I Klatus Post “Final Communion” Video; Nagual Sun out Now

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Guitarist/vocalist Tom Denney of I Klatus has a visual style that’s no less warped than the bleak, all-brown-and-grey psychedelia conjured by his band. In his graphics work, one finds ritualistic vibes and elements cast sometimes into an oblivion of richly-hued colors or sometimes turned monstrous by forces unknown, and listening to the churn brought to bear in “Final Communion,” the closing track from I Klatus‘ fourth and latest full-length, Nagual Sun (review here), the impression is little different. There’s a firm sense of the sound being born as a rite of space-creation, the making of a world in which to dwell, and it’s a place that Denney, bassist John E. Bomher, Jr., and drummer Chris Wozniak craft unmistakably as their own.

Perhaps most of all, I Klatus‘ music is a space in which the band itself can get lost in transcendentalist fashion. To wit, the last interaction of chants in “Final Communion” seem to be as much about trying to grasp the ethereal at the very ending minute as much as creating some outward engagement of atmosphere. It’s the band reaching inward. Audience becomes almost a secondary or tertiary consideration to the process of the ritual itself. I don’t think they mind witnesses — if they did, why record at all? — but there’s something so personal about “Final Communion” that makes it the perfect summary of Nagual Sun‘s remarkably bizarre but deeply nuanced proceedings, righteously heavy in their tone and in the underlying animalism of their methods.

Though I won’t take anything away from the animation or how well the smoky colorations and symbols represent the song, the highlight of the “Final Communion” video is the track itself. The band posted it as the third visual representation of Nagual Sun behind clips for “Sorcerer’s Gaze” (posted here) and “Beneath the Waves,” the latter of which you can also see at the bottom of this post, where you’ll also find the full stream of the record from I Klatus‘ Bandcamp, just because I think it’s worth your time. Hopefully you agree.

Please enjoy:

I Klatus, “Final Communion” official video

Coinciding with the release of new album Nagual Sun, Chicago Doom/Sludge eclectics I KLATUS have released the official video for album cut “Final Communion.”

Nagual Sun is available on digital and analog (cassette) formats. Stream and/or purchase at: https://iklatus.bandcamp.com/album/nagual-sun

The overall sound of Nagual Sun maintains the gritty roots for which I KLATUS is known, while at the same time launches the group into new and more fully fleshed-out dimensions of weirdness. Tom Denney is the primary soothsayer behind I KLATUS. Denney trades growling vocals with bass player, John E. Bomher, Jr. (BURY THE MACHINES, YAKUZA), who doubles as the band’s producer with his extensive experience in the studio; his work on the album sets this release head and shoulders above their previous efforts in terms of production quality.

The drums are championed by Chris Wozniak (LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, EARTHEN GRAVE, SERPENT CROWN) who metes out doom in guttural timing. Some noises and textures by former member, Robert Bauwens, are also tucked into the nooks and crannies of these tracks.

I Klatus is:
Tom Denney – guitar/vocals/art
John E. Bomher, Jr. – bass/vocals/production
Chris Wozniak – drums

I Klatus, Nagual Sun (2017)

I Klatus, “Beneath the Waves” official video

I Klatus on Bandcamp

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