Heavy Flow Release I & II EP Compilation

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New Jersey duo Heavy Flow mix garage rawness with warm-toned fuzzy psychedelia, and yeah, they have a song that sounds kind of like Misfits. That one is “Hangin’ Round,” from their newly-issued 2016 second EP, Heavy Flow 2, which along with its self-titled 2014 predecessor, has just been compiled onto a new tape release by King Pizza Records. The band played a release show this past weekend and also took part in the label’s recent Pizzafest, which is pretty much how you win at naming festivals. All tracks are available for streaming and take about 10 seconds to dig into, so if you’re unwilling to make that effort, I’ve got nothing for you, but otherwise, have at it and enjoy.

The release info came down the PR wire for lazy summer perusal:

heavy flow i ii

Heavy Flow I & II: It’ll Give You Goosebumps

Our favorite nasty two-piece from the dirty shores of the dirty Jerz have just released their first tape and we’re excited. It’s a combo of their first and second EP’s and they both rip.

Heavy Flow is James Matheson whose growling vocals and heavy blues licks are paired with Matt Weisser’s pounding drumming and howling backing vocals. II is the newest release from the duo and it’s the latter half of the tape (tracks 7-12) available through King Pizza. Fat, reverb-drenched guitars pierce the cave-like production with Matheson’s gravelly shouts and Weisser’s thumping beats hanging low overhead, warning of impending doom. Lick the salt and come with me to a forbidden land where we can gallop and headbang in peace and harmony with Mother Heavy and Father Riffs.

Additional info below:

1. Rubber/Glue
2. My Own Name
3. Down and Out
4. Cold as Stone
5. Trouble Find Me
6. Daydream
7. Shelter
8. Holy Roller
9. Hangin’ Round
10. Let Me Down EZ
11. Close
12. Won’t Be Me


Heavy Flow, II (2016)

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