Review & Video Premiere: Steak, No God to Save


[Click play above to watch Steak’s new video for ‘Living Like a Rat.’ No God to Save is available now via Ripple Music.]

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The inevitable follow-up,¬† Cosmetic Business Plan - Instead of worrying about term paper writing find the necessary help here Learn all you need to know about custom writing leave No God to Save, finds¬† writing a service ceux qui vivent sont ceux qui luttent dissertation free essay generator dissertation philosophie travail bonheur Steak signed to respected purveyor¬† With 3 levels of manuscript look at this site, Editage addresses the needs of all researchers. Choose from our comprehensive online editing services Ripple Music out of California, and while the foursome made a point to travel to that most golden of states’ desert to record their debut — a once-in-a-lifetime chance of which any band would be foolish not to take advantage for the memory and life experience alone, never mind the actual fuzz captured at Thunder Underground¬†— this time they’ve stuck closer to home, putting together the 10-track/48-minute offering at¬†Titan Studios in Watford, northwest of London, with producer¬†Steve Sears (Krokodil,¬†Gallows,¬†Diesel King, etc.). That’s a significant change of approach in itself — not to mention geography — but with the vocals of¬†Chris “Kippa” Haley at the forefront of forward-driving cuts like “Coke Dick” and “Living Like a Rat,”¬†Steak reemerge on their second full-length with a deeply recognizable sound in tone and structure. They sound, in other words, like themselves.

And it comes through clearly in the songwriting that their time on stage over the last few years has helped them refine the definition of what “themselves” means. While it cut its teeth in tonal buzz and a generally straightforward build of momentum,¬†Slab City was almost inextricably tethered to the post-Kyuss vibe it actively sought.¬†No God to Save still showcases this influence in some of¬†Tee‘s riffing on seven-minute opener and longest track (immediate points) “Overthrow” or the later “Creeper,” but when one examines the tracklisting as a whole, that becomes only one element at work across a much broader and ultimately richer presentation. Atop the solid foundation in the rhythm section of bassist¬†James “Cam” Cameron and drummer¬†Sammy Forway,¬†Steak explore more spacious vibes beginning in “Overthrow” and throughout ensuing pieces like the bass-led “Clones,” “Mountain” and the penultimate “Wickerman.”

steak photo sam mellish

“Rough House” provides some rolling middle-ground in side B, as “King Lizard” does on side A, and instrumental closer “The Ebb” brings in acoustic atmospherics complemented by a sparse landscape of electric lead flourish and dramatic piano, cymbal hits and tom thud, and with the aforementioned thrust of “Coke Dick” and “Living Like a Rat,” there’s a firm sense of dynamics at work. But it’s the shift into this more multifaceted style that most distinguishes¬†No God to Save from¬†Slab City and¬†Steak‘s prior short releases, and listening to the fluidity brought to bear as “Overthrow” shifts into “Coke Dick” and “Clones” moves through “King Lizard” en route to “Living Like a Rat,”¬†No God to Save feels built with the intention to emphasize the variety between one piece and the next, even as the flow goes uninterrupted for the duration. If one takes “Mountain” as the leadoff for side B (also the longest track there; secondary points),¬†Steak envision even wider expanses as “Rough House,” “Creeper,” “Wickerman” and “The Ebb” push further outward from what the first half of¬†No God to Save already proves — namely that, while still¬†earthy in their heft and tone,¬†Steak are interested in expressing more than played-to-style desert rock.

That becomes the prevailing impression of¬†No God to Save as the band groove and careen along their increasingly diverse path, and while one wonders how far they’d be willing to push that impulse before snapping back to dead-ahead riff-rocking¬†√† la “Living Like a Rat” as a focal point — they’ve jammed before, to be sure, but how psychedelic can Steak¬†get? — the fact that they’re demonstrating multiple sides of their sonic personality establishes them as a more mature and complete unit. Add to that the sharp performances of¬†Tee,¬†Cameron and¬†Forway, the commanding frontman-ism of¬†Haley and the depth of mix given to the material by¬†Sears‘ studio work, and¬†No God to Save becomes more than just a check-in from a band who had an impressive debut a couple years back and positions them all the more as a group to be taken seriously when it comes to making an impact within and beyond their regional scene. All along,¬†Steak have been a band with marked potential. Front to back, in its individual moments of detail and its increased range,¬†No God to Save sees that begin to pay off.

Burgeoning maturity suits¬†Steak well, and it’s worth pointing out that even as they learn the value of offsetting balls-out drive with more patient fare, they still deliver the material on¬†No God to Save with a markedly energetic spirit. That too can be read as derived from their experience on various stages throughout the last couple years, but it’s certainly not something that was lacking before, and of the various aspects of their approach they’re carrying forward as they grow, no question it’s a helpful one to bring along for the ride. I will not claim to know where¬†Steak are headed when it comes to their ongoing progression, but there’s an underlying sense of craft in¬†No God to Save that bodes remarkably well for that journey, and as they reach new terrain in sound and substance, the core of who they are as songwriters becomes even stronger in its purposes. At this point, it’s hard to see them letting that go, and nor should they.

Steak, No God to Save (2017)

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3 Responses to “Review & Video Premiere: Steak, No God to Save

  1. Mick says:

    Particularly like ‘Rough House’ with its mid-90’s vibe. Dare I say the vocals are quite Vedder-like?

  2. Randy says:

    Great song

  3. parent benjamin says:

    What a great video for the catchiest song of the album!The album is totally fantastic (slab city was excellent too).Is it possible to buy your first ep or albums in cd?I can’t find them.Congrat. guys!I hope to see you on tour in Belgium.

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