With the Dead Announce New Album Love from With the Dead out Sept. 22

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If you were thinking you had a grip on what the rest of 2017 had to offer in doom, don’t forget to put With the Dead on your wishlist. The Lee Dorrian-fronted group — which now along with guitarist Tim Bagshaw of Ramesses also features bassist Leo Smee (formerly a bandmate of Dorrian‘s in Cathedral) and ex-Bolt Thrower drummer Alex Thomas — will follow-up their 2015 self-titled debut (review here) on Sept. 22 with Love from With the Dead, a record that will attempt to outdo the first outing’s utter sense of decay and disaffection.

Rest assured, it has its work cut out for it in that effort, but if you don’t believe With the Dead can go darker, heavier and more completely-fucked than they already were, you should take another look at that lineup above. I’m putting in an early bet that this one’s going to be a god damned monster. Hopefully more to come.

Fresh off the PR wire:


With The Dead To Release Sophomore Album “Love From With The Dead” September 22nd via Rise Above Records

Doom is all around us. The optimism of a new millennium has steadily disintegrated. The light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be a burning tower block and the powers-that-be are dancing in the smoldering ruins. Humanity is eating itself and we’re all terminally fucked. As a result, it makes perfect sense that the emergence of British doom metal mavens With The Dead would strike a dissonant chord with so many people. Formed in 2014 by former Cathedral/Napalm Death frontman and Rise Above Records boss Lee Dorrian and ex-Electric Wizard/Ramesses bassist/guitarist Tim Bagshaw, the band coalesced in a monetary burst of spontaneity and shared fury, resulting in the release of their eponymous debut album in 2015: one of that year’s most widely acclaimed releases and a welcome shot in the arm for fans of merciless, unrelenting sonic despair.

Hell-bent on staking a further claim to be doom metal’s most intense and remorseless practitioners, With The Dead have now completed work on their second album, “Love From With The Dead”, which will be released September 22nd on Rise Above Records. Comprising tracks recorded during two separate sessions with celebrated studio guru Jaime Gomez Arellano, the new material represents the first fruits of the band’s recently retooled line-up. Joining Lee and Tim are bassist Leo Smee and drummer Alex Thomas, who replaces the departed Mark Greening.

For those who flinched at the sheer, unforgiving brutality of With The Dead’s first record, the songs on “Love From With The Dead” are liable to cause major emotional trauma. Darker, denser, more despondent and sickeningly heavy in numerous senses of the word, this is an album that re-establishes doom as a genre that embraces the extreme and not just some cozy, nostalgic reimagining of the early ’70s. “Love From With The Dead” grimly extinguishes the light of hope and hammers home the hatred and futility that plagues our brief and brittle lives.

“The thinking was that the first LP was meant to be the heaviest we could possibly make, but then what do you next?” Lee muses. “Well, the only thing you can do is make the next one even heavier. So that was the ambition and the intention, to make it even more crushing. But to be able to do that you have to be crushed yourself. This last couple of years have been quite soul-destroying. There’s been a lot of personal shit going on, and during this whole process so much fucking bad shit has happened in my personal life and other people’s personal lives. Everything you hear on this LP, the angst is very real. I’ve never felt so disillusioned with life and the world around me, not since the first Cathedral album,” says Lee Dorrian.

He continues, “I’m 50 next year and you’re supposed to mellow out when you get older, but why?” Lee asks. “I don’t feel like mellowing out. The world’s getting worse, the atmosphere is getting heavier, people treat each other like shit and there’s so much negativity, how are you supposed to chill out when all that’s going on? I’m in a privileged position to be able to be in a band like this, so why fuck around? The band’s called With The Dead and it’s a doom band, why would you want to mellow out? It’s got to be pure nihilism or nothing.”

“Love From With The Dead” Track Listing:
1. Isolation
2. Egyptian Tomb
3. Reincarnation of Yesterday
4. Cocaine Phantoms
5. Watching the Ward Go By
6. Anemia
7. CV1


With the Dead, “Living with the Dead”

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3 Responses to “With the Dead Announce New Album Love from With the Dead out Sept. 22”

  1. Jess says:

    No Greening No internet.
    Lawsuit coming very soon. Lol

  2. Jess says:

    No Greening No internet.
    Lawsuit coming very soon. Haha

  3. Ken says:

    This will more than likely be the heaviest release of the year.

    I bet Greening is sitting at home ready to give it a thumbs down on youtube. He seems to think that’s the way to behave and has done it to tons of stuff I have uploaded on my doom channel because he has some personally beef with the band or they’ve wronged him.
    I uploaded a With The Dead video a while ago and within seconds he had unliked it.

    What a silly sod.

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