Borderland Fuzz Fiesta Set for Feb. 26 & 27, 2016

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wayne rudell (Photo by Shay Smith)

Helmed by brothers Wayne and Joseph Rudell, the Arizona-based Borderland Fuzz Fiesta has announced its second installment will take place on Feb. 26 and 27, 2016. The Rudells, who double (and triple, I suppose) in Sierra Vista outfits Powered Wig Machine and Fuzz Evil hosted the first Borderland Fuzz Fiesta earlier this year and pulled in the formidable likes of Wo Fat, Mos Generator and Fireball Ministry to headline the bill, which also had Powered Wig Machine, Goatroper, Skulldron, Yeti Ender, Asimov, Conqueror Worm and Methra on its packed one-day lineup.

Immediately the next Borderland Fuzz Fiesta will expand the scope. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that the Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show will make a return appearance — schedule permitting; that dude gets around — and while no bands have been announced yet, already we know that the fest is going from one day to two, so you might say it’s twice as big. Like its predecessor, the 2016 edition will be held in Tucson, which also plays home to the autumnal Southwest Terror Fest, and Wayne Rudell sent along the following announcement confirming the dates.

With the caveat of more to come, here’s what he had to say:

borderlands fuzz fiesta logo

Borderland Fuzz Fiesta Announces Dates for 2016

Tucson, AZ 8/28/2015

“My brother Joseph and I are very thankful for how great the first year of Borderland Fuzz Fiesta turned out. We want to thank all the bands and all the fans from Tucson and afar who helped to make the first year so successful.

“Our goal is to keep making strides with the festival to make it bigger and better each year. We have begun planning next year’s fest; it will be a two day event that takes place in downtown Tucson Feb 26th-Feb 27th. Announcements to come for early band confirmations in the following months.”

Wayne Rudell

Fireball Ministry, Live at Borderland Fuzz Fiesta, Feb. 21, 2015

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The Melvins Re-join Forces with Jared and Coady from Big Business; Headed to Europe Next Month

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Well, there go those Melvins boys, reunitin’ with Jared Warren and Coady Willis from Big Business to go tour Europe and the UK. Doin’ stuff that’s unexpected and probably puttin’ out records that despite being experimental as hell still sound just like the Melvins. You know how they do. Probably better than me.

I didn’t realize the Midi Theater in Tilburg was reopened. Shows what I know.

And oh hey, the Melvins. They also have an unreleased album from 1998 or sometime thereabouts coming out I saw something about the other day. I don’t know. The rest of the world keeps up on the Melvins so hard, sometimes I feel redundant for even a minimal effort to try.

But anyway, here. Have fun, kids:

melvins (Photo by Kevin Willis)


The Melvins shall be welcomed back to Europe with open arms this September and October, with a series of live dates commencing Sept 13th in the UK in Bristol. The band shall be performing as a four-piece, joining forces again with Jared Warren and Coady Willis of Big Business. Having released three full-length LP’s together, Warren and Willis also performed on the band’s The Bulls & The Bees EP, which was recently re-leased as a split alongside Electroretard. This 13 song album features both releases on one CD, available for the first time as a package. The quartet also collaborated with a series of guest stars on their 2013 covers album Everybody Loves Sausages.

Confirmed tour dates include performances across Europe, with more shows, and support, still to be announced. See below for the dates that have been confirmed so far:

