Orphanage Named Earth to Release Re-Evolve on Argonauta Records

With a blend of post-metal and rawer hardcore as their sonic foundation, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to liken Polish newcomers Orphanage Named Earth to the atmospheric assault brought to bear by Converge, but in listening to the newly-signed-to-Argonauta five-piece’s Demo 2015, they seem to go further along the path of ambience and further along the path of harsh crust both than do the long-running crossover champions, setting up a stark contrast between the two sides rather than a single approach between them. Orphanage Named Earth are a pretty new band, so they might get there and they might not, but the blend they’ve got going in the meantime works in their favor on the demo and one is curious to hear how it might pan out on their forthcoming debut long-player, Re-Evolve.

The album is set to release early 2018 on Argonauta Records, who announced they’d picked up the band thusly via the PR wire:

orphanage named earth


Thrilled to welcome in Argonauta Records family ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH, Post Metal / Hardcore Sludgers from Poland.

The band formed in 2015 as a four-piece and recorded a 5 songs demo, self released in February 2016 and distributed among friends and allies. At that time, the band coined their music as ‘romantic crust’, originally as a joke, but it caught on and stayed with the band, as according to many, it defines their music style very well.

As a five-piece now, the band played a few gigs in Poland and rehearsed immensely to record a debut full-length album in August-September 2017 at Dobra 12 Studio. The album, called ‘Re-evolve’, is a story of romantic thinking about the world of peace, respect for human and animal life and earth liberation, meeting the brutality of metal, crust d-beat and harsh but atmospheric guitars. Lyrically, the band touches important sociological issues evolving around one main topic: human greed and selfishness, as according to the band, human thinking needs to re-evolve unless we want to live in the world of wars and exploitation.

The band says: “We are excited about inking the deal with Argonauta Records. As ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH we want to bring DIY punk and metal communities together, and we feel that Argonauta is the best platform to do so.”

ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH “Re-evolve”, 60 minutes of “romantic crust” played by Kima – guitar, Peter – guitar, Hubert – bass, Michal – drums, Wojtek – vocals, will see the light by early 2018. Tour dates to follow soon.


Orphanage Named Earth, Demo 2015

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