Here’s Why I Decided to Do Merch Again

Yeah, I said it would never happen. First of all, this is rock and roll, and anyone who’s ever seen a reunion show — which I think at this point is everybody — should know how long ‘never’ lasts. It doesn’t matter what I said. Doesn’t matter what I say now either, I guess. Okay, post over. Thanks for reading.

I know money’s tight. Money’s tight for me too. I’m as broke as I’ve ever been. I’m not doing merch for money. I’m doing merch because this site is coming up on a special occasion and it’s one of the little ways to celebrate it.

And it is a celebration. Last time I did tshirts and hoodies, it was very much a first-timer experience. I was so dumb about it. Took preorders for a week and sold 110 shirts, then had to have them all made and sent out to the US and Europe and Japan and Australia. It was a HUGE expense on my part and a significant pain in the ass, and in the end I lost money on the endeavor.

Well, along come Dave from Made in Brooklyn Silkscreeners — who did the stuff last time, so I know it’s quality work — and Matt Bacon from Dropout Merch, and they’ve got a fulfillment model. Nothing’s made that isn’t sold, and they handle all the shipping and it’s all built into the cost. I get $10 per shirt sold, which is more than I made doing it myself, and none of the extra work that, worst of all, cut into my writing time. I trust them to not screw it up or screw anyone over. That’s what matters.

There are four designs and here they are (click to enlarge):

The top two are by CAVUMscriptorum and Harley and J, and the bottom two are Alexander von Wieding. The CAVUM one (top left) and the von Wieding without the rays (bottom left) are new this time. It makes me sad to think that I’d feel too much like dude-in-his-own-band’s-shirt to wear one, but that space boogie design is fucking rad. I think they’re all cool and I hope you agree.

If you buy a shirt, thanks. You’re directly helping to support my ability to do this site as well as, I don’t know, buy groceries? If you don’t buy a shirt and you think I’m a scumbag trying to make a buck, well, okay, but if that was my aim, I’d probably have folded this fucking endeavor a long time ago and gotten an actual job for which I probably wouldn’t work half as hard or care half as much.

Alright, that’s it. Thanks for reading, and thanks to MIBK Dave and Matt Bacon for coddling my hyper-protective ass through the process of getting this going,

Merch is here if you’re interested. Appreciate the support either way:

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  1. libertycaps says:

    This site is obvs a “labor of love” for JJ. Cheers!

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