Dead Shed Jokers Set Sept. 6 Release for All the Seasons; Post Title-Track Video

Dead Shed Jokers

Likewise inventive and accessible, Dead Shed Jokers‘ third full-length, All the Seasons, is set to release Sept. 6 through Pity My Brain Records. They’re streaming a video for the title-cut now — it’s below, just to save you looking for it — and the choice of highlighting that track feels especially purposeful. They could’ve gone with a stomping rocker like “Feel Today” or something in a modern-rock vein like “Dreams of North Korea,” or even “You’re a Thief,” which starts out quiet and pays off its tension later, but “All My Seasons” focuses on the central message of the album that shares its name, which is a tale of coping with mental health issues and the realities of the day-to-day, finding catharsis through expression. “All My Seasons” doesn’t represent the entirety of the live-recorded, 10-song/53-minute release by any means, but it definitely serves its chief function in getting the band’s point across.

All the Seasons is the follow-up to Dead Shed Jokers‘ 2015 self-titled (review here). More info/background came down the PR wire thusly:

Dead Shed Jokers - All the Seasons (Cover Artwork)


Recorded live in just five days, the new album from Dead Shed Jokers is as immediate as anything they have committed to tape. Following ‘Peyote Smile’ in 2011 and their eponymous album in 2015, the band (as ever), have dug deep into their collective consciousness to deliver their most personal record to date, distilling the emotional storm life can be into 10 new tracks.

They have devoted their time to plundering every deep, dark corner of their minds, bodies and souls to bring you a genuinely exciting, absorbing and at times moving experience. Whether that perceived movement be through the crunching riffs in the likes of ‘Dreams of North Korea’ chronicling a tale of crippling addiction or the raw nature of ‘All the Seasons’ and ‘764’ that creatively describe personal struggles with mental health and marital breakdown. Rock genre touchstones have been broken, bent and re-moulded to create new, yet familiar, music vehicles, purposefully designed to serve the precious lyrical cargo within.

DSJ have managed to create an incredibly inventive and diverse album, that harks not only to a time when rock music was born of imagination, but also to a bright future where hopefully uniqueness and creativity will again be celebrated by all. The emotional journey the listener undertakes will be a rewarding and thought provoking one and we just hope you will embrace it.

‘All the Seasons’ Track Listing:
1. Phantom Pains
2. Feel Some More
3. Dreams of North Korea
4. All the Seasons
5. Aesopica#15
6. Feel Today
7. 764
8. You’re a Thief
9. Spanner in the Works
10. Enough is as Good as a Feast

Dead Shed Jokers are:
Vocals and Backing – Hywel Davies
Guitars and Bass – Nicky Bryant and Kristian Evans
Guitars, Bass, Fender Rhodes and Backing – Christopher Metters
Drums, Percussion and Backing – Sean Mahoney

Additional Contributions:
Acoustic Guitar – Tim Hamill (Track 7);
Synth – Tim Hamill (Track 1, 9 and 10);
Percussion – Ashley Jones (Track 8);
Cornett – Victoria Davies (Track 10).

Recorded and Produced by Tim Hamill at Sonic One Studios, Llanelli

Dead Shed Jokers, “All the Seasons” official video

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