Hazemaze Sign to Kozmik Artifactz for Self-Titled Debut; New Video Streaming

While no question that, as the PR wire asserts, there’s a core element of ’70s vibing in the initial impression from Hazemaze, I’m getting some pretty strong post-Fu Manchu fuzz from their new video, which if you’re so inclined you can view below. It’s for the track “Beast and Prey” from the Swedish three-piece’s impending self-titled debut, which will be out on Kozmik Artifactz later this year, and as I haven’t heard the full record yet, I guess the question is just how much interaction those two pivotal-to-heavy-rock decades will have in the band’s sound ultimately.

In any case, I give Hazemaze immediate points for spelling “volume” with a ‘y’ as they do in the quote that follows here. Something I’ve legitimately never seen before in a press release, and I don’t know if you knew this about me, but I read a lot of press releases.

To wit:


Kozmik Artifactz Welcome New Signing – Hazemaze

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Hazemaze, the newest band to join the Kozmik Family.

Hazemaze are a 70’s infused stoner-rock band hailing from the middle of Sweden, surrounded by lakes and forest. In the depth of Mälardalen, the three piece summoned the forces of fuzz and heavy riffing in the spring of 2016. A combination of early doom-rock and psychedelic elements with a modern touch is what creates the bands heavy fuzz sound.
In the fall of 2017 they went up north to the city of Falun to record their first full length album. The self-titled studio album will be released in 2018 through Kozmik Artifactz.

Speaking of the signing with Kozmik, Bass player, Stefan Carillo said:

“We are super stoked to announce that we have signed to Kozmik Artifactz for the release of our self-titled debut album!

It’s been a dream of our to release a vinyl record since we started playing together, and the Kozmik crew made it happen! Our hopes for the future is that with the help of Kozmik Artifactz we can reach a broader audience and spread the gospel of Fuzz, Volym and Riffs!”

Hazemaze are:
Vox/Guitar – Ludvig Andersson
Bass – Stefan Carrillo
Drums – Nils Einéus


Hazemaze, “Beast and Prey” official video

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  1. Esset says:

    As it happens, volym is simply how you write volume in Swedish.

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