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Here’s what they have to say about beginning the recording process:

pale grey lore (Photo by Dan Simone)

Pale Grey Lore – New Album

We were quite happy with the way the first album turned out so we’ve decided to work with Columbus engineer/producer Andy Sartain again for our second one. Once we explained what we were looking for and gave him some feedback on the early mixes, he was able to dial in pretty much exactly the sound we were looking for. Andy is super easy to work with and has a really great ear. He had a lot of cool production ideas and interesting suggestions that really improved the first album, so we’re looking forward to collaborating with him on this next one.

One big difference between the writing of the first and second albums obviously is the addition of Xander, our second guitarist, whose background in audio engineering definitely helped inform the songwriting this time around. With the first album, a good chunk of the core material was the result of live jam sessions in which Michael and Adam were testing out ideas and writing parts together. When Donovan joined the band, he was encouraged to re-interpret the existing material in his own style and collaborate in the rest of the writing process. We tracked a few basic demos to nail down some overdub ideas, but a lot of what you hear in terms of additional guitars and vocal harmonies on the first record was basically written in the studio.

By contrast, in preparation for the second album we were thinking about arrangements and production choices right from the start, which resulted in more complex and nuanced writing. This time, we were able to do more extensive demoing with Xander which allowed us to hear how certain ideas were being realized in playback and adjust our writing accordingly. We’ve been pretty pleased with the results, and we’re very excited about the material that will make up this new record.

Pale Grey Lore is:
Michael Miller (guitar, vocals, theremin)
Adam Miller (drums)
Donovan Johnson (bass)
Xander Roseberry (guitar, backing vocals)

Pale Grey Lore, Pale Grey Lore (2016)

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  1. Gdog says:

    Such a good live band, bombastic with a feel for melody and a penchant for letting the riff linger and breath without overstaying it’s welcome. Can’t wait to hear the new material!

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