Boss Keloid Post Video for “Lung Mountain” feat. Jon Davis of Conan

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Every step of the way, Boss Keloid seem to be posing a challenge to their audience: Hey, you like heavy shit? Well here’s a fucking lot of it, so go ahead and swallow that. Between this and the unbridled stonerly charm of the title of their second album, Herb Your Enthusiasm — no, I don’t smoke, but I do love a weed pun — I’m an easy sell on digging into “Lung Mountain,” their psyched-out manipulated performance video from their new album, which, if it didn’t have enough going for it between being heavy as hell and given a clever name, was recorded by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio and will be released on Jon Davis of Conan‘s Black Bow Records on April 8. All of this, as well as guest appearances from Fielding (also of Conan) and Davis, the latter on “Lung Mountain,” as it happens, is points in my book.

“Lung Mountain” opens the record and is followed by stompers like “Escapegoat,” “Highatus” and the closing “Hot Priest,” so if there was any doubt Boss Keloid might end up taking themselves too seriously (and there wasn’t), they dispense with it quickly. Fair enough. In an age of microgenres and no smiles, it’s refreshing to see a band enjoying the crush they emit while still emitting that crush, and the further I dig into Herb Your Enthusiasm, the more substance it has to stand up to the goofball aspect, so all the better. I missed the boat on 2013’s The Calming Influence of Teeth (it was a rough year), but if I’m a little late to the party, I hope you’ll forgive and enjoy checking out the “Lung Mountain” clip below, which was produced and edited by Uncle Crow.

Boss Keloid have fests and all-dayers booked into October already, and those dates and more info from the PR wire follow the video.

Hope you dig:

Boss Keloid, “Lung Mountain” official video

BOSS KELOID premiere psychedelic new video Lung Mountain

UK psych-sludge colossus BOSS KELOID have premiered the trippy new video for their monolithically crushing track Lung Mountain. The track is taken from their forthcoming highly anticipated sophomore album Herb Your Enthusiasm which is released on April 8 via Black Bow Records.

Having perfected their sound on stages at Riff Fest and Red Sun Festival and with supports for Soulfly, Raging Speedhorn, Gurt and Slabdragger under their belt, as well as a UK tour with Widows, the band are set to spend the rest of 2016 gigging and touring, announcing the first in a string of dates to promote the release of their album, as follows.

2nd April – Manchester, Rebellion – Noiz All Dayer w/ Sir Admiral Cloudesley Shovell, Steak, Witchsorrow
11th April – Manchester, Star and Garter – Supporting Conan and Bendal Interlude
16th April – Oxford, Wheatsheaf – Supporting Beholder
18th June – Manchester, Rebellion – Rum and Riffs w/ Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters
9th July – Grimsby, Yardbirds – Grimfuzz Doom Festival – Headlining slot w/ Battalions, Regulus, Mastiff
30th July – Stoke, The Rigger – Void Worship All Dayer w/ Garganjua, Wode
26th Aug – London, Camden – w/ Ten Foot Wizard and Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters
27th Aug – Bolton, The Alma – Riff Fest 2016
3rd Oct – Mammothfest 2016 – w/ Conan, Bast, Black Moth

Boss Keloid on Bandcamp

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Black Bow Records

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