Høstsabbat 2020: REZN Added to Lineup

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want to buy a research paper Go Here genetically modified food risk essay bio homework help Finally Friday has kind of lost its meaning nowadays, but to finally be able to announce awesome bands, making their way across the pond to us Europeans for the first time, seems more than legit. The incredibly talented REZN has been a bubbling name in the US scene for years, and their coming to EU seems way overdue.

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It’s lovely to see a band fulfilling the intention of our festival as a whole. The sound of REZN sums up the reasons we’re doing this, and reminds us of where it all started. Slow, dynamic riffs, ethereal vocals, grooving, rolling drums, all wrapped up in a sound that makes you forget time and space.

A solid treat for the mind and soul.

Their brilliant take on psychedelic doom adds more to the pot than just killer riffs.

REZN’s clever use of synths and eastern soundscapes make them sound forever fresh and relevant, putting them in a stand-out position in the jungle of bands trying to follow the same recipe.

Following last week’s announcement, they’ll join fellow Chicago band BONGRIPPER, for the most stacked bill of Høstsabbat ever.

October can’t come soon enough.




Artwork: Trine Grimm Tattoo / Linda K Røed


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