Melvins European Tour
Sept 13, 2015 – Bristol, England – Exchange
Sept 14, 2015 – Brighton, England – Concorde 2
Sept 15, 2015 – Tilburg, The Netherlands – Midi Theater – Incubate Festival
Sept 16, 2015 – Tilburg, The Netherlands – Midi Theater – Incubate Festival
Sept 18, 2015 – Angers, France – Le Chabada (Levitation France Festival)
Sept 19, 2015 – Paris, France – Le Bataclan
Sept 20, 2015 – Belfort, France – La Poudriere
Sept 21, 2015 – Cologne, Germany – Underground
Sept 22, 2015 – Hamburg, Germany – Logo
Sept 23, 2015 – Bremen, Germany – Lagerhaus
Sept 24, 2015 – Berlin, Germany – Berghain
Sept 25, 2015 – Leipzig, Germany – UT Connewitz
Sept 26, 2015 – Prague, Czech Republic – Futurum
Sept 27, 2015 – Budapest, Hungary – A38
Sept 28, 2015 – Vienna, Austria – Arena
Sept 29, 2015 – Zagreb, Croatia – Mochvara
Sept 30, 2015 – Bologna, Italy – Locomotiv
Oct 01, 2015 – Milan, Italy – Leoncavallo
Oct 02, 2015 – Feyzin, France – L’Epicerie Moderne
Oct 03, 2015 – Pratteln, Switzerland – Z7 Konzertfabrik (Up In Smoke Festival)
Oct 05, 2015 – Munich, Germany – Feierwerk/Hansa 39
Oct 06, 2015 – Frankfurt, Germany – Zoom
Oct 08, 2015 – Reading, England – Sub 89
Oct 09, 2015 – Manchester, England – Gorilla
Oct 10, 2015 – London, England – Electric Ballroom

The Melvins also released Hold It In last October, the 12-song album pairs Osborne and Crover with Butthole Surfers’ JD Pinkus and Paul Leary.

Melvins, Live in Louisville, Kentucky, 2015

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Corrections House Release Know How to Carry a Whip on Oct. 23

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If it seems like a lot of records are hitting right at the end of October, you’re right. Add Corrections House to your list with Vhöl, Baron, Saviours, Hooded Menace, All Them Witches, and With the Dead and Kylesa earlier in the month — as well as seven or eight others I’m sure I can’t think of off the top of my head — as the dark, semi-industrial supergroup will issue their second album, Know How to Carry a Whip, via Neurot on Oct. 23. And if you think there’s any chance Corrections House will have trouble sticking out from the pack, you probably didn’t hear their debut, Last City Zero. I won’t even feign an attempt at speculation as to what the second record might sound like, but it doesn’t seem daring in the slightest to imagine it’ll make its impact felt.

The PR wire brings art and album details:

corrections house know how to carry a whip

CORRECTIONS HOUSE To Unleash Know How To Carry A Whip Full-Length This October Via Neurot Recordings; Artwork + Track Listing Undraped

“Who made Hell… Hell made Who…” – “I Was Never Good At Meth,” CORRECTIONS HOUSE

CORRECTIONS HOUSE will unleash their long-anticipated, sophomore full-length, Know How To Carry A Whip, this October via Neurot Recordings. Darker, denser, and more despairing than their 2013-issued Last City Zero predecessor, the nine-track, forty-five-minute audio apocalypse was captured by the band’s own Sanford Parker (Minsk) and recently institutionalized minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury, in Vietnam. The record boasts a guest appearance by Negative Soldier and finds CORRECTIONS HOUSE – which features the fiery lineup of Parker, Fairbury, Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) and Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod) — at their most punishing, painting electronic mosaics of deviance and decadence with brushes made of bristles of the damned.

Immersed in experiences of longing and loneliness from the depths of their collectively decaying hearts, each movement contained within CORRECTIONS HOUSE’s Know How To Carry A Whip reveals a new, unsettling sentiment of danger, paranoia and looming defeat. An underlying theme of confinement and release bridges each track. Atmospheric and haunting; hypnotic and pulsing, songs writhe and wither, decay and peel. Distorted, doomed and oft static sodden, discordant and tribal, twined around Williams’ unassailable manic street preacher prose and intermittently juxtaposed by the smooth, cradling sounds of Lamont’s lingering saxophone, Know How To Carry A Whip is at once bleak, grey, glacially devastating and metaphysically cathartic. “The music is simultaneously suffocating and freeing,” expounds Kelly, “but it also has the energy of a whirling dervish.”

In a rare, lucid skype transmission from the mental facility in which he currently resides. Fairbury further elaborates of the production, “the songs typically originate from the loops and beats that are generated from Sanford, then the skeleton of riffs are built by Scott and Bruce. Mike IX adds his profound observations and I do the final production. These new songs are far more developed and fluid then the first record. There is a prevailing groove that dominates.” (Fairbury, who was missing briefly last year, obsessed with seeking clarity and understanding beyond Who, What and Why we are to ultimately expose The Truth, continues his downward spiral towards madness and despair. Allegedly plotting an elaborate escape, Fairbury plans to rejoin CORRECTIONS HOUSE in their systematic propagation of auditory abuse later this year.)

