Høstsabbat 2020: Orkan Added to Lineup

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You ask 'who can Thesis Writing Services Manila'? We answer - Essay Writing Center. A service with reasonable prices and great writers! Some bands combine the quality of pleasing the retro-oriented crowd just as much as youngsters in search of something new and edgy. It’s hard to say how it’s done, but if you’re curious, our next band should fit that description perfectly.

Rewrite my Essay! Order Affordable Term Paper Buying Computers from Professional Paper Rewriters & Editors at WritingSharks.net & Get 15% Off Today! Orkan is a highly enjoyable spectacle on stage, just as their sound is cuddly to your eardrums on their recordings. With their current view on society, while at the same time leaning on the classic prog sounds of a forgotten era, they’re truly a breath of fresh air. Surprised they’re from Sweden? We’re not.

Orkan will grace Høstsabbat with that very breath of fresh air.

They’re light, but at the same time heavy, especially with their lyrics casting light on how this world is evolving.

As they’ve just finished recording their new album, we look forward to welcome this vivid 5-piece to Høstsabbat 2020.

We bet they’ll hit you like a storm, or a hurricane even.




Artwork: Trine Grimm Tattoo / Linda K Røed


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