along with the record. Speaking of packaging the jacket is coarse matte paper and sports a front cover by Portland artist Eric Pruyn and a gatefold courtesy of the legendary Adam Burke.

Limited to a total pressing of 300, there will be 200 in black vinyl and 100 in black and white marble. They’ll be selling it on the table while on the road and of course those of us not on the West coast can preorder from Burning World Records with an official ship date of 11/11. The first 50 black and first 50 marble preorders will include the Ancient Warlocks/Mos Generator split single released earlier this year.

Ancient Warlocks on tour:
10/2 The Highline – Seattle, WA
10/4 Black Forest – Eugene, OR
10/5 The Alibi – Arcata, CA
10/6 The Hemlock – San Francisco, CA
10/7 DIY SLO – San Luis Obispo, CA
10/8 The Shakedown – San Diego, CA
10/9 The Saloon – Encinitas, CA
10/10 Five Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA
10/11 Arlene Francis Center – Santa Rosa, CA
10/12 Ash St Venue – Portland, OR
10/13 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
10/18 McCoy’s Cavern – Olympia, WA

Ancient Warlocks, Live at Chop Suey, Seattle, WA, March 1, 2013

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Visual Evidence: Ancient Warlocks Headlining VALIS Release Show in Seattle with Mos Generator

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This poster was sent my way and it was too badass not to post. Not to mention the show is awesome. If you’re in Seattle, I don’t know what else might be going on Saturday, Nov. 24, but I do know that if anything’s going to knock you out of post-Thanksgiving MSG blues, it’s a gig with Mos Generator, VALIS and Seattle’s own Ancient Warlocks. Start making the excuses to your family now.

It’s the release show for VALIS‘ new album, Minds through Space and Time, and Mos Generator will have their new one, Nomads, on hand as well. Ancient Warlocks play third and so appear at the top of this killer poster, put together by Adam Burke of the band Fellwoods:

Show is at Sunset Tavern. More info on the gig at the Ancient Warlocks Thee Facebooks or the event page.

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Ancient Warlocks, Superwizard: Schooled in the Riffly Arts

Posted in Reviews on November 22nd, 2011 by H.P. Taskmaster

Put to press less than a year after the band played its first show in 2010, the Superwizard 7” is the first official outing for Seattle fuzzsome foursome Ancient Warlocks. The band offer no excuses for their stonerly ways on the self-released Superwizard, instead riffing with Fu Manchu-esque abandon on the two included cuts, “Into the Night” and “Superwizard.” A smattering of demo tracks preceded that one can hear on the band’s ReverbNation page, and the song “Killer’s Moon” – very much in the same vein as the material on Superwizard – is streaming at their Bandcamp site, but the 7” marks a physical debut nonetheless and is limited to 300 copies, hand-silkscreened and numbered with righteous cover art by Eric Pruyn. The music of the band itself is rudimentary in its form enough to match Pruyn’s inked lines, and similarly minded when it comes to lyrics about space wizards and mysterious creatures. The single’s lack of pretense in being anything other than what it is makes up a big part of its charm, but if you’re into familiar riffs and grooves, Ancient Warlocks have plenty of accessibility and appeal for the converted.

That’s not to say the songs don’t have their own personality, just that it’s a personality that you – if you’ve found your way to reading this – already know. The band already knows it as well, and that works much to their credit. Bassist Aaron Krause (also vocals) and guitarists Dan Beloit and Darren Chase provide amply thickened fuzz, with Beloit veering into lead lines throughout the longer “Into the Night.” Krause‘s bass underscores the janga-janga shuffle of that song’s main riff, with drummer Steve Jones keeping the march straightforward on the hi-hat and snare, until after halfway through the song, there’s a slowdown and solo section from Beloit that brings a bluesy side not yet shown. Interestingly, that shift happens at about 2:50, and since Superwizard’s title-track is 2:54 and doesn’t have such a break, you could almost say the structures of the two songs on the single are the same, but with the extra piece added to Side A to bring it to about five minutes. It doesn’t offend, in any case. The release in total is about eight minutes long, so Ancient Warlocks would have to work pretty hard to come off as more redundant than they mean to be in that time, and they don’t.

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