Earthlings? Release New Untitled 7″ Single on Last Hurrah Records

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– NOW AVAILABLE – earthlings? Untitled 7-inch

Last Hurrah Records is proud to announce the release of earthlings? brand new Untitled 7-inch, featuring artwork by “Bad” Otis Link. A limited edition of 500 records, the vinyl is available in five different colors:
SAND (translucent brown),
SKY(translucent magenta),
VEGETATION (neon green),
ASTRONAUT (translucent blue),

The 7-inch record contains two unreleased tracks – the lumbering juggernaut “The Clapper” and the slightly more light-hearted “Off My Nut”.

For this interplanetary escapade, the earthlings? are co-piloted by David Catching (Mojave Lords) and Pete Stahl (Goatsnake, Scream) above the star-filled sky over Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California. Also present during blast-off are drummer Adam Maples, the multi-talented Matthias Schneeberger, and bassist Molly McGuire.

earthlings?, Muddafudda (2016)

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