High Reeper Post “Die Slow” Video; European Tour Dates Coming Soon

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As Philly’s heavy scene expands, it’s cool to see bands coming up with a variety of sounds. Alongside psych rock acts like Ruby the Hatchet and Ecstatic Vision, High Reeper cast a gritty impression born of proto-doom riffing but presented with a modern edge in its production. The band, who self-released their self-titled debut (review here) earlier this year, signed to Heavy Psych Sounds to give it a wider/official pressing, and as has been known to happen in the best of cases, High Reeper have linked up with the label’s booking arm as well and will tour Europe this Spring. Right in the thick of festival season, as it happens. Funny how these things work out sometimes.

For many, the clip below for “Die Slow” will be their first exposure to High Reeper‘s Sabbath-fueled stylings, and with the five-piece headbanging away on stage, it’s just as light on BS visually as it is in structure — a good sense of what it’s all about and a propensity for following the riff? These are not things with which to argue. As the dates are announced, I’ll be interested to see particularly who they wind up hitting the road with — whether it’s a native European act or American compatriots. The label’s roster offers plenty of sound company to keep, of course, and whether it’s the likes of Killer Boogie, who also have a new record coming, or Texas rockers Duel, who’ve been abroad a couple times already — or hell, both — it seems like there’s a cool opportunity to put a killer package together.

Speculation on my part, of course. I haven’t heard anything or anything. When I do, I’ll post the dates, of course. Till then, you can check out the “Die Slow” clip below, followed as ever by more info from the PR wire.


High Reeper, “Die Slow” official video

Die Slow is the first official music video of the upcoming High Reeper’s album !!!

The self-titled album will be released via Heavy Psych Sounds on March 16th

The US based rockers will tour Europe from 26th of April to 19th of May 2018 !!!

High Reeper’s self titled debut is an unapologetic punch to the face for fans of early ‘70s proto-metal. The sound and smell of leather, weed, boozing, gambling and death permeate the record from start to finish. Nine tracks that run from uptempo straight ahead rock, to slowed down, heavy, early doom. With a rhythm section throwing down grooves that are deeper than the darkest abyss and guitars big enough to put a hole in your chest, the record’s finale hits just as hard as its opening track. Vocals that soar above the guitars with laser like precision, while delivering a direct hit to your soul. Produced, engineered and mixed by bass player Shane Trimble at TTR studios in Philadelphia and at his home studio Delwood sound in Delaware. The production is laced with old school elements while still maintaining the focus of a modern release. Recorded in the fall of 2017, High Reeper is meant to be played loud and to be played often.


High Reeper is:
Pat Daly
Zach Thomas
Andrew Price
Napz Mosley
Shane Trimble

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