Turn Me on Dead Man Sign to Heavy Psych Sounds

Italian imprint Heavy Psych Sounds sends word of an allegiance with San Francisco psych weirdos Turn Me on Dead Man. This comes only days after the label picked up The Lords of Altamont and continues a focus on signing West Coast US bands that has also seen them snagging the likes of Banquet, Farflung, The Freeks, Fatso Jetson, Glitter Wizard, and Cosmic Wheels, among others. No word yet on when Turn Me on Dead Man might make their debut through the label, but the band released their latest album, Heavymetal Mothership, in Dec. 2016, so it seems entirely possible they might start with a reissue of that before moving forward. Just speculation on my part, but plausible enough.

More on that as I hear it. The announcement of the signing came through the PR wire:

turn me on dead man

Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking presents: TURN ME ON DEAD MAN new signing

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records & Booking is really proud to welcome in the HPS family the Heavy Psychedelic-Space-Metalz masters

TMODM are an heavydelic space rock band from San Francisco. Turn Me On Dead Man combines Heavy Metal and Psychedelia to forge a music that is both transcending and unforgettable. The songwriting plunges listeners into the heavydelic landscapes of 60’s experimentalism and 70’s bombast, creating a disc that is enthralling, imaginative, hugely entertaining, and incredibly hard rocking!

The group have been creating their unique brand of lysergic-soaked rock since their inception in 2000, gigging extensively throughout the San Francisco bay area and garnering praise from all over their home turf and the country, spurred on by heavy rotation at the influential WFMU station in New Jersey. Alternative Tentacles founder Jello Biafra was suitably impressed by the band’s spaced-out, glammed-up, turned-up brand of audio mayhem enough to re-release their first epic record, “God Bless the Electric Freak” on A.T.!

Live, Turn Me On Dead Man is a spectacle of epic proportions; a visceral sonic boom that spans the spectrum from the meanest, most gorgeous anthems of rock to the exotic ragas of modern psych, creating an explosive and diverse stage performance as energetic as it is uncommon. Simply put, Turn Me On Dead Man plays Heavy Crush Bliss Rock breaking the sound barrier on their own private Lear Jet headed straight to HELL!

The bands twin guitar harmonization, melodic rhythmic switchbacks and trippy apocalypto- mystical lyricism keep California’s psychedelic rock tradition alive

“Mind melt music for the sick and twisted, heavydelic super rock for the ultimate freak out”

It’s almost two years we are dealing with the band, and finally we reached the point.
TMODM is finally part of the HPS Records family!!
Their sound and attitude reflect a lot which is the label target in terms or Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Heavy Rockness

Turn Me on Dead Man:
Mykill ZIggy: Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizers, Bass, Phasers and Lasers
Nick Doom: Guitars and Music Theory
Christopher Melville Lyman: Drums, Percussion, and Vocals
Attis Ngo: Bass, Keyboards


Turn Me on Dead Man, Haters, Space Invaders, and Clones (2015)

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