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We’re more than a year out now from the release of Långfinger‘s third album and Small Stone Records debut, Crossyears (review here), and the Swedish trio continue to provide the offering worthy support. Last month, they wrapped yet another round of touring that took them through Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic, and they’ve got a brand new video premiering today for “Say Jupiter,” the second cut from the record.

I don’t know who in Långfinger‘s world owns a restaurant and decided to give the three-piece access to the kitchen for the purposes of the Anders Bryngel-directed clip, but the results are pretty hilarious. As anyone who’s ever made one can tell you, a good meal is as much about preparation as it is about the taste of the outcome, and whether they’re in the kitchen rocking out or in the front of the house getting the royal treatment from the waitstaff — also played by them — bassist/vocalist Victor Crusner, guitarist/backing vocalist Kalle Lilja and drummer/backing vocalist Jesper Pihl seem to be having a great time putting it altogether. Whatever dinner turns out to be, it’s apparently a pretty transcendent experience. Must’ve had a lot of garlic.

God damn, I love garlic.

What were we talking about? Oh right, Långfinger. Well, the way I see it, the only question is whether or not the “Say Jupiter” video — which is the band’s second time working with Bryngel after their clip for “Fox Confessor” (premiered here) — is the band’s way of bidding farewell to Crossyears as they move ahead toward their fourth album. They’ve reportedly been at work on their next outing and even played some new material live on the aforementioned Fall tour, so it seems to me there’s a chance 2018 could bring that record to life at one point or another. Will be worth keeping an eye on for sure.

And in the meantime, the partnership between the band and Bryngel yields charm-laden dividends once again here with “Say Jupiter,” so check out the video below, followed by more info from the PR wire, and please enjoy:

Långfinger, “Say Jupiter” official video premiere

From Långfinger’s third full length album “Crossyears”, released September 30th, 2016 on Small Stone Records.

Directed, produced and edited by Anders Bryngel.

Kalle Lilja – Guitars & backing vocals
Victor Crusner – Bass, keys & lead vocals
Jesper Pihl – Drums & backing vocals

Långfinger, from the fertile rock ‘n’ roll city of Gothenburg, have been playing together since they were in their early teens, and their third album, called ‘Crossyears’, is both the thrilling culmination of their collective endeavour, and a rumination on it – on how Time has shaped them and brought them to this point. Within its hard-hitting grooves, the interlocking of Långfinger’s three disparate characters – Kalle, the unflappable, precision axeman; Jesper, the athletic sticksman battering out physical revenge on his kit; and Victor, the intense, exploratory spirit, bridging thundering bass and howling exorcism – is a magical proposition.

Långfinger, Crossyears (2016)

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