Roadburn 2018 Trip Pt. 4: Thawing Antarcticans

weirdo canyon dispatch issues.

04.20.18 – 11:22AM CET – Friday morning – Hotel Mercure Rm. 224

We beat yesterday’s record in getting the Weirdo Canyon Dispatch to the press by upwards of four minutes. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Yesterday was 10:46AM. Today was 10:42AM. It’s all gone so smoothly up to now that it’s hard not to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sooner or later, disaster will strike. Probably Sunday earthless thumbs upwhen we’re doing the folding and printing in-house.

I wandered up to the merch area last night as I mentioned in the review (which Earthless were kind enough to re-tweet and give a thumb’s up). One thing I didn’t get to talk about that I saw was a flyer for a liquor shop that promised “the best brews near Weirdo Canyon,” and then had “Weirdo Canyon” in that psychedelic font that everyone uses. Like a lot of people, I very much enjoy naming things. I don’t even remember how long ago I called that stretch of cafes and bars Weirdo Canyon for the first time, but it’s awesome to see how it’s caught on over the years.

Last night as I was waiting forweirdo canyon liquors Mirror Queen to go on, I saw the news that Sleep have a new album out today. I love that they dropped it like a Beyoncé record or something. No prior notice, just here it is, on April 20. I’m making my way through it for the first time as I type this, and while “Sonic Titan” and “Antarcticans Thawed” are familiar from live clips and so on, the opening noise wash title-track and bongripping nod of “Marijuanaut’s Theme” are certainly welcome advents. Few heavy bands could get away with putting out a surprise record after about 15 years since their last non-reissue release. Actually, Sleep are probably it. I’ll have a review up next Wednesday, which is basically the first day I can do it, and I hope by then to have heard the record 50 or so more times and found some more info on who recorded it, etc.

New Orange Goblin track as well today. You’d think it was some kind of magical stoner holiday or something.

I’ll take the new music as it comes, of course, but there’s still plenty to seesleep-the-sciences today around these parts. Comet Control are my must, and I’m not sure yet if the day will wrap with Damo Suzuki & Earthless at Kopelhal or with Red Octopus at the Hall of Fame, but we’ll see. Not stressing out about it worked pretty well yesterday, so I think I’ll give that another shot.

Yeah, this Sleep is pretty right on. Like a birthday present for the universe.

Gonna try and crash for an hour or so, then lunch and on with the day and Motorpsycho kicking things off on the Main Stage at 3:10. Tomorrow is my busiest day, but there’s a bit of back and forth today as well, so better to be as rested, hydrated and generally ready to roll as possible.

Roadburn 2018 day two. Off I go.

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