Know How To Carry A Whip Track Listing:
1. Crossing My One Good Finger
2. Superglued Tooth
3. White Man’s Gonna Lose
4. Hopeless Moronic
5. Visions Divide
6. The Hall Of Cost
7. When Push Comes To Shank
8. I Was Never Good At Meth
9. Burn The Witness

CORRECTIONS HOUSE methodically creates and destroy through sonic disease and transcendent musical deconstruction. All things in all ways. There is nothing else. Know How To Carry A Whip will be released worldwide on October 23rd, 2015 via Neurot Recordings.

Corrections House, “Bullets and Graves” official video

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Lamprey Release Final Album III

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I don’t mind telling you I’m going to miss doubly-bassed Portland trio Lamprey. They played their final show on July 25 at what was apparently the birthday of bassist/vocalist Blaine Burnham, and they’ve newly released their last batch of recordings under the simple title of III. Their last album, EP, whatever, it follows behind 2012’s The Burden of Beasts (review here) and 2011’s Ancient Secrets (review here) and rounds out their tenure on a decidedly powerful note of low-end heavy sludge. Comprised of Burnham, bassist Justin Brown and drummer Spencer Norman, they worked in raw form throughout their time together, but III still sounds huge, and it’s an easy argument to say it’s the best work they’ve done.

From the unmitigated stomp-fest of “Iron Awake” (video here) on down to the leads that close “Gaea,” Lamprey remain a standout of Portland’s massively crowded sphere of heavy, and for more than just their extra helping of thick strings. As for the where-are-they-now thing, you won’t have to look too far to find Brown, as he’s stepped into the bassist role for Witch Mountain — they’re on tour this fall with a little band called Danzig — and Burnham is playing drums in Mane of the Cur. Seems likely Norman will resurface at some point too if he hasn’t yet. When, if and what I hear, I’ll let you know.

For now, bye Lamprey and all the best. Glad III got to come out.

Here’s the release info and stream:

lamprey iii

They say you should always go out on a high note. Well, even our low notes were pretty fucking high…

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Adam Pike at Toadhouse Recording Studios.

Cover photo and layout by Spencer Norman.

1. Iron Awake 01:36
2. Harpies 07:35
3. Golden Mean 05:59
4. Nokken 02:57
5. Lament of the Deathworm 06:03
6. Gaea 05:27

Blaine, Spencer and Justin would like to say THANK YOU!!! to JJ Koczan of The Obelisk, Adam Pike of Toadhouse Recording Studio, and June No of the Interwebs for being so excellent to us over these past five years.

Lamprey, III (2015)

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Anathema to Release A Sort of Homecoming Concert Film and Live Album

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Hey, you know who saw Anathema earlier this year? Me. I did. It was frickin’ great. It wasn’t at a cathedral, but it was at Roadburn, which is about as close as I come to a house of religious worship, so there. The long-running, long-progressing UK outfit had played Liverpool Cathedral only about a month before, however, and it’s that show that will be released as A Sort of Homecoming on Oct. 30 via Kscope. The material is mostly recent, but they manage to sneak a couple older cuts in there too, and if the cover is anything to go by, it looks like the setting is half the point. Look at that ceiling. I’d record a live album too if presented the opportunity.

And the title? Well, they’re from Liverpool, so there you go. Also, I love that Vincent Cavanagh compares it to Erebor. Fantastic.

The PR wire brings copious info and a trailer for the release:

anathema in liverpool cathedral


“A Sort of Homecoming” to be released on Blu-ray, 2CD + DVD-V, LP and digital download on October 30

Anathema, one of the U.K.’s most cherished and critically acclaimed rock bands, will release a live Blu-ray/audio collection entitled A Sort of Homecoming on October 30 via Kscope. Directed by Lasse Hoile (Steven Wilson, Katatonia, Opeth), A Sort of Homecoming is a stunning concert film of Anathema’s homecoming show on March 7, 2015 in the spectacular setting of the Liverpool Cathedral. The concert was described by Prog Magazine as “a once in a lifetime experience that words can barely do justice.”

