Negative Reaction to Release Astrophilia Tonight at the Solstice

Having marked the 30th anniversary of the band’s existence on Valentine’s Day, West Virginia by way of Long Island sludgers Negative Reaction, who serve at the behest of founding guitarist/vocalist Kenny Bones, will release their new album, Astrophilia, on this very evening to mark the arrival of the Spring solstice. If you like your heavy heavy, you probably already know that’s good news, but Bones and Company offer further intrigue in unveiling that the new record is a follow-up to their 38-minute epic “The Moon Song.”

The megatrack originally appeared as the opener among the three cuts on 2000’s The Orion Chronicles — the other two pieces were “Hypothermia” and the Hawkwind cover “Lord of Light,” if you’re curious — but this time around, “A Song for the Sun” stands entirely on its own, and given Bones‘ well-established affinity for Star Wars references and related content, I’m going to assume the name of the character ‘Luke’ as seen below isn’t a coincidence. I’m not saying it’s Luke Skywalker, but most likely that’d be where the name comes from. Just saying.

So how’s the record? I guess we’ll find out tonight:

negative reaction astrophilia

Negative Reaction – Astrophilia

The new full length album for NR is finished!

The new album is titled “Astrophilia.”

The release date is Thursday March 19th at 11:49PM Eastern Time.

It can be digitally downloaded through bandcamp.

CD copies are also available through the NR Facebook page.

It is a part 2 of the legendary “Moon Song.”

It is a concept on what happens after the earth is destroyed in the story of “The Moon Song.”

The concept…
A handful of people survive and travel through space looking for a new home……….
Or not.”

Track listing…..
“A song For The Sun”……..
Ch1 “Solar Flare”
Ch 2 “Europa”
Ch 3 “Luke’s Ascent”
Ch 4 ” Order 66″
Ch 5 “Solar Wind / Luke Has Landed”
Ch 6 ” Eclipse”
Ch 7 “Moonbase Alpha”
Ch 8 ” Luke’s Colony”

Negative Reaction are:
Sir Ken-E Bones: Founder/Singer/Guitars
Trey Crane: Bass
Ryan Aliff: Drums

Negative Reaction, “The Moon Song”

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2 Responses to “Negative Reaction to Release Astrophilia Tonight at the Solstice”

  1. dutch gus says:

    Spring equinox, solstice is the summer/winter quarters.

    Anyway, sorry to pedant you.
    Negative Reaction get thumbs up from me.

    • JJ Koczan says:

      Yeah my wife said the same thing. I went with what Kenny said. I’ll fix it sooner or later unless I forget and then see this like five years from now and fix it then, which is equally likely.

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