Ester Segarra Photography Anthology Ars Umbra to be Released by Season of Mist

Here’s a fun fact: I’m fortunate enough to say that 2018 will be my 10th time attending the Roadburn festival. For most of those years, I have been fortunate enough to have a pass to let me take pictures in the photo pit; an experience for which I’m continually grateful. Among the many talented others with which I’ve shared that sometimes-cramped space between the audience barricade and the stage has been London-based photographer Ester Segarra. I’ve never said hi to her once. Not once. No introduction. Never said, “Hi Ester, my name is JJ. You probably have no idea who I am but I’m a big admirer of your work and just wanted to say hello,” like I practiced and swore to myself I would do last year.

Why not? Because Ester Segarra is fucking amazing. That’s why not. Because I’m not worthy of saying hi to someone whose talent reaches that caliber. Ester Segarra‘s photos have helped define the aesthetic of heavy metal for more than a decade. No. You don’t bother Ester Segarra even when you’re standing there waiting for the next band to come on stage. What you do is you make sure your big dumb head isn’t blocking her shot, and if it is — spoiler alert: it probably is — you get the hell out of the way quickly, because Ester Segarra not only earned the right to take that picture, she invariably will do a better job of it than just about anyone else.

It’s not every photog who gets an anthology published by Season of Mist with a companion record by Uno Bruniusson of In Solitude and Death Alley. But yeah, we’re not talking about every photog here, are we?

From the PR wire:

ester segarra

Season of Mist to release ESTER SEGARRA photo anthology with companion album by Uno Bruniusson (GRAVE PLEASURES, IN SOLITUDE)

Renowned photographer ESTER SEGARRA has been an integral part of the worldwide heavy music landscape for over 15 years. SEGARRA’s multitude of photos have been featured in every major metal magazine, a wide array of critically acclaimed albums, some of the most popular band photos circulating the internet, and has worked for perennial artists such as MAYHEM, ROTTING CHRIST, WATAIN, DARKTHRONE, ABBATH, ELECTRIC WIZARD, and many more.

After years of compiling her work, ESTER SEGARRA will release her anthology photo-book titled ‘Ars Umbra’ later this year via Season of Mist. The ‘Ars Umbra’ anthology will feature an original score composed by Uno Bruniusson (GRAVE PLEASURES, IN SOLITUDE, PROCESSION, and more).

Regarding the book announcement, ESTER SEGARRA comments: “The anthology, ‘Ars Umbra’ celebrates 15 years of my music photography. Pictures and music are presented in the form of a photo-book with an added original soundtrack, which I had specially commissioned from percussionist extraordinaire, Uno Bruniusson (ex-IN SOLITUDE, DEATH ALLEY, PROCESSION). His music has been created to provide a rhythm, a mind-space that alters the experience of the book. This project has consumed me for the last two years and I am very glad and honoured to have it finally released via Season of Mist, which is most fitting; considering their eclectic roster of bands, their boundary pushing attitude and their graphic art outlet E-Kunst. Having worked many times with this label before, I know their fire is as strong as mine. The time will soon come to unleash and fuel the flames of ‘Ars Umbra’!”

For over a decade, ESTER SEGARRA has re-imagined the visual aspect of heavy metal for bands like GHOST, WATAIN, ELECTRIC WIZARD, CATHEDRAL, MAYHEM, KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST, AT THE GATES, CARCASS, DARKTHRONE, ROTTING CHRIST, VENOM, ABBATH, and many more.

Through her lens, SEGARRA has captured some of extreme music’s most notorious players and in turn become one of the most prolific and significant contemporary music photographers.

More news about ESTER SEGARRA will be available at the Season of Mist website.

Ester Segarra, Photo Exhibit at Roadburn 2011

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