Dun Ringill Post “Welcome to the Fun Fair Horror Time Machine” Video

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If the title sounds completely over the top, it is. I think that’s the idea. Apart from a studio snippet posted on the social medias, this is the first audio made public from Dun Ringill‘s impending debut album, Welcome, and it’s a rousing start. That’s probably the idea too. “Welcome to the Fun Fair Horror Time Machine.” What’s in a name, right?

Well, this name brings along nine-plus minutes of classic doom from members of Doomdogs and The Order of Israfel, among others — six dudes; plenty of pedigree to go around — and calls upon the masters of Scandinavian doom in order to cast its sound. Yes, I’m talking about Candlemass, but also some of Lord Vicar and Reverend Bizarre‘s ultra-schooled worship of Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath, doom that wants to get to the roots of when it and metal came together to become something dark and encompassing. I don’t know if horror themes will persist throughout Dun Ringill‘s recently-tracked LP, which Argonauta will release early next year, but they make an impression here with nod-ready riffs and vocals that swap between cleaner, Ozzy-style vocals and a throaty delivery of the titular hook that, yeah, it’s a little silly, but is also bound to get stuck in your head.

That is, get ready to spend the rest of your day welcoming various and sundry other people to the fun fair horror time machine. If only in your inner monologue.

I won’t claim to know what the rest of the album has in store, but “Welcome to the Fun Fair Horror Time Machine” is a more than solid execution of unpretentious traditional doom, and it bodes well for what might follow. The personnel already had me looking forward to the record. It’s fortunate to have the first glimpse at the material itself live up to that.


Dun Ringill, “Welcome to the Fun Fair Horror Time Machine” official video

We are so proud and happy to finally release our debut video!

The single is also out on all digital platforms.

It was easy for us to pick the track “Welcome to the Fun Fair Horror Time Machine” as the first video and single” the band explains. “It shows the variety of the band that has their roots in doom but paints them with nordic folk music. The lyric idea behind is to explore the evil and dark side of our minds and this song and video shows it pretty well.“

Filmed & Directed by Robert Hellström
Make up Marianne Stepperud Antonsen
Actors Tomas Olsson, Ozzy Grammann, Eddie Grammann
Special thanks to Nalles Tivoli

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