Fever Dog Post “Freewheelin'” Single; Announce New LP Alpha Waves

It’s been too long, Fever Dog. Two years ago, the Cali outfit led by guitarist/vocalist Danny Graham — whose potential had been writ large over the course of their career to that point, with the 2012 full-length Volume One and its 2014 follow-up, Second Wind (review here), as well as sundry other holdover singles — went largely quiet after dropping the song “Mainframe” (review here). Their time since then, which was apparently somewhat tumultuous by their own telling, was not misspent, if their new single “Freewheelin'” is anything to go by. The four-minute track seamlessly brings together arena glam and classic boogie rock, with a progressive edge in its winding riff that adds depth to a still-engaging chorus. Graham and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Joshua Adams explore this ground with confidence in the underlying structure and so pull it off, clear of mind and brimming with energy.

The good news to go along with the good news is there’s an album from which the new song comes. Dubbed Alpha Waves, the third Fever Dog LP will be issued sometime later this year, so “Freewheelin'” hits as a sampler perhaps of what’s in store from the whole record. I’ll be interested to see if Graham and Adams hold to any of the more psychedelic elements that pervaded Second Wind in other tracks, or if it’s all as forward in its presentation as this initial cut. In any case, no complaints for portents based on what I’m hearing.

Info and song stream follow here:

fever dog freewheelin

Fever Dog – Alpha Waves

Fever Dog is a rock and roll band from the California desert. Formed in 2012 by three long time friends, the group began life as a lo-fidelity garage outfit. Collectively drawing inspiration from their influences, guitarist Danny Graham, drummer Joshua Adams, and bassist Nathaniel Wood composed music in the vein of The Hellacopters, The Stooges, Turbonegro and The Supersuckers. This effort can be heard on the group’s debut album ”Volume One.”

Following the release of “Volume One” and an extensive amount of performing the group began a departure from the formulaic restraint of their earlier work. This period saw the band moving into more experimental pursuits both live and in the studio. The release of two singles and a collaboration with Joshua Tree space rock band 3rd Ear Experience firmly placed the group in the heart of the desert rock and psychedelic scene. The group became known for its long form improvisation on stage and its imaginative approach in the studio.

With the momentum of the ”Lady Snowblood” and “The Great Tree” singles, the band released their sophomore full length album ”Second Wind.” Blending the garage sensibilities of their earlier work with the progressive-psychedelic nature of their live performances, “Second Wind” was met with praise. Following its release the group embarked on an extensive European tour with Fatso Jetson and 3rd Ear Experience.

On the heels of their European tour, Fever Dog re-entered the studio, writing and recording new material. Further developing their desert-psychedelic sound, the group released the 2017 single ”Mainframe” featuring two new songs and a live recording. Shortly thereafter, bassist and song-writing partner Nathaniel Wood departed from the band while Graham and Adams became more focused on songwriting and recording.

2020 will see the release of Fever Dog’s third full-length studio album “Alpha Waves.” Taking notes from all ends of the Rock and Roll spectrum, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Danny Graham and Joshua Adams combine the best that the glam, progressive, and desert rock genres have to offer, creating an exciting sound while still retaining a great deal of originality. “Freewheelin’” the first single taken from the album, features both Graham and Adams acting as songwriters, producers, and engineers whilst providing a majority of the instrumentation along with guest musicians Alex Galvan and Ramses Avalos-Lopez.

“Alpha Waves” will feature material recorded from the “Mainframe” studio sessions with bassist Nathaniel Wood, songs developed from earlier live improvisations, and compositions from both Joshua Adams and Danny Graham. The result of lineup changes, hard drive malfunctions, and an evolution in creative tastes, “Alpha Waves” is Fever Dog’s most passionate collection of material to date. A labor of love three-years in the making, the group has been eagerly anticipating the day they can finally deliver it to you.

Fever Dog, “Freewheelin'” Performers:
Danny Graham: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Joshua Adams: Vocals, Drums, Organs, Piano, Synthesizers, Vocoder
Ramses Lopez-Avalos: vocals
Alex Galvan: Bass, Vocals


Fever Dog, “Freewheelin'”

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