Black Road Post New Single “Witch of the Future”

Chicago doom rockers Black Road first issued ‘Witch of the Future’ as a standalone live track that came out in May 2017 as a name-your-price Bandcamp download. The studio version also tops 10 minutes and costs a buck. One dollar. Seems like a more than fair bargain for anyone who’s up for it. The classic Sabbathian roots of the guitar chug and bass runs are all over the song in whichever version, and frontwoman Suzi Usi tops a burgeoning instrumental chemistry between Tim Morano, Casey Popp and Robert Gonzales with a belted out melody that’s as much at home over the heaviest push as it is over the ending section of earliest-Witchcraft-style meandering in the guitar.

Black Road were recently part of the first lineup announcement to be part of the 2019 New England Stoner and Doom Fest (info here), and they’ll take part in that alongside Earthride, Youngblood Supercult and a host of others still to be announced. Should be good company to keep.

Here’s info on the single from the PR wire:

black road witch of the future

Black Road release digital single “Witch of the Future”

“The 11th Hour is upon us. “Witch of the Future” is now available on Bandcamp!

To all our buds: We have put a price of $1 (or name your own price if you’d like to donate more) on this over 10 minute track, in hopes of building up a fund to use toward our studio recording session for the upcoming full-length album. All proceeds will be put right back into the band and help us get this new album done and out to you faster! We truly appreciate any and all support you have shown us, and we sincerely hope you love the new track!”


Black Road is:
Vocals/Lyrics/Composition/Tambourine: Suzi Uzi
Guitars/Composition: Tim Morano
Bass: Casey Papp
Drums: Robert Gonzales

Black Road, “Witch of the Future”

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