Warlung Premiere “Sun Eater” Video


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You’ll find the “Sun Eater” clip premiering below, followed by a few words from the band.

Please enjoy:

Warlung, “Sun Eater” official video premiere

“Sun Eater is about the ancient religion of Atenism. It is sung in the narrative of Pharaoh Akhenaten and describes his adoration of the solar disk…the Aten. Sun Eater was filmed out in Big Bend National park in the Texas desert. George and Phil took a trek to camp out and clear the mind, while out their they decided to film the scenery and take shots of George singing the song. After editing the video we decided to collaborate with Palantir Visuals where they took the kaleidoscope effect to new levels.”

Guitar/vox – George Baba
Guitar /vox – Philip Bennett
Bass – Chris Tamez
Drums – Ethan Tamez

Camera – Philip Bennett
Visual effects – Malichi Cull at Palantir Visuals

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