Rückwater Announce Bonehead EP Due Feb. 24


From the Finnish hotbed of Tampere comes word that heavy rock trio Rückwater will issue a new EP on Feb. 24. Their third, it’s titled Bonehead and will be released via Secret Entertainment. The three-piece are streaming the track “Once More with Feeling” — in fact, if you check out their YouTube channel, they seem to be streaming the whole thing, but there’s nothing wrong with staying focused — and one gets a pretty strong Roadsaw/Orange Goblin-style vibe from it, which of course is nothing to complain about.

With so much of Finland’s heavy underground devoted to weirdness of various stripes, that Rückwater offer something so straightforward is almost bizarre in itself, but if it’s a trap, it’s one well-laid, and I remain a sucker for riffs and hooks, so here’s this from the PR wire:

ruckwater bonehead

Rückwater to release an EP in February!

Rückwater is a three-headed stoner rock monster hailing from Tampere, Finland. Their new EP named Bonehead is released February 24th 2017 by Secret Entertainment. Heartfelt lyrics, strong tunes, two asskickin’ lead singers and the boogie that varies from furious to mellow makes this record worth of listening.

Rückwater has shared a stage with names like Joey Belladonna and stoner legend Karma To Burn, so this really is a band to watch out for.

Track list:
01. Once More With Feeling
02. No Gain
03. Labyrinth
04. Super Frustration
05. Bonehead
06. Flame Doesn’t Cast A Shadow

-Jussi Vehman / Vocals / Bass
-Make Makkonen / Vocals / Guitars
-Jape Makkonen / Drums

-So far out… -EP (2011)
-What’s in the box? -EP (2013)
-Bonehead -EP (2017)

This 3-headed stoner rock monster was born in 2010. Its first recording session took place in the same year. 7 songs were recorded during 3 burning hot summer days. The masterpiece is called “So Far Out…”. It was a huge review success… Well, it would’ve been if we had sent it to somewhere. But we don’t give a fuck! Since then we’ve been giggin’ and rockin’ our asses off. And of course we’ve written some new classics meanwhile. Early in 2013 we started began making our second record. This time the process was much more diligent and it took many months to get the new 5 classics ready. But result was worth the patience. “What’s In The Box?” is probably the best EP ever!!!


Rückwater, “Once More with Feeling”

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