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Tempo-blasting Finnish boogie rockers  Kaleidobolt will release their second album, The Zenith Cracks (review here), July 1 via Pink Tank Records. Now veterans of Desertfest Berlin, the still-just-about-two-years-old band put a considerable performance sensibility into the new record, pushing well into a live feel and capturing an energy that feels stage-ready if not actually taken from the stage. I haven’t seen them live to compare one to the other, but as it maniacally careens from one winding riff into the next, an overarching groove floating atop all the whole, it’s clear that what Kaleidobolt are aiming for is to put boots to ass and get everything and everyone in their vicinity in motion. In terms of movement, their material is not what you would call lacking.

The trio is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Sampo Kääriäinen, bassist/vocalist Marco Menestrina and drummer Valtteri LindholmMenestrina directed their new video for “Steal My Thunder” from The Zenith Cracks, and the jerky jumps of the images in the clip really only emphasize the similar movement in the song itself, which sounds like it could come flying apart at any moment but of course never does. “Steal My Thunder” not only holds together, but offers one of The Zenith Cracks‘ strongest hooks, and while it doesn’t necessarily speak for some of the heavy psychedelic ground the band covers on the B-side of the album, it does make a fervent introduction to the record for anyone who hasn’t yet had the chance to get their limited-vinyl preorders in.

I continue to dig these cats. If you’re sensitive to quick-jumps in images (sometimes I get headaches), you might want to take the clip in stages, but even if you hit play and click off to let the song play out, I think you’ll find it’s worth the time.

Please enjoy:

Kaleidobolt, “Steal My Thunder” official video


Brand new music video for Steal My Thunder, from The Zenith Cracks. Enjoy!

Shot and edited by Marco, except for the cabin footage, which was shot by Jutta Menestrina.

Kaleidobolt – Steal My Thunder. From the album The Zenith Cracks. Shot and edited by Marco Menestrina. Additional filming by Jutta Menestrina. All rights reserved. 2016 Pink Tank Records.

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