GIVEAWAY: Win Opeth and Paradise Lost Vinyl from Music for Nations

[TO ENTER GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment on this post with your email address in the form. You’ll be contacted at that address if you win.]

Get yourself some free vinyl now by entering to win Music for Nations reissues of Opeth‘s Lamentations and Paradise Lost‘s Shades of God. Both releases came out through the reborn imprint on July 22 and are available now to purchase, but if you leave a comment on this post, you can get them both for free. No personal information will be kept, and you sign up for nothing by entering.

I’m going to guess if you’re reading this you’re already familiar with both bands, but here’s more info on these releases from the PR wire:

opeth lamentations

Opeth, Lamentations

Lamentations features a live performance of Opeth’s Damnation album in full, interspersed with songs from the band’s masterpieces Blackwater Park and Deliverance. Conceived and recorded alongside Deliverence, Damnation marked a radical shift in style and tone. The band took the opportunity to move away from their earlier death metal sound and towards a style reminiscent of 1970s progressive rock, taking inspiration from their Blackwater Park collaborator and producer Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree).

Lamentations was recorded live at the prestigious Shepherd’s Bush Empire venue, shortly after both albums were released.

paradise lost shades of god

Paradise Lost, Shades of God

The album, a follow up to 1990’s Gothic album, is seen as the moment where Paradise Lost moved towards a more doom-centric sound, while still encompassing a wide range of other musical genres, showing off the band’s creativity and inventiveness in forging their own distinct take on doom metal, a style that would be continued on 1993’s Icon.

The album also saw the band’s initial transition away from using traditional death metal growls by blending them in with clean vocals, and quieter passages at times throughout the record.

Special thanks to Music for Nations and Atom Splitter PR for letting me host the giveaway. Winners will be chosen one week from today.

[TO ENTER GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment on this post with your email address in the form. You’ll be contacted at that address if you win.]

Opeth on Thee Facebooks

Paradise Lost on Thee Facebooks

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35 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win Opeth and Paradise Lost Vinyl from Music for Nations”

  1. J-Man says:

    That Lamentations album would be pretty sweet! :)

  2. Schtu says:

    Way to broke at the moment to buy one theses beautys :(

  3. Ed Porter says:

    Love both bands. Must enter!

  4. Dan Blomquist says:

    Oh how I would love some free wax today!! That Paradise Lost is BEAUTIFUL. That would turn this week around Fo-Sho…

  5. Maas says:

    Shades of god has my favourite Paradise Lost track: as I die!!!

  6. Tom lancaster says:

    Would love to win. One for me, one for the misses.

  7. Two outstanding cornerstones in the history of Metal.

  8. B-Dawg says:


  9. Berry Zwart says:

    That Shades of God vinyl is pretty nice!
    Love as i die… so …
    I wannna

  10. Jeroen says:

    Nice! :)

  11. Ricardo Mora says:

    That Opeth album cover gives me the chills. I have this constant nightmare of long haired women coming to get me in a bad way.

  12. Sean Booth says:

    I love Lamentations. One of my first experiences with mushrooms involved the DVD. So many close ups on the mouths & nostrils. :D

  13. Max says:

    I’d like a shot at these. Keep up the good work, JJ!

  14. Sweet! Always in the mood for free stuff. :)

  15. Rasmus Steinke says:

    Oh yeah, some vinyl is always welcome!

  16. Jose Humberto says:

    Giveaway !! wich means more comments than just mine and two more dudes as usual :)

  17. Jose Humberto says:

    which, sorry, Typo

  18. Brandon Cox says:

    Never heard Lamentations before, but Damnation is an amazing album.

  19. Caitlin Dunn says:

    Good luck everyone! May the best fan win!

  20. Jared says:

    2 of my favorite bands and two amazing albums.

  21. Steve Janiak says:


  22. Andrew says:

    I love eggs!

  23. Fred Struckholz says:

    A little free vinyl never hurt anybody.

  24. Jon Piepenbrok says:

    Delicious. I want.

  25. peter brems says:

    opeth rules

  26. eloy says:

    give me the vinyls and i’ll offer you instead free holidays in Greece..!!

  27. Greg MacLean says:

    I love MFN, man. Happy to see them back.

  28. Josh says:

    Opeth is besteht.. Cant wait to hear what it Sounds on vynil :O with that needle scratching warmth filling up my tiny flat

  29. havana says:

    dajcie mi :)

  30. Daniel says:

    Hi, two great bands! I cross my fingers.

  31. Seannn says:

    I love their progressive stuff just as much as the older stuff. Michael’s voice is amazing.

  32. Maureen Murphy says:

    I love Opeth, always progressing in unexpected ways.

  33. Weston says:

    Opeth ranks at the top of my “best live shows” list. Great albums, looking forward to the reissues (hope I win)!!!

  34. Matheus Jacques says:

    Hell yeah!

  35. Bill Atkins says:

    I’d love to listen to this stuff!

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