“I’m really happy that this night in particular has been preserved,” commented Anathema guitarist/vocalist, Vincent Cavanagh. “As anyone from Liverpool will tell you, to be given the chance to play the Anglican Cathedral is monumental and a huge honor. The place is absolutely huge. Just look at the cover, it was like doing a gig in Erebor!”

Having previously worked with Anathema on the acclaimed Universal concert film, Lasse Hoile captured the 100 minute acoustic set in high definition against the sensational backdrop of Liverpool Cathedral. Featuring 15 songs selected from the albums Distant Satellites, Weather Systems, We’re Here Because We’re Here, A Natural Disaster and Alternative 4, the ‘Anathema Acoustic’ trio of Daniel Cavanagh, Vincent Cavanagh and Lee Douglas were joined by rhythm section John Douglas and Jamie Cavanagh, alongside their very talented close friend David Wesling on cello who also played on Hindsight (2009) and A Moment In Time (2006). For this exclusive performance the band was also joined by the renowned violinist, Anna Phoebe, on a haunting rendition of “Anathema.” The audio has been produced and mixed by Christer-André Cederberg who worked on Distant Satellites, Universal and Weather Systems, with the cover and booklet artwork featuring the stunning photography from the show and behind the scenes by long time collaborator Caroline Traitler. This is the first Anathema live release to feature a 5.1 audio mix, engineered by Bruce Soord.

Kscope will release A Sort of Homecoming as:

– 4 disc box set: 2 CD concert audio (100 mins), DVD with full concert plus an additional behind the scenes film “A Temporary Peace” and concert on Blu-ray disc. In a deluxe rigid media book with 36 page booklet, presented in a slipcase

– 2CD + DVD-V: The set features the full 100 minute audio and DVD-V of the concert with 5.1 audio mixed by The Pineapple Thief’s Bruce Soord

– Blu-ray disc: The full 100 minute concert plus an additional behind the scenes film “A Temporary Peace” with 5.1 audio mixed by The Pineapple Thief’s Bruce Soord

LP: A gatefold triple 180g black vinyl LP including MP3 download code

Digital: Concert audio only

All formats, excluding digital download, are available to pre-order via the Kscope web-store at:

1. The Lost Song Part 2
2. Untouchable Part 1
3. Untouchable Part 2
4. Thin Air
5. Dreaming Light
6. Anathema
7. Ariel
8. Electricity
9. Temporary Peace
10. The Beginning And The End
11. Distant Satellites
12. Take Shelter
13. Internal Landscapes
14. A Natural Disaster
15. Fragile Dreams

Anathema will continue to tour throughout the remainder of 2015. A full list of dates can be seen below.

Anathema live…
8/31 – Tokyo, Japan @ Liquid Room
9/01 – Tokyo, Japan @ Liquid Room
9/05 – Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Overload Music Festival
9/07 – Porto Alegre, Brazil @ Opiniao (w/ Paradise Lost)
9/08 – Rio, Brazil @ Circo Voador (w/ Paradise Lost)
9/11 – Atlanta, GA, USA @ Prog Power Festival
10/01 – Moscow, Russia @ Volta
10/02 – Minsk, Russia @ Re:Public
10/03 – St Petersburg, Russia @ Avrora
10/23 – Christchurch, NZ @ Dux Live
10/24 – Auckland, NZ @ Kings Arms
10/27 – Adelaide, AUS @ The Gov
10/29 – Brisbane, AUS @ Triffid
10/30 – Sydney, AUS @ Metro Theatre
10/31 – Melbourne, AUS @ Corner Hotel
11/01 – Perth, AUS @ Rosemount Hotel
11/04 – Manchester, UK @ Manchester Cathedral
11/05 – Paris, France @ Église Saint-Eustache (acoustic)
11/06 – Bochum, Germany (acoustic)
11/07 – Leipzig, Germany @ Täubchenthal (acoustic)
11/09 – Utrecht, Netherlands @ TivoliVredenburg
11/10 – Mannheim, Germany @ Capitol (acoustic)
11/11 – Sofia, Bulgaria @ Royal Bulgaria Hall (acoustic)
11/15 – 11/19 – Miami, FL, USA @ Cruise To The Edge

Anathema, A Sort of Homecoming trailer

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Kadavar Announce South American Tour Dates

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Before German classic heavy rockers Kadavar kick off their Mexican, US and Canadian dates in support of their third album, Berlin (review here), which is out now on Nuclear Blast, the three-piece will be hitting South America for a run of shows in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile presented by Abraxas Events. This will be Kadavar‘s first time on the continent, and they’ll arrive as headliners for Abraxas Fest on Sept. 20, which also features locals Muñoz Duo and Monster Coyote.

Dates and ticket links follow, along with some info sent over by Abraxas about what they’ve got going at the fest and Kadavar‘s recently-announced North American dates, which start directly after the South American run ends:

kadavar south america tour

KADAVAR – South America

On September it is also our second anniversary as Abraxas and we do a (yet) small festival in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to celebrate it, with a foreign band headlining and some local bands we book//manage on the bill as well. Last year we had Radio Moscow and now we’ll have Kadavar.

We have announced two bands so far (Monster Coyote and Muñoz) in addition to Kadavar and a 4th one will be announced next week. The 4 bands will play in Sao Paulo in the 19th, then I’ll get everyone inside a bus and drive to Rio de Janeiro to play the 20th.

18/9 – Goiania, Brazil @ Martim Cererê

19/9 – São Paulo, Brazil @ Inferno Club

20/9 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ Teatro Odisseia

23/9 – Florianópolis, Brazil @ Célula Showcase

24/9 – Buenos Aires, Argentina @ The Roxy Live

25/9 – Montevideo, Uruguay @ Bluzz Live

26/9 – Santiago, Chile @ Centro El Cerro

KADAVAR tour dates:
September 28 Mexico, City, Mexico El Plaza Condesa
September 30 Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus Bar
October 2 Philadelphia, PA Ortlieb’s Lounge
October 3 Pittsburgh, PA The Smiling Moose
October 4 Chicago, IL Double Door
October 7 Memphis, TN Hi-Tone Cafe

KADAVAR w/ The Sword:
October 9 Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Live
October 10 Austin, TX The Mohawk
October 11 Houston, TX Fitzgerald’s
October 13 Lawrence, KS Granada Theatre
October 14 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre
October 15 Iowa City, IA Gabe’s
October 16 Minneapolis, MN Mill City Nights
October 17 Omaha, NE The Waiting Room
October 18 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom
October 20 Mesa, AZ Club Red
October 21 Las Vegas, NV Vinyl
October 22 Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern
October 23 San Francisco, CA Slim’s
October 27 Seattle, WA Neumos
October 28 Vancouver, BC The Rickshaw Theatre
October 29 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom

Kadavar, “Last Living Dinosaur” official video

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Hooded Menace Set Oct. 30 Release for Darkness Drips Forth

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hooded menace

It was announced earlier this year that Finnish death-doom malevolents Hooded Menace were recording their next album at Skyhammer Studio, and it seems that the rotten fruit of that effort will be released on Oct. 30. Out as close as possible to Halloween on Relapse Records, the offering is called Darkness Drips Forth, and it’s available to preorder now with a video trailer revealed. I doubt they’ll be long into the thing before it lives up to its name, but of course we’ll have to wait until we get there to find out for sure.

The PR wire gets drippy:

hooded menace darkness drips forth

HOODED MENACE: Finnish Masters of Deathly Horror Announce Imminent Release of ‘Darkness Drips Forth’ via Relapse Records

Finland’s HOODED MENACE have returned with Darkness Drips Forth, their fourth full-length and most gruesome work to date. Recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard, Primordial) and the band´s usual sound engineer Mikko Saastamoinen, and graced by decrepit artwork from Justin Bartlett, the band employ a new approach on their latest effort, expanding their writing across four cataclysmically dense tracks, nearly all of which exceed ten minutes apiece. Cavernous vocals preside over mastermind Lasse Pyykko’s rumbling riffs, while the rest of the band’s unshakable rhythmic core provides a grim backbone for the record.

The hint of melody HOODED MENACE sought back in their earliest days has fully blossomed into an essential element of the band’s music; Darkness Drips Forth is as melodic as it is devastating and as emotionally disquieting as it is thematically stirring. Funereal, deliberate, and methodical, Darkness Drips Forth is sure to be an essential acquisition for fans of Winter’s crushing doom, the old-school death metal of Bolt Thrower and Asphyx, and the cruel, apocalyptic atmospheres of Dead Congregation and Coffins alike. Just in time for Halloween, Hooded Menace delivers a gruesome treat to chill your bones and crack open your coffin.

The record is slated for an October 30, 2015 release via Relapse Records, and will be available on digital, CD, and vinyl formats. Preorder the album on CD or special edition vinyl here, or preorder the digital version from Bandcamp here.

1. Blood For The Burning Oath / Dungeons of The Disembodied
2. Elysium of Dripping Death
3. Ashen With Solemn Decay
4. Beyond Deserted Flesh

Hooded Menace, Darkness Drips Forth album teaser

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Bee and Flower Reissue What’s Mine is Yours LP

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bee and flower

If you know the record at all, it’s likely you already have the CD, but even if not, Bee and Flower‘s What’s Mine is Yours was released in 2003 on Neurot. It’s remained something of a curio since then in the Neurot discography, but in terms of the actual listen, it’s a deceptively rich experience, brightly experimental and melodic, but cohesive throughout and organic sounding in what was a moment right on the cusp of when that kind of thing actually started to matter. 12 years later, the material retains its individual identity. What’s Mine is Yours has just been reissued by Inherent Records as a 2LP, and to my knowledge it’s the first time it’s been out on vinyl.

The PR wire has it like this:

bee and flower what's mine is yours


Bee and Flower and Inherent Records are pleased to announce for first time available on vinyl, the reissue of the band’s debut release, What’s Mine Is Yours,which originally was released on CD in 2003 on Neurot Recordings. Spanning the band’s discography of three albums, several singles, EP’s, films scores and compilation tracks, What’s Mine Is Yours has remained a personal favorite of the band and its fans for years. Here’s a vintage music clip directed by Josh Graham (Soundgarden, Sleep, Florence & the Machine, Neurosis, etc).

The vinyl comes as a 2XLP at 45 rpm w/ digital download. Included on the reissue is “Dust and Sparks,” a bombastic and terrifying track recorded at the original sessions at Martin Bisi’s BC Studios, but not included on the CD release. Newly mastered, the song is included as the final track on side D. Vinyl mastering was done by Doug Henderson (micro-moose studios Berlin) whose clients include Blonde Redhead, Swans, Antony and the Johnsons, and more.

Pressed at a limited quantity of 250 units, a very limited number of copies will have shards of the original silk lantern whose image graced the album’s cover. The lantern lived in singer/bassist/songwriter Dana Schechter’s apartment in Brooklyn and until its near disintegration, has illuminated, over the years, the same walls where the original cover photo was taken. The “Limited Edition” packages are provided at a first come, first served basis. There will be no additional reserves available and they can not be duplicated, ever.

BEE AND FLOWER was founded in New York City in 2000 by singer-songwriter, bassist, composer and producer Dana Schechter — who recently released the full length debut from her current project “Insect Ark — with Original members Roderick Miller, Lynn Wright, Jon Petrow, and Ani Cordero while a recording / touring member of Micheal Gira’s (Swans) band Angels of Light.

The band released three full-length studio albums, a split 10″, a 7″, two feature film scores, various compilation tracks, and two fully animated music videos. Collaborators in studio & stage have included members of Angels of Light, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Swans, Calexico, and more. The core band moved from NYC to Berlin, from 2004-2008.

Orders are available from Inherent Records

Side A
1) I Know Your Name
2) Twin Stars
3) Wounded Walking
Side B
4) Riding on Empty
5) Let it Shine
6) On the Mouth
Side C
7) Something Good
8) Carpenter’s Fern
9) Dupe
Side D
10) This Time
11) Dust & Sparks *
(*unreleased track)

Bee and Flower, “I Know Your Name” official video

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