Earth Messiah Sign to Argonauta Records; Debut Full-Length Coming Soon

Seems to me that if you’re a relatively new band looking to get attention with your first demo, calling it something like Nocturnal Thoughtgrinder might not be a bad way to go. One could argue it worked well enough for Swedish three-piece Earth Messiah, who’ve signed to ever-expanding Italian imprint Argonauta Records for the release of their soon-to-be-recorded-and-much-more-generically-named debut album, Ouroboros. You can stream the current two-tracker now at the bottom of this post, and to my ears it brings to mind some of the burl of pre-social media European heavy, what groups like Mustasch were up to around 2002-2003. It’s got its own edge, to be sure, but there’s a touch of that classic stoner rock vibe and I’ll be darned if the riff to “Always Remember” doesn’t feel right out of the Kyuss playbook. Nothing wrong with that.

The PR wire made the thing official:

earth messiah


We’re thrilled to welcome in the family Swedish Stoner Rocker trio EARTH MESSIAH.

EARTH MESSIAH born in 2017, when long time stoner fans Mathias Helgesson (Unhealth, Ex Lawgiver) and Patrik Orrmén (ex Fuzztrated, ex Rhubarb Blues Band) met up to write some tunes together. Things hit off directly, and the tracks seemed to come naturally as soon as the two played together.

With Mathias strong songwriting and the pounding drive of Patriks drums in place, the search began for more band members who shared their mutual vision. After trying out some bass players and vocalists, it was decided that Mathias vocals was more fitting for their style. In early 2018 they met up with Marcus Hedkvist (From Soil, ex Eskatologia) and it was fuzz at first sight, thus completing the power trio.

The band says: “We’re very excited to sign to the Argonauta roster! We feel like we’re in great company and that this will be a good platform to reach out with our music. We’re right now doing preproduction demos for the upcoming album “Ourobouros” – and we feel that we have a strong 8 track album which is likely to create a buzz for you listeners! Stay tuned for blues fueled stoner rock greatness!”

The two track demo “Nocturnal Thoughtgrinder was recorded in late 2017, and rendered in lots of positive feedback and interest in the band. They are currently recording the debut album “Ourobouros”. Stay tuned kids!

Earth Messiah, Nocturnal Thoughtgrinder (2018)

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