Interstelar Set Dec. 8 Release for Resin via Kozmik Artifactz


Los Angeles heavy troupe Interstelar released their Resin album last year independently and will follow-up with a reissue via Kozmik Artifactz on Dec. 8, all official-vinyl-like. The cover art alone justifies an LP pressing, but one finds Resin a work of professional-grade production and songcraft — heft and melody coexisting fluidly in material that borders on the psychedelic without necessarily losing itself in a structureless void. Plus, if you ever wanted to spend the rest of your day walking around with the word “resin” repeating in your head, well, look no further than the title-track. That always helps too.

The original version of Resin can be streamed in its entirety at the bottom of this post via the Interstelar Bandcamp page, and the following info came down the PR wire:

interstelar resin

Introducing INTERSTELAR: Los Angeles-based rockers to officially release Resin worldwide on Kozmik Artifactz

Resin by Interstelar is released on 8th December 2017 through Kozmik Artifactz

Since 2005, Interstelar has been grinding it out on every filthy, neon splattered stage in Los Angeles. Honed razor sharp by the laws of the concrete jungle and piloted by founding member, singer/guitarist Jason Kothmann.

Originally enlisting the help of friends Gio DalMonte on bass (replaced shortly afterward by Earl Houston) and Kiko Montecillo on guitar, the trio eventually found Jeff Murray – who now tours with world beating psych thrashers The Shrine – to play drums. With that line-up Interstelar recorded and released their debut EP React in Silence in 2006 and continued to play live in and around the Los Angeles area, making inroads wherever they could.

Following numerous line-up changes, the band entered Total Annihilation Studios in East LA in 2011 with engineer Eddie Rivas to record a follow up EP, On Black Waves. The band’s first full-length album, Resin, swallows everything in its path from the underground skyward, pulling monstrous, stoner rock riffs high above Terra Firma and into realms of sweeping and celestial post and progressive rock. It’s arguably their finest release to date.

After countless recording and re-recording sessions, endless mixing and that usual dose of intermittent drama, Resin was self-released digitally in August 2016 and featured the current line-up of Kothmann on vocals and rhythm guitar, Gary Gladson on lead, PJ McMullan on drums and Joe “Pooch” Puccio on bass.

Out this December for the very first time on vinyl and at last scheduled for a worldwide release on 8th December 2017 through Kozmik Artifactz, the official arrival of Resin marks a giant progression for the band and one that will raise them up from the underground.

J. Kothmann – Vocals, Guitar
Gary Gladson – Lead Guitar
P.J. McMullan – Drums
Joe “Pooch” Puccio – Bass

Resin tracklisting:
1. SiL0
2. Resin
3. High Horse
4. Hold It
5. Opposite Daze (II)
6. Armada (II)
7. Behold
8. Sequoia

Interstelar, Resin (2016)

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