Signo Rojo Set Nov. 24 Release for Debut Album Svårfödd

Just to give you a little bit of context, the last time Swedish post-metallers Signo Rojo were discussed around these parts, the first link I provided was to hear their demo tracks posted on their MySpace page. That was 2011, so yeah, it’s safe to say that the four-piece’s impending debut album, Svårfödd, has been a while in the making. Sure enough, the group has a story to tell when it comes to putting the record together, the process thereof, and it would seem to involve unusable recordings, moving back and forth, folding labels, sexually transmitted diseases, and a host of other struggles. In the end, they’re putting the collection out themselves, and they’ve started work on a follow-up. One hopes the making of that will be smoother, for their sake if no one else’s.

The PR wire recounts the tale:

signo rojo

Signo Rojo announce new album!

“Svårfödd” is the quick DIY- album that ended up being a 4-year struggle that almost ended one of Sweden’s most promising heavy acts.

In late 2013 Swedish sludgemetal band SIGNO ROJO started to record a full length album of some of the material they had been sharpening in their live-set since releasing their first two EP’s. With a short deadline set they entered the studio in december of that year.

From there on everything went wrong.

Technical difficulties, mental health issues, malfunctioning amplifiers and a tight schedule meant that almost the entire session had to be scrapped.

Not daunted by the setback the band splurged what little money they had on a in-house setup to finish the recordings in their rehearsal space. An arduous process that added a few months to an already stretched schedule.

At the same time vocalist/bassist Jonas had to move city, and record all the vocals by himself in a different studio. When finishing up the last vocal tracks the studio experienced a hardware malfunction that rendered all the tracks useless.

Jonas ended up moving back again, re-recording the vocals in the in-house studio. The end result was better, bitter and way more pissed. With all the elements on tape it would seem that the hard work was all over and was about to pay off. This was late September 2015…

Now, 4 years later, after battling drug induced procrastination, bad mixes and a particularly bad case of gonorrhea the album is finally done, finished and ready for release. Or, well. It would be, if the first and second label SIGNO ROJO was signed to release on haden’t folded during sisyphean recording process…

With a fist full of middle fingers the band decided to just release the fucking thing – as they’re already in the process of recording the next EP (coming Q2 2018) – for free.

The album is available on the 24th of November at Bandcamp, Spotify and your local torrent site.

Signo Rojo is:
Jonas – Vocals and Bass
Elias – Guitar
Ola – Guitar
Pontus – Drums

Signo Rojo, Svårfödd album teaser

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