The Moth Gatherer Post Video for “Probing the Descent of Man”


It’s basically a rehearsal-space video, but even that takes on an atmospheric flair when it comes from Swedish four-piece The Moth Gatherer. Taken from their second album, The Earth is the Sky (review here), which was released late last year on Agonia Records, the real miracle of the track “Probing the Descent of Man” might be the prescience of its title, as it’s easily the most apt description I’ve heard of the current US presidential campaign. I doubt that was The Moth Gatherer‘s intention, but the song is instrumental, so I’m just gonna go with it anyway. Clearly they’re looking to leave a certain amount open to interpretation.

Actually, it seems like The Moth Gatherer were most likely talking about a more personal situation when it comes to this title and the record overall, at least if the quote below is anything to go by. Fair enough. Mixed and mastered with Karl Daniel LidénThe Earth is the Sky played out with a variety of post-metallic textures, and though most of what we get in “Probing the Descent of Man” is dudes-in-a-room-style rocking and nodding, plus some ambient shots presumably outside somewhere nearby, the effect gets to a creative root that acts in their genre rarely show, preferring a somewhat less personal touch to their visuals. There’s nothing like a poster for Evil Dead 2 to humanize someone in my mind, I guess.

More info follows the clip below, courtesy of the PR wire.

Please enjoy:

The Moth Gatherer, “Probing the Descent of Man” official video

Swedish atmospheric post-rock/doom metal visionaries with ambient and electronic fangs, THE MOTH GATHERER, premiere a new music video for the song “Probing The Descent Of Man”, taken from their last year’s album “The Earth Is The Sky” released on Agonia Records. The video was directed by Albin Sköld (Illusive Illustration) and recorded at the band’s rehearsal space in Sweden earlier this year.

Commented by the band: “The Earth Is The Sky is an album where we tried to take everything as far as we could. There where points during the recording where we honestly spoke about giving up and calling it a day, it felt like we would crumble under the album. But we suffered through. The result is a desperation about how humanity drags it all to the end. Where A Bright Celestial Light (debut album) was an introvert journey into decay, The Earth Is The Sky is a journey to the highest point on Earth where you sit down and contemplate about our existence while watching the flames from the burning world”.

Alex Stjernfeldt: Vocals & Bass
Victor Wegeborn: Vocals, Guitars & Electronics
Svante Karlsson: Drums
Ronny Westphal: Guitars

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