Telekinetic Yeti Post “Stoned and Feathered” Video; Debut Album Abominable Due in March

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Even before you hit play, Dubuque, Iowa, duo Telekinetic Yeti have started ticking off boxes. Hair and beards, see-through drums, prominent logos for Orange, Hiwatt, Marshall, etc., cover art with druids on it (thankfully no cartoon tits). These things should be visual dogwhistles to the converted by this point — “you’re in for some heavy shit.” And so you are. Telekinetic Yeti‘s debut album, Abominable, will see vinyl release on March 17 via Sump Pump Records and is available for preorder now (link below). I haven’t heard the full thing yet, but the tonal sampling they give in their new video for “Stoned and Feathered” lives up to the promise of their moniker and superficial aesthetic — and yes, by that I mean that it’s some heavy shit. I dig it. You might also dig it. That’s why we’re here.

telekinetic yeti abominableIt’s a relatively quick sampling, and a relatively straightforward video — a performance clip featuring guitarist/vocalist Alex Baumann and drummer Anthony Dreyer keeping company with their if-you’re-going-to-tour-make-sure-all-of-this-is-insured gear, plus some trippy manipulation — but the blend of fuzzy bounce and thicker, Sleep-derived groove and howl cues expectation of a burlier side that may or may not be a balance toyed with on Abominable‘s other tracks. It seems like something just under the surface here waiting to bubble up while in the meantime Telekinetic Yeti give fellow Midwesterners Valley of the Sun a run for their money in terms of fuzz quotient. Right around the halfway point, Baumann and Dreyer turn to denser chug, but a righteously hairy lead takes hold — I swear I hear a bassline in there — just before they stomp their way to the finish, once more living up to their name.

I’ll hope to have more on Abominable one way or another as we get closer to the release in March, but until then, you can check out “Stoned and Feathered” below — if you haven’t already; they’re racking up YouTube views at an admirable rate — followed by the info and preorder whatnot from Sump Pump.

Please enjoy:

Telekinetic Yeti, “Stoned and Feathered” official boxes

We are proud to present to you the official music video for our song “Stoned and Feathered” off of our debut album “Abominable” out March 2017!

Pre-order the LP at

Video shot and edited by Joe Gibbs.

releases March 17 2017

Telekinetic yeti is:
Alex Baumann – guitar/vocals
Anthony Dreyer – drums

Recorded at flat black studios in iowa in 2016.
Mixed by luke tweedy
Mastered by carl saff.
Album artwork by headbang design

Telekinetic Yeti on Thee Facebooks

Telekinetic Yeti on Bandcamp

Sump Pump Records

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  1. Bud says:

    Smoke Weed Everyday!

  2. I can send you a download code for the entire album if you would like to do a write up? If so, let me know what email to send it to.
    Thanks, Dan

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