All Them Witches Announce Lineup Change; Band to Continue as Trio

Well, every All Them Witches record has been different from the one before it, and no matter what else happens, that’s bound to be the case with their next one as well. In an announcement posted over the weekend, the Nashville heavy-psych blues forerunners made public the departure of keyboardist Jonathan Draper. Draper was, of course, their second organist, taking the place of founding member Allan Van Cleave, who left the band prior to the recording of their latest album, ATW (review here). The stated intention is to carry on as the core three-piece, though if you have Rhodes and will travel, I wouldn’t not hit them up, since as bassist/vocalist Charles Michael Parks, Jr. says in the statement below, it’s an “indefinite” change. That hardly means forever.

Parks, guitarist Ben McLeod and drummer Robby Staebler certainly want for nothing as regards chemistry between them, so while that dynamic will inherently change without a fourth member, one expects they’ll come through. It might be an album or two getting settled, but the fact that they tour so hard invariably means that if there’s something to figure out musically or in terms of their presentation, they’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so. These guys have earned a good amount of trust in my book at this point.

Here’s what Parks had to say:

all them witches (Photo by Ryan Musick)

Hi there, time to talk about change!

Robby, Ben and I have been making music together for 6 years, and since then we have had an insane array of friends and family come and go through our musical life. We love all of them, we cherish all of them and their time, and talent. We want to celebrate the time we have spent together. Since our formation, the one goal I have had for this band is to be open, vulnerable, and willing to love and adapt to change as it presents itself.

That being said, we have decided to proceed in our musical experience as a 3 piece band, indefinitely. The power trio has been a huge part of rock tradition, and we are happy to join the ranks. I know this may be disappointing to some of you who have known us for awhile, and I fully understand the hesitation when the “known” becomes “unknown.” But what I want to say is, we love music, and there would be no reason for us to go on the road or endure what we endure if not for the transformative power of music. It is an ancient pull, and I don’t know exactly where it comes from, but we are knee deep and wading out.

Sincerely, thank you for supporting and trusting us. We have all rooted ourselves into the lives of each other, us to you, and in kind, you to us. There is no way to describe sharing the band/fan connection every night, but we are overjoyed to experience it with you.

-Parks ATW

All Them Witches, ATW (2018)

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4 Responses to “All Them Witches Announce Lineup Change; Band to Continue as Trio”

  1. Blake T says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this…the keys are kind of integral to their sound. I spent a good portion watching Allan play the last couple times I’ve seen them and always liked the role that he played in regards to their “sound”. But…they surprise me with every new album so….fingers crossed…

    • Bernd says:

      I saw them yesterday in Vienna, Austria. Wasn’t aware of the lineup-change prior to the concert.
      The keys were missed. Painfully so. I didn’t fully realize before, how very important they were/are for the sound of the band. It was a little like being presented with just the Skeleton of their music. It was rather underwhelming to say the least. Sure, the remaining trio are still briliant musicians, but yesterday they sounded like a generic rockband a lot of the time, with the special ATW-magic missing I’m afraid.

  2. Philip Scoggins says:

    I agreed 100% until I saw them play Friday night. They were really great! At no time did I think they were missing a piece.

  3. John B9 says:

    Just got into the band this month and was impressed enough to buy a ticket to the show they’ll be having in April around here. Really missing the keyboards though…any chance you can pick up a new member this winter?

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