Redlake Circus Premiere Video for “Bethel (Enki/Enlil/Anu)”

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Redlake Circus, “Bethel (Enki/Enlil/Anu)” official video

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Redlake Circus on “Bethel (Enki/Enlil/Anu)”:

Song is called BETHEL ( ENKI – ENLIL – ANU). Bethel is the third single from our latest album “Thelema.” Bethel is a 9 mins instrumental.

Song divided in 3 sections:
Enki representing our earthy emotions, the body , the creation… the dance of the snake.

Enlil brother of Enki, representing the water, the flood, as Ouroboros, cycles, sometimes we need to destroy something to be able to build again a new thing, this could be physical or emotional. From our material possession to our spiritual believes and state of consciousness.

Anu the father of both, representing fire, the explosion of our emotions, releasing the anger, sufferings or love and euphoria inside of us, the connection with something way beyond our minds. This part ends with a soft tapping melody which represent the air, a soft cleansing experience, unity between the three. Time to breathe and start over again.

Redlake Circus is:
Santana: Vocals & Guitars
Mateo Morandi: Bass
Johannes Möckel: Drums

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