Deamon’s Child Post Videos for “Das Vogellied” and “Geld”


German heavy noise rockers Deamon’s Child released their second album, Scherben Müssen Sein, earlier this year through Zygmatron Music. This coming weekend — starting tomorrow, in other words — they’ll take part on Exile on Mainstream‘s three-day North of Mainstream festival at Jaz in Rostock, playing as part of a lineup that also includes the likes of Rotor, Naevus, and Kristian Harting and Conny Ochs, among others. They should fit right in, in that they don’t at all fit in, and if you’re not acquainted with Scherben Müssen Sein or didn’t catch their 2014 self-titled debut (review here), the three-piece have two new videos that should aid their crunching cause and hopefully give some idea of what the kind of aggression they’re fostering.

If you’re sensitive to strobe effects, you’ll want to go cautiously into the first minute or so of “Das Vogellied,” but from there the clip evens out, and taken in combination with “Geld,” which the band released a couple weeks back, you’ll immediately notice some interplay of light and dark in terms of the surroundings. Deamon’s Child are no less at home in the stark whites of “Geld” than the obscuring murk of “Das Vogellied,” and that speaks to their aesthetic as well, which offers punkish intensity with dense tones and a rawness from the vocals of bassist Ana Muhi — wait for the shouts in “Geld” — that complements the weighted tone of guitarist Sven Missullis and the push from drummer Tim Mohr. They’ve got Scherben Müssen Sein out on vinyl now if that’s your thing, but like they’re malleable in terms of lighting, I’d think it would probably sound just as vicious regardless of format. Tape, anyone?

More info on Deamon’s Child and North of Mainstream at the various links under the videos below.

Please dig in and enjoy:

Deamon’s Child, “Das Vogellied” official video

Deamon’s Child, “Geld” official video

Taken from the album “Scherben müssen sein.” CD, MP3 and a limited Vinyl edition out on Zygmatron Music. ZYG4 – 2016.

Ana Muhi – Bass & Vocals
Sven Missullis – Guitar
Tim Mohr – Drums

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