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True, The Atomic Bitchwax‘s sixth album, 2015’s Gravitron (review here), hit really hard. A lot of it was all-out, full-on, other-hyphenated-phrases-that-mean-really-fast winding riffage, the New Jersey trio of bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik, guitarist/vocalist Finn Ryan and drummer Bob Pantella leaving most bands in their dust while also writing catchy, memorable songs. Think that’s easy? Try it.

But the Bitchwax do as the Bitchwax does, and while so much of Gravitron raged ahead with frenetic impact, closer “Ice Age” took a more laid back approach. They never lack for groove either way, but the album’s finishing track recalled some of the band’s more pop-informed fare, like “Wreck You” from 2008’s TAB4 in the unmitigated centrality of its hook, but still fitting with Gravitron‘s vibe overall. They’ve got a new video for “Ice Age” that reminds of how easy it was to get the song stuck in your head.

Actually, on the back of the CD, the song is listed as “Ice Age ‘Hey Baby'” with the “Hey Baby” in double quotes, and the promo I got had it as “Ice Age Hey Baby,” but the video calls it “Ice Age,” and since it’s the band putting it together, I won’t ague. By any other name, it’s still catchy as hell. Both the phrase “ice age” and the phrase “hey baby” get repeated enough either way that you’ll be able to pick up immediately which song it is if you heard the record, and if you didn’t, shit, you’re in for a treat.

Have at it:

The Atomic Bitchwax, “Ice Age” official video

New Jersey’s legendary, riff-centric power trio THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX returns with gargantuan riffs and jaw-dropping psych sonics on its sixth full length LP “GRAVITRON”.

Now featuring TWO members of MONSTER MAGNET – bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik and drummer Bob Pantella – alongside shred-tastic gunslinger Finn Ryan, the band has perfected its unique style of NYC hard rock that High Times appropriately tabbed, “thunder-boogie.” On Gravitron, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX’s Rush-like riff mazes and carpal-tunnel-inducing riffs are on full display; every note bleeds with urgency. There’s far too much exuberant energy on the record to lazily tag this as “Stoner Rock”; this is high-octane, ’70s-based hard rock infused with stabs of psychedelia and landslides of Tommy Bolin-inspired guitar heroics ! Gravitron is an A-level masterclass in bad ass Rock’N’ Roll and cements the THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX as an undeniable force in today’s heavy music landscape.

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