Canyon of the Skull Announce The Desert Winter out Aug. 19

Well, it was pretty plain when instrumentalist Texas duo Canyon of the Skull released their 2015 self-titled debut (discussed here), that the band was headed in the direction of a single-song release. It didn’t take them long to get there, it would seem. The first outing was comprised of two cuts, 17 and 18 minutes long, respectively, and the follow-up, which is titled The Desert Winter and due out Aug. 19, is one 37-minute track. Bound to happen. Had to happen. Is happening. Hard to argue.

Interesting that though it was recorded last October and seems to have a colder theme — if one that, like their name, gives a strong sense of place and warmth derived from that; i.e., the desert is hot (I know it’s insights like that that keep you coming back to The Obelisk; stay tuned for more information about the sky being blue) — it’ll arrive at basically the height of summer’s intolerable onslaught. Go figure? Yeah, go figure.

If you missed out on the debut the first go ’round, you can stream it at the bottom of this post. The PR wire checks in with the following:


CANYON OF THE SKULL Releasing ‘The Desert Winter’ August 19

CANYON OF THE SKULL has returned! The instrumental Doom duo of guitarist Erik Ogershok and Adrian Voorhies (Humut Tabal) will release sophomore album The Desert Winter on August 19. The CD version will be available in a gorgeous 6-panel format.

Consisting of the undeniably epic 37-minute title track of blackened doom, The Desert Winter is a journey deep into the psyche. Listeners are strongly advised to clear out all head space (and any earwax) and settle in for this existential Ride of the Doomed!

The brainchild of Erik Ogershok, COTS was initially manifested in the winter of 2006. Several local appearances and lineup fluctuations later, life happened, and the project lay dormant. 2014 saw the return of Ogershok as he recruited new musical personnel in the form of drummer Adrian Voorhies of the Austin-based Black Metal outfit HUMUT TABAL and once more brought the doom ensemble to life to melt the faces of all who sought shade in the Canyon walls.

Recorded at WoodenHorse studios October 2016
Mixed and Produced by Zawicizuz and Canyon of the Skull
Mastered by Proscriptor McGovern (Russ R. Givens) at Nox Luna Inlustris Music
Artwork Layout and design by Erik Bredthauer

Adrian Voorhies- Drums, Percussion
Erik Ogershok- Guitars, Bass, Percussion

Canyon of the Skull, Canyon of the Skull (2015)

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