Hermano Debut New Material at Hellfest 2016

hermano new song video

It’s been a while since last we heard from Hermano. Really, since their 2007 album, …Into the Exam Room, the band has been pretty quiet. Early this year, word started kicking around of a new record in the works for release in 2016. We’re about halfway through the year now and whether they get there or not by November/December will remain to be seen as frontman John Garcia — see also KyussVista ChinoUnidaSlo Burn, et al — is also said to have not one but two solo offerings in the works, one an acoustic record, and the other a full-band follow-up to his 2013 self-titled solo debut (review here). Doubtless those kinds of things take some time to put together. The acoustic record, for example, is reportedly due in October.

But, for being on the backburner while Garcia mostly-revived Kyuss with the Kyuss Lives! project that became Vista Chino, did peridic shows with Unida and developed his solo-project, Hermano were never completely absent, and the note on which they “went out” still stands among the finest performances Garcia has put to tape in any band. In the clarity of his voice, the depth of the arrangements and the sheer force with which he was able to deliver his lines, Garcia — joined in the band by bassist Dandy Brown (who also played Borderland Fuzz Fiesta this year), guitarists David Angstrom and Mike Callahan and drummer Chris Leathers — was only bolstered by varied arrangements and moods throughout, marked by crisp songcraft and a produced but still natural instrumental feel.

Hermano played Hellfest 2016 in Clisson, France, 10 days ago, and the video below of this new song — whatever it might be called — is the first I’ve seen or heard of any new material since the last record, so it definitely seemed worth posting. When and if I hear of their hitting a studio or anything like that, I’ll update, but until then, at least we know some of a follow-up for …Into the Exam Room has been put together enough for stage presentation.


Hermano, New Song Live at Hellfest 2016

John Garcia on Thee Facebooks

Hermano at Suburban Records

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