The Top 20 of 2018 Year-End Poll is Now Open!

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This is my favorite post of the year, every year. Welcome to the year-end poll. Cast your votes now for your favorite releases from 2018.

If you don’t have 20 albums to list? Doesn’t matter. Have 40? Awesome. Pick 20 of them. Want to list your own band 20 times? That’s cool too. Glad you dig your own stuff.

You probably know the system by now, but here it is: Raw votes are counted and as always, there’s a weighted tally whereby a 1-4 ranking is worth five points, 5-8 worth four, 9-12 worth three, 13-16 worth two and 17-20 worth one. Results from both are posted New Year’s Day, along with all the lists.

Last year’s participation was awesome, and with so many excellent records out in 2018, I’m dying to see what comes out first. There are picks that seem obvious to me, but it’s always fascinating to see what albums different people are super-passionate about, where people connect and where they differ.

To that end, please note one more time that all the lists are posted when the results go up. We’re talking hundreds of entries. If you’ve missed anything throughout the year, it’s great resource, and I know I’ve used it before not only in constructing my own lists, but just in checking out records I may not have had the chance to hear at the time. I continue to go back to past years and find new stuff.

Posterity aside, however, the point here is to have fun, so please do that first and foremost. I know sometimes lists come in with bands spelled wrong and albums all wonky. It’s fine. Yeah, everything is culled together, but the point here is to stand up for music you’re into, so the rest will work out. Enjoyment is the thing, so enjoy it. No stress.

Thanks as always to Slevin, without whose patience, time and technical expertise this site would simply not exist.

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11 Responses to “The Top 20 of 2018 Year-End Poll is Now Open!”

  1. Chronicbias says:

    One of my favorite discoveries of 2018 is Fire Down Below – Hymn of the Cosmic Man ( ). If anyone has some more underground suggestions, I’d like to hear

  2. Brian says:

    Guru – El Arroyo
    Church of the Cosmic Skull – Science Fiction
    Mountain Dust – Seven Storms
    Hashteroid – Hashteroid
    Sleep – The Sciences / Leagues Beneath
    YOB – Our Raw Heart
    Melvins – Pinkus Abortion Technician
    Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back
    Monster Magnet – Mindfucker
    Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown
    The Sword – Used Future
    Graveyard – Peace
    Earthless – Black Heaven
    Green Druid – Ashen Blood
    Eagle Twin – The Thundering Heard
    Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard/Slomatics – Totems
    Merlin – The Wizard
    Sundrifter – Visitations
    Green Lung – Free the Witch
    Hazemaze – Hazemaze
    Black Rainbow – Pandaemonium
    Lonely Kamel – Death’s Head Hawkmoth
    Gozu – Equilibrium
    Freedom Hawk – Beast Remains
    Mos Generator – Shadowlands
    Crypt Trip – Rootstock
    The Death Wheelers – I Tread On Your Grave
    Here Lies Man – You Will Know Nothing
    Lowburn – Sleeping Giant
    Huntsmen – American Scrap
    Blackwulf – Sinister Sides
    Clamfight – III
    Naxatras – III
    Somali Yacht Club – The Sea
    Fu Manchu – Clone of the Universe
    Messa – Feast for Water
    Pyraweed – Green Jinn
    Killer Boogie – Acid Cream
    River Cult – Halcyon Daze
    Deathbell – With the Beyond
    Orphans of Doom – Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods
    Destroyer of Light – Hopeless
    Tunguska Mammoth – Breathless
    Green Desert Water – Solar Plexus
    Skeletonwitch – Devouring Radiant Light
    A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant
    Thou – Magus
    Stoned Jesus – Pilgrims
    Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions
    Pig Destroyer – Head Cage
    Suicidal Tendencies – Get Your Fight On!
    Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain
    Ancestors – Suspended in Reflections
    Black Tusk – TCBT
    Conan – Existential Void Guardian
    Black Wizard – Livin’ Oblivion
    Forming the Void – Rift
    The Necromancers – Of Blood and Wine
    The Hazytones – The Hazytones II: Monarchs of Oblivion
    Behemoth – I Loved You at Your Darkest
    Windhand – Eternal Return
    High On Fire – Electric Messiah
    Eggnogg – The Future of Humanity and What You Can Do About It, As Told by an Extraterrestrial Source
    Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – Wasteland
    Domkraft – Flood
    Nekrogoblikon – Welcome to Bonkers
    The Vintage Caravan – Gateways
    Sumac – Love In Shadow
    A Storm of Light – Anthroscene
    Beastmaker – Windows of Evil
    We Hunt Buffalo – Head Smashed In
    Belzebong – Light the Dankness
    Blue Dream – Volume Blue
    Electric Octopus – Pipe Dream Train
    Witchthroat Serpent – Swallow the Venom
    Black Label Society – Grimmest Hits
    Slow Green Thing – III
    Demonauta – Part 2: Temaukel, the Spirit Before Time
    Tombtoker – Coffin Texts
    Cloud – Deus Ex Machina
    Morag Tong – Last Knell of Om
    Domadora – Lacuna
    Astrodome – II
    The Machine – Faceshift
    The Re-Stoned – Ram’s Head
    Ruff Majik – Seasons
    Holy Mushroom – Moon / Blood and Soul
    Saturno Grooves – Solar Hawk
    Dune Pilot – Lucy
    The Great Machine – Respect
    Cosmic Fall – In Search of Outer Space
    REZN – Calm Black Water
    Toke – Toke
    1968 – Ballads of the Godless
    Craneium – The Narrow Line
    Captain Caravan – Shun the Sun
    Black Elephant – Cosmic Blues
    Holy Grove – Holy Grove II
    Rifflord – 7 Cremation Ground / Meditaion
    Nekromant – The Nekromant Lives
    Foghound – Awaken To Destroy
    Full Tone Generator – Valley of the Universe
    Disrule – Sleep in Your Honour
    Thunder Horse – Thunder Horse
    Brimstone Coven – What Was and What Shall Be
    Greenleaf – Hear the Rivers
    Dopethrone – Transcanadian Anger
    Iah – II
    Space Slug – Eye the Tide
    Haunted – Dayburner
    Turnip – Haunted Stereo
    Bongripper – Terminal
    Khemmis – Desolation
    Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows – Hymns
    Wasted Theory – Warlords of the New Electric
    All Them Witches – ATW
    GWAR – The Blood of Gods
    Legend of the Seagullmen – Legend of the Seagullmen

  3. Micheal says:

    No THOU in site, they had amazing releases all summer, very much surprised they are no where to be found on the year end list

  4. Geof says:

    I forgot to list the Record Store Day release of the Blue Cheer demos and the stereo/mono SACD format reissue of Jimi Hendrix – Axis: Bold As Love

  5. dutch gus says:

    Hmm, my list ended up heavily doom-weighted. Guess that’s what happens when you pick favourites in December. Didn’t make any distinction for ‘proper albums’ and short releases and I stand by that. Totems deserves to stand in the Main List for sure.
    Of course realised I missed Deadbird after hitting the button!
    Looking at your list JJ there’s a couple of things I missed that I mean to go back on, never got round to hearing that Spaceslug album for instance.
    Xmas Day session with Moloch was most festive heheh

  6. Colin M. says:

    Damn near impossible to narrow this year down to just 20. I had my Top 10, then there is virtually no distinction between 11-50 it seems. Still several releases that I just haven’t gotten around to listening to yet.

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