Kind Begin Recording New Album

This past weekend, Boston four-piece Kind entered Mad Oak Studios to begin recording their second album. The heavy psychedelic rockers tracked music for seven songs for the yet-untitled follow-up to their 2015 Ripple Music debut, Rocket Science (review here), and vocals for three.

Details on the record are sparse at this point, as they would be, but included will be new songs “Bad Friend” and “Trigger Happy,” the latter of which guitarist Darryl Shepard singles out as being especially doomed in its sound in contrast to some of the more psych and space rocking fare of the prior outing. Shepard, who in the intervening years since Rocket Science has also worked with Test Meat on several releases and his own experimental outfit Blackwolfgoat on last year’s Giving Up Feels So Good (review here), is just one of the members of Kind who’s kept busy in the interim. Bassist Tom Corino, also of Rozamov, released that band’s debut, This Mortal Road (review here), in 2017 and followed it with a live offering. Drummer Matt Couto, though he’s now left Elder, toured copiously with them and issued Reflections of a Floating World (review here) also in 2017, and vocalist Craig Riggs last year fronted Roadsaw on a long awaited new album, Tinnitus the Night (review here). So if you’re wondering why it’s taken Kind five years to get a new album going, there you have it.

The band is working with producer Alec Rodriguez at Mad Oak and will look to finish the recording process soon, then on to mixing, mastering and the eventual release. I’m not sure if Ripple will be putting it out or what, but even putting aside the pedigree of the group as much as such a thing is possible, it’s hard to imagine that based on Rocket Science alone they wouldn’t have any number of potential allies among labels. Who the hell wouldn’t want their logo on that?

Squares. That’s who.

Shepard was kind enough to take a few minutes and give a quick update on the proceedings and send a few studio pics, and you’ll find that below, along with the stream of Rocket Science if you’d like a refresher.


kind studio

Darryl Shepard studio update:

So we finished up the music for 7 songs, it’s definitely over 40 minutes long, not sure of the exact length. Craig has been battling an ear infection of some sort so he wasn’t feeling well at all on Friday but he rallied and [Sunday] he sang three songs. We should finish up the vocals and some synth stuff soon. It’s sounding really good so far. Not sure when vocals will be finished but hopefully within a week or so. I think this album is a good continuation of Rocket Science but there’s some new sounding stuff on it for us too.

Kind is:
Matthew Couto – drums
Tom Corino – bass
Craig Riggs – vocals
Darryl Shepard – guitar

Kind, Rocket Science (2015)

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