Shadow Witch Welcome New Drummer Scott Wadowski

Hey, I like trivia as much as the next guy — assuming, that is, that the next guy isn’t really all that into trivia either — so here’s one for you. Shadow Witch‘s new drummer, Scott Wadowski, is listed below as having a 25-year history of recording and playing out. Cool. But enigmatic as they reliably are, Shadow Witch doesn’t go on to say what bands Wadowski‘s actually been in. Well, some cursory interwebular research produced the name Rumblehead as being a Connecticut-based act in the mid-’90s in which Wadowski was involved. I immediately of course looked for music but found none — that’s not to say it’s not out there somewhere, just that I didn’t find it — but I did stumble on an article from the Metro section of the New York Times from 1994 that talks about the band rehearsing in a self-storage facility. It’s got quotes from a bandmate of Wadowski‘s as well as Thurston Moore and Ian MacKaye. Check it out here.

Apropos of anything? Surely not, but Shadow Witch are nothing if not eclectic, and I know that if my band got a mention in the Times 24 years ago, I’d still have the article framed on a wall, so hey. I’ve heard, and had, way lamer claims to fame. Wadowski and his new cohorts in Shadow Witch will record a new album in 2019 to follow-up 2017’s Disciples of the Crow (review here). More on that, but probably not more trivia, as we get there.

The band’s announcement is short and sweet:

shadow witch

Scott Wadowski, a Central CT based power playing drummer, with over 25 years experience performing and recording in studio, playing in a wide range of styles including hard rock, metal, symphonic and progressive, and thrash.

Scott , known lovingly as Wad, is a Leo who likes long barefoot walks on beach…;)

David Pannullo (bass)
Scott Wadowski (drums)
Earl Walker Lundy (vocals, mellotron, samples)
Jeremy H. Hall (guitars)

Shadow Witch, Disciples of the Crow (2017)

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4 Responses to “Shadow Witch Welcome New Drummer Scott Wadowski”

  1. Scott Wadowski says:

    Still in RUMBLEHEAD.

    • Scott Wadowski says:

      RUMBLEHEAD(lifelong project)
      Past bands:
      14 STORIES

      SOME Rumblehead is on Reverbnation.
      New album from that band coming too.

    • Eddie T. says:

      Scott and I have supported numerous acts encompassing a wide variety of genres. I can attest to his versatility and you can set your watch by his cadence.
      The Shadow Witch crew are sure to evolve with the addition of this giant, supercharged jackhammer of a drummer. An ever practising percussionist, Scott has always associated himself with seasoned professionals. Unfortunately, the talented rarely get the the deserved exposure versus what is predominantly being promoted. Hence the lack of media floating around documenting his accomplishments.
      You have to see this band live to appreciate the power Scott “The Wad” Wadowski bring to the cauldron